Friday, January 22, 2010

Gifts, finished pieces and being picked on~~

The weather is crazy today. It's sleeting out there right now. Just went out to get the mail and had to watch my step. I was supposed to go to Dye group today, but opted not too because of the mountain I go over. It will be a day of cleaning for me. I am going to have the weekend to create, and don't want anything to distract me.

On Wednesday this week I met my friend Beth for dinner. We still hadn't exchanged our Christmas gifts. So it was nice to catch up with her, have some good pizza and just enjoy a few hours together. She gifted me with some lovely things. The wool that everything is laying on is a wool skirt all opened up. I can't wait to over dye it! Also some camel wool, a primitive light (Beth it is black lol), sheep, some ornaments for my tree, an old box of dye, a pin keep pattern, dmc chart, a coned shape tree that Beth made with buttons (I love it!), an old hooked piece that she found on her thrifting travels. She finds the best stuff! And a pin cushion that has wedges on it. It's all so wonderful Beth, thank you so much!

Yesterday was the hook-in. I got there later than usual. Had to take care of my mil because of the dye group today which I didn't make it too :(. Had a couple surprises happen. I was busy in another room and when I came out, I looked at Linda because she was sitting straight ahead. I could see someone sitting to the right, but didn't look at first. I had my mind occupied on some things, and it wasn't registering. When I did look, I was shocked. Joanne came! She never said a word about coming, so it threw me for a loop.. So good to see her!! but she did not have a good morning. She had lost her wallet after stopping somewhere. By the time she realized it and went back, she couldn't find it. I felt awful. She took all the necessary steps to stop activity on cards and stuff. It was about 2-3 hours later, she received a phone call. A woman had found it and she was such an honest soul, that everything was still in there! There ARE good people in the world! Her and I took a ride to go get it. What a relief! Joanne and I also exchanged Christmas gifts. I ran home to get hers lol.

I am always complaining of being cold, and she was so sweet to get me a cuddl dud shirt! Guess I can't complain anymore lol. There is a heavy iron star hook, a prim snowman, velvet stocking ornament, a gift card to Joanne Fabrics that was in a little stocking (can't wait to go shopping!), and a little dried flower arrangement on a wooden tap that they use for tapping trees for syrup. Very sweet. Ok, now to explain the Kashi bag lol. A while back when Joanne was at the hook-in, Linda was calling me all kinds of names, except the right one. I had told Linda that my Uncle used to call me Kasha (which in Polish is Kathleen). Also loved the definition when I looked it up which meant Pure, Beloved of God. Anyway, Linda was calling me Kashi and Joanne was laughing. I just said call me Fiber! lol Thank you Joanne for such lovely gifts. They are all wonderful! (the kashi bag is my new hooking bag lol)

There was actually some work going on at the hook in.

Nancy had stopped by, and we got to see what she was working on. It's a PollyMinnick pattern. Lovely blue background!

Marian and Pat were busy talking away. I never did get a shot of Pat's Baltimore quilt rug she is working on :(. Next time Pat!

And here is Marian's heart rug she is doing. We love it!

The other surprise yesterday was Tonya walking through the door! It was good to see her. She had business in the area, so she put her hooking in the car and stopped in! Sorry for the pic, I have to learn to snap before they blink lol.

Here are 2 of her rugs. Love how she does her hit or miss.

And this one she finished whipping while she was there. Just gorgeous!
Joanne was busy finishing whipping this one. I just love the color wool she used to whip it. Sooo nice! She also finished a little mug rug that I didn't get a shot of.
And here she whipped her snowman face tree skirt. Too cute!

Now for being picked on. Linda's son Aaron has been visiting with her and he stopped by to have a few laughs. Now I need to stand publicly corrected on how I pronounce his name. They have been making fun of me, mimicking me, just plain old harassing me over how I say it. Well, I did some research and even found a place where I could "HEAR" how they say it. I stand corrected. I admit it, I am WRONG. I'm sure that is what you want to hear. Are you happy now Aaron (pronounced air-en)?? Soooo instead of calling you Aaron and having to think before every time I say it, from now on you'll be AJ. No more picking~ But seriously, Isn't he a cutie :) ??? I even got a surprise in the mail yesterday from some furry little friends. Miles, Riley and Jonesy sent me a Valentines Day gift. How sweet was that??

So the night was over from hooking, and we all decided to leave early, and yes it was really early for a Thursday night. We didn't want to chance the weather that they were calling for. Had no idea what time it was supposed to start and Joanne and Tonya both had a distance to drive.
We were all putting our coats on and low and behold I think Joanne saw a mouse! Actually I have no clue what she was looking at LOL. Just fit the picture! It was a wonderful day that had a happy ending because of an honest person. Thank you to Jeanie for finding Joanne's wallet and calling her to return it!
Now it's time to get my things done around here so I can have the weekend to create. This weekend is our retreat for AAPG. I will be doing some gifts, so I doubt I'll be posting any pictures. If I have time, I'll see what else I can come up with.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!


moosecraft said...

Those are some wonderful gifts Kathy! It's a blessing you have found such great people to share smiles with! And, they have excellent hooking talents too! ;-) I'm sending THANKS to Jeanie too for returning Joanne's wallet! It's so nice to hear that there are good, honest people among us! Enjoy the retreat weekend!!!! I'll be popping in every once in awhile to see what everyone is making...

AwtemNymf said...

What fun goodies you got. I love the silicone candle and sheep! CUTE!

Stay Warm!

corinna said...

looks like lots of fun and productivity happening there!

Anonymous said...

I had a sitter lined up to come...and here DSS calls with the kiddies the night i took the time i had aunt wilma come to go get groceries...i'll shoot for next week :-)

Joanne said...

Nope - wasn't a mouse! Just me being my normal weird self! Sorry you were "wrong" about the pronunciation - must be that Jersey thing again! Hope to get out to GSW again soon with no drama this time. Lots of goodies from Beth!

Orange Sink said...

I certainly enjoy peeking in on all the fun and festivities and seeing those gorgeous rugs! Thanks for sharing Kathy. What are you creating this weekend? Cathy G

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Cathy, I'll be making some gifts for a secret friend on a group I belong too. And then if I have enough time, something for me!