Friday, January 8, 2010

Don't laugh too hard~~

Brrrr, it's sooooo cold. I don't want to go outside anymore. Not until Spring. Can I demand it? Can I whine enough so everyone has to go outside for me? Naaaah, guess it won't happen. Can sure dream though. I'm sitting here with a blanket around me. I had so much running around to do today, that I'm just plain tuckered out. I think I'll avoid going out all weekend if at all possible.

Ok, I said in my last post that I would pick something out to work on for yesterday at the hook-in. I got out all my patterns and contemplated over several. Some are on the larger side and I guess I wasn't ready to make the commitment....yet. Sooo, I picked a little one. I received this in a swap a few years ago. It's a candle cuff. With Valentines Day coming up, and our retreat on the online group is coming up too, I thought why not. Plus I'm happy it's getting done. I really would like to make a dent in the patterns I have this year. I don't have a whole lot, but enough. The reason I said don't laugh too hard is because it's so tiny lol. I decided to use my #5 blade that I got for Christmas. Oh my, that is what I started on when I first started hooking and I used to think it was wide! For a little bit there, I was thinking someone made a mistake and it's really a #3 lol. It just seems so skinny. I enjoyed what I did hook though. Didn't take an after picture for you yet of what I did get done. Might get one this weekend to share. We had some people come through the shop yesterday, and I was busy helping them with what they needed. Wasn't until mid afternoon before I started hooking this. And then I just wanted to relax, so I took my time. Hooked a few loops, rested, hooked a few loops, and rested some more. Guess you could say I really didn't feel like doing too much.
Barb came and worked on some quilting, but other than that, it was just her, Linda and I who were there for the day. We didn't think too many would come out with the threat of snow in the forecast. I was checking like every half hour to see if it started. It was around 9:00 the last time I checked. When I came back in, I figured it was time to get going. There was still no snow. We all decided to leave at the same time. When we walked outside, the snow was falling and the ground was covered. THAT quick! I was surprised. I don't care to drive in snow, so I was extra cautious. I was so thankful that no one was on the road. And I didn't catch one red light. I just kept saying thank you God. Made it home safely. So happy Sherry decided not to come. She had called and was considering it.
Not sure what I'll get into this weekend. Might hook some more on the candle cuff, and might consider starting something else. I don't like doing that. Like to finish what I start. All I know is that I don't want to go OUT if I don't have to.
Enjoy your weekend everyone. Stay warm and keep your hands busy~~


Joanne said...

My hands are busy! I'm warm enough in my flannels and glad you made it home safely! I'm still giggling that now you think #5 is wide! Personally I think it's bordering on dental floss that skinny!

weaverpat said...

I love that little pattern! And in a larger size, wouldn't it make a great runner. WOW, that snow did start fast didn't it!!! Glad you made it home OK!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
Glad you made it home okay. I'm with you in that I don't want to go out until spring, but I don't think the dog can wait that long!
I can't imagine hooking with a #5 ~ sounds like spagetti to me. I just got my #8 cutter head yesterday for my Townsend (OH! I love that machine!!!) and that is the smallest cutter I have for it.
Pug hugs :)

Doris said...

Hi Kathy - I can't believe that anyone thinks #5 is spaghetti! Seems awful wide to me!!!! I agree the Townsend cutter is the best thing since light bulbs. Glad you got home OK. Sorry I missed Thursday but had a date with the Dr. Hope to see you next Thursday. Take care.

moosecraft said...

Oooooh! Good choice! That pattern is too cute! Too funny that you thought the 5 was a 3... probably the perfect width for the design though... anxious to see pics! I am so totally with you on the not wanting to go outdoors when it's this cold!!! Especially when the wind is blowing! Geeez! Talk about pouring salt into the wound! LOL! We are getting some of our daylight back though! So, never fear, Spring will soon be here! :-)

Beth said...

love that candle cuff.. now that seems to be my style!! miss you and hopefully I can make it to the hook in this thursday..!!