Friday, February 20, 2009

End of the week already?

Wow, this week flew by for me. How about you? Has been a low key kind of day, yesterday and today. Actually yesterday felt like a wasted day. Got hooked on surfing the computer. Hate when that happens. Swore today would be different. Well, I got some cleaning done and went through some more wool to use in a rug I'm hoping to start this weekend. Other than that? Yep, on the computer. Wasteful I tell ya!

I did have a nice surprise. The bunny pillow that I put in my Etsy sold already. How sweet! I'm glad it found a good home. I have another idea for a punch needle pillow. Might get to that this weekend too. Again, I'm thinking Spring! Can you tell I'm tired of this cold weather? Actually, the winter has been pretty mild where snow is concerned. I for one am hoping it stays that way!
Just a short post today. Hoping to have some pictures to share by the time the weekend is over on what I was able to get done.

This little cross stitch piece is something I did at the end of last summer. I had bought the linen at a fabric sale that I went to with Joanne and Beth. It was a pale bluish green, but too bright for me. I used some walnut spray on it, and it really dulled it down. Made a really nice background for the design I made up.

Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I'm tired of winter too, right now the sun is shining but cold out still.

Love the little sampler you stitched:0

Shanda said...

Awww to bad for me for that bunny pillow. It was really pretty. I have been looking at a bunny rug from some company I can't recall at the moment, but I am in l,ove with it. Just a small oval rug with a big black country looking bunny on it. It was very pricey. I did however find some hand hooked wool rugs on amd ordered them. My living room is a process in the making and I do when I can. I have been wanting three cordinating rugs ever since we had the hardwood installed. I hope to post a picture of my new rugs soon. I love them and think they are pretty. You are the one who got me hooked on hooked rugs. My husband thanks you. Ha!