Friday, October 22, 2010

You can all relax now

The hook in at Grant Street was a lot of fun yesterday.  Had a good turnout.  Just going to get right into it..
Here is Jill working on her sons rug. Keep going Jill, sooo close to being done :)

She then took a break from it and started some Christmas gifts.

Her sister Beth is working on her rabbit rug.

Nancee started a new project. A Polly Minick design of all houses. Will get a better shot next time she comes. Sometimes I don't like to bother them when they are hooking to take their piece off their frame.  Better to keep on working!

Genny is doing another of her chair pads.

Doris and Pat were leaving.  Pat did hook on her rug, and I'm hoping she posts her progress on her blog since I didn't get a shot of it.  Doris came to shop and didn't bring any work with her, but stayed and chatted for a bit.

Joanne brought her friend Nettie with her. Nettie's rug had some beautiful colors in it.  Good to see you Nettie, hope you come back soon!

Cherina has some colors that really pop on her antique black background. Very nice!
Bethany is filling in nicely on her rug.
As the night went on, the shoes came off, the feet went up and  just some fun times just relaxing....
Then LOTS of laughter... You can see how pink her neck is. Ooooh too funny....  
Joanne finished whipping 4 of her chairpads.
They are wonderful!!!

Finally got a shot of my rug. Cannot seem to capture the colors right. Might have to take this one outside sometime to get a good pic of it. I ripped out the border (I'm a good ripper lol) and changed it from black (was too stark for me) to the subtle color of the vine. Looked so much better to me. Oh and the s's on the pattern are just for me. I am just giving the background some movement. Experimenting on this rug with different things. Will place the s's closer together on another rug to see the difference it makes. And I also see a couple things I will still change on this piece. Glad there is no rush to get it done!
And yes, there was more celebrating for my Birthday.  Joanne baked a cake. This one has little Fall colored leaves on it.  And it was ooooh sooooo tasty!!!  Chocolate all the way through with chocolate chips in it.  Yes, Sharon, it was Heavenly :)!!!  I brought the rest home with me and will have some later..
I was also given some gifts. The cake was MORE than enough, and just having everyone there.  But I need to say Thank you again. I'm not good at receiving, would rather give.  This was given to me by Beth.  Love the simplicity of the picture. Trying to see which room I will put it in. Will be doing some stitching and punchneedle soon with the floss.
I had received a card in the mail before I came to the hook in from Jill, and there was a gift card in there. I will be shopping this weekend :)

Joanne, along with the cake gifted me with this bundle. I took the fabric out of the package to show you that goes with the little quilt square. Looking forward to stitching it up! A lovely pincushion made from wool she bought, A large rusted key (cool!), an awesome necklace that has rug hooker stamped in it, along with a key and a thimble.  AND a gift card to the Hayloft that will be used when I go out to spend the day with her sometime soon!

Thanks to Everyone!!!    I won't torture you any more with the celebrating,  because quite frankly the sighing that came along with the singing after the  10 or 15th, or even 20th time was quite depressing.  LOL.  I'm still giggling.   How Blessed I am  for the friendships that I have formed with all of you.  You've all made my year.

Hoping all of you have a wonderful weekend filled with things you enjoy ~~~~


Orange Sink said...

Those chair pads ARE gorgeous! I'm glad to see her taking a photo of them too! I hope everyone remembers to take pics of their rugs and keep some type of photo journal. Kathy, I've enjoyed celebrating each and every day of your birthday with you! And thank-you to for your sweet comments on my last posts!
Cathy G
Oh, I wanted to say your bird rug design is great! I think you're colors are wonderful and don't be afraid to experiment! I rip more than hook on most of my rugs! LOL

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
I just love seeing the latest happenings at Grant Street. Thank you so much for sharing. Joanne's chairpads are totally awesome. And your rug is wowza.
Once again, happy, happy birthday. You did receive some wonderful goodies and that cake looks so yummy!
Pug hugs :)

weaverpat said...

Thanks for taking pictures of the hook-in activity at night. Some day I'll have to stay later for the evening crowd. I guess I'm afraid of turning into a pumpkin if I'm out after dark! LOL!
Have a great weekend!

Sharlene Washington said...

You are so right--the colors on Cherina's rug are beautiful. Looks like a lovely group to hook with--such talent you all have. It is always such fun to see what everyone is working on. Thanks for posting the photos--keep them coming!

Glad you had a lovely birthday! Best wishes for the year to come.

Julia said...

Kathy, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment.
I always enjoy reading your post and there is always some interesting photos. I feel a bit envious of all your hooking friends who gathers together at those hook-ins. It must be so much fun.
I really love those chair mats Joanne finished. They are absolutely gorgeous.
Thanks for sharing all those photos and thanks for letting me join with you in your celebration.
Have a safe weekend. JB

Joanne said...

Hey I wasn't "sighing" when I was singing - i think you heard some far off distance dogs barking and cats meowing at my voice. You just celebrate as long as you want there missy! Got the giggles when I saw that pic - i just couldn't stop laughing and start breathing! It was sooooo good to get out there and relax and see everyone! Happy Birthay Day 183 (hahahahaha)

Joanne said...

Oh yea - noticed the pear missing - hope you didn't put cake on top of it and eat it! hahahaha

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Joanne!!!!!!!!!!!!! I noticed the pear still in the tissue paper. I didn't want the stem to get broken, so I missed it when taking everything out of the bag. Can you forgive me???????????????
Joanne gave me a really sweet fabric pear with a twig stem. I'll post it next time. Nope, didn't eat it. I have plenty of Bosc sitting on the counter :)..

Joanne said...

Just busting on you - just wanted to make sure it wasn't smeared in chocolate!

primitivebettys said...

What a joy it must be to get together with friends & hook as often as you do. Such great rugs too!

You really celebrate your birthday in style girlfriend! :)

moosecraft said...

Dang! What a delicious looking CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE cake you have there!!!! ;-) Happy Birfffday!!!!! Joanne's chairpads look great and so do all the other projects shown. I agree with you on keeping the border of your rug the same as the vine. It looks softly balanced. The whole rug is hooking up mighty fine!

Jacqueline said...

I am so jealous that you have so many talented hooker friends to share your craft with. Wish I lived closer so I could join in on the fun and creativity.

Glad you had such a wonderful birthday.