Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm going to bore you :)

Oh what fun I've been having this week.   I had mentioned in my last post that I was planning on starting to take down the border that is in my computer room.  Planned on doing it the year I moved in.  Ha! That was in 2000.  So the other night I was sitting doing nothing and remembered what I had said. So I got up, got the ladder and got to work.  It's coming down pretty easy.  I have almost 2 walls done. Will get back to it after this post.  Today I will be going to the paint store to pick up some paint chips.

On Wednesday, I had a Birthday!  I turned 49.  Why tell my age?  Why not?  It's just a number to me. And the higher it gets, the happier I am that I'm still here!  Odd?  Could be. But I love birthdays. Not just mine, but everyone's. I think everyone should embrace each day, and especially when you turn another year older. Look how far you've come!!   Have I always felt this way? Yep, pretty much!    Life is short, so enjoy it. Am I always in this good of mood? No, I am normal (questionable, I hear some of you lol) and have bad days just like everyone else. I just don't dwell on them. Some things you just can't change, can't answer. I may get uptight and first, but then I soon just.... let it go. Who needs more stress? Not healthy for you...

Woke up in a wonderful mood on Wednesday. It was all in the plan :).    It was my day!  All day, and as anyone will tell you who knows me (they may be sorry they do at this point lol), this celebration is going to last 2 weeks!  Because God willing I make it another year, I am going to turn 50!!!!!!  Woo hoo :).  And then I will be celebrating a whole month!  (I may lose some followers by then, you'll be sick of me lol).   I woke up that morning to a gift on the counter with a card from my husband.  It was a cd that I had asked for. And the card? Well, as I tell him "he done good". Made me cry. I always tell him to buy me a mushy card, and he outdoes himself  year after year :).

So I went to work on Wednesday. Was thinking about staying home. But decided to go in.  Had a great day with Linda and Barb.  Linda doesn't know this, but Barb gave me my birthday cake in the morning. She shared her Reeses peanut butter cup with me.  There were only 2, so Linda didn't get one. (oh, I can hear her now lol)  Barb's Birthday was Monday, and we had fun with her too!  From work, I stopped and picked up pizza for dinner.  I don't cook on my Birthday!  Being a Wednesday, I had Bible class. Was going to stay home from that too, but decided to go. Glad I did. I learned some things.  When I got home, It was so nice to walk in and see my family waiting for me.  My son Craig and Lake, and Nicole and Andrew.  George took some pic's.  I didn't even have my coat off and I was sitting down to hear my song of the day... Happy Birthday LOL.  Some of these pic's are funny. I feel like I"m praising the cake here while they sing.

This one I practically pee'd myself when I saw it.  Blowing out the candles, but LOOK at my hands LOL!  It's like oh boy, oh boy, cake lol.  JUST like a little kid. Didn't even know I was doing it. I think I was more concerned about blowing them all out. And with all this hot air, you think I would. Nope, missed a few.

Craig and Lake bought me a bottle of Mudslide :).  A real dessert for me!

George gave me another cd. Was very surprised :) My favorite music is smooth jazz.

Nicole gave me a Gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Soooo pretty and sooo Fall!!

We had a wonderful time, and the best part was having my whole family together.  Just love my son... He may think too much!

 It was getting late and I think everyone was tired :)  Nicole and Andrew.

A wonderful blanket I received from Linda (she knows how cold I always am). George I think was wondering how hot is this thing?  He's so warm blooded.

The day couldn't have been any more wonderful than it was.  When I woke up Thursday, it was day 2 of my
Birthday lol.  The day of the hook-in.  Each day I will be doing something for myself. Something that I enjoy, or doing something so little, but puts a smile on my face.  Like I said I'm going to bore you, because I'll probably be posting about it lol. 

The hook-in was a LOT of fun.  Had some new people in the morning.  A couple came from Nebraska.  They will be here for a week, and the wife will be coming back in on Monday or Tuesday to do some shopping.  It was so nice sitting and chatting with them.  Then another woman came in and said she had bought a kit one time and never finished it. Felt she was doing it wrong, etc. So I told her about our Thursday hook in and she came back later in the evening. Her name is Judy, and we had her laughing a LOT.  Hmm, wonder what she "really"' thought of our group?  But she said she is coming back next week!!  And thanks Joan for taking over and helping her out the way you did.  As the day went on, more people came.  
Here is Gloria, learning to transfer her pattern. 

Joan brought me a Birthday gift. Love, love, love her dyed wool and I can always use that floss. Got lots of stitching projects I want to do!  Thanks Joan :)!!!

Joan brought her sock monkey's to sew up. 

(psst, she scares me a little though. Really gets into her work) LOL

Ashley, a brand new hooker is proud of her pillow design!

During the day, Linda had to be a wise guy and get everyone to sing Happy Birthday to me. (I loved it of course :) )     So later in the day, there weren't many people left.  I had brought myself one of the cupcakes that Nicole made as my dessert.  Wish I would have had enough to give everyone, but didn't.   When I took it out of my baggie, the silliness started once again.  I ran over and got a lighter and just held it up to the cupcake as if it were a candle.  Started to sing Happy Birthday to myself.  Which in turn got everyone else laughing and they started to sing again. I think Linda was just trying to pacify me LOL.  Judy, the brand new girl volunteered to take the pic's! She is fitting right in lol. 

Linda's sister Veronica came with her husband from Pittsburg for a visit to stay with Linda a couple days.  She was showing her a few things.

Sherri is almost done with her punchneedle snowmen. I forgot to count how many she had on this piece of fabric, but I bet it has to be at least a dozen or more.  She is getting burned out from them and wants them  finished!!!  I'm pretty sure she will have  them done this weekend.

And here is the update on Joan's 100th rug!  Amazing how much she has gotten done in such a short amount of time. 

No pic's of my rug. I don't know why I was struggling with it yesterday. Over the silliest thing too. The vein in a leaf. You would think I wouldl just move on to something else.  Sometimes I just can't work that way. I feel stuck and need to figure it out before I can move on.  Will surely try to figure it out this weekend and get it moving so I can share it with you.  Will be time spent doing something I enjoy :).

The last 2 days were spent with my awesome family and friends. Couldn't have started out my Birthday celebration any better than that!  So guess what today is?  Yep, day 3.............. 

Joanne will be coming out next week she said.... Still in time to celebrate some more! We missed her yesterday!!

I'm off to get it started by working on removing the border and then doing something just for me. No matter how small or big it is, I'll be smiling..  "cause it's my birfffffday".   (just for you Linda :) )


Lisa said...

Well you said I was going to get bored and I wasn't. I enjoyed your post as always. I am happy to hear you celebrate for more than one day. I hope the border comes off quickly so you can get to the fun part..decorating. Have fun and keep on smiling. Lisa

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
Happy birfday to you :) 49 ~ just a baby!!!
You are so upbeat. We could all take a lesson or two from you. Enjoy all the days of your celebration.
Birthday hugs :)

moosecraft said...

Oh Kathy!!! You're crackin' me up!!! It's so refreshing to see someone loving a Birthday!!! I think everyone that reads your blog will have a new sense of energy for the day! Enjoy everything to the fullest! :-)

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!!! Your post was not boring at all!!!!!

Joanne said...

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz weepppp weppppp weeppppppp snorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre hrumpfffff weeeppp weepppp weeepppp

Joanne said...

JUST KIDDING! HAPPY DAY THREE TO YOU! Sounds like a wonderful week - I am so sorry I missed the hookin - looks like you crazy girls had a lot of un! Can't wait to see what color chips you bring home for your wall - let's see "sand", "stone", "antique white" - Hahahahaha

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Oh my goodness, we have one of the 3 stooges in our midst. good interpretation Joanne lol!!

Joanne said...

Good Catch! And did you know Moe was a rug hooker?

Kathy (woolfind) said...

I did, I did! Saw his biography once :)

weaverpat said...

Happy Birthday, Kathy!!!
What a great week you've had! I'll be there next week when Joanne comes so we can celebrate some more!

primitivebettys said...

Happy Birthday Kathy! :) It looks like you have been celebrating great & you so deserve it! You are such a Gem! :)