Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm still at it ~~

Wow, it's already day 10 of my celebrating.  Still going strong and doing things I like to do.  A couple days I did absolutely nothing... That was wonderful in itself!  Then yesterday was the hook in at Grantstreet.  It rained quite a bit of the day, and got windy at some points too. But by the end of the night, the rain had stopped and the stars were bright!  I was very surprised at the turnout considering the weather. It was so nice to see them walk through the doors.  And so many finished projects too! 
Here is Nancee and her rug.  She does a wonderful job with the binding in ticking.  Got a shot of her below. We just need to see who does the nice work!

Judith's large Fall rug. Coming along so nicely. She chose many dyed wools to hook with.
Bonnie was so happy to finish her first piece! She was shown by Linda how to finish it off and I "think" she had it done by the time she left.
Jackie was there only for a short few minutes. She got called away for work. But look how wonderful her piece turned out. This one she dyed the background all by herself!!  The pattern also had 2 chickens on either side of the pot. She didn't want them, and Joan Strausbaugh suggested her hooking one of them with her background wool. It's to the right, and she did a Great job!! She told us her son loved the rug... Guess you know who is going to get it some day :).
Betty finished 2 of her rugs. Both the same pattern and both are gifts. Lucky reipients, eh? 

Gloria stopped by to get instructions on how to finish her mitten. She finished hooking hers too. Love the difference between hers and Bonnies. Both great backgrounds!
Genny has been really busy with her chairpads.  2 of them completely finished on the left, and she was starting to hook on another one last night. She married her wools for the backgrounds. Great job!
And poor, poor Louis (probably been spelling his name wrong all this time, will check that one out lol). Rick went somewhere last night and he was so lost again. It was late, and can't you just see the "can't we please go home now" look? 

I did get some work done on my rug.  And at this point it's giving me quite the headache. Something sooo simple and I'm just not satisfied.  I did another flower and then did some of the background. But there isn't enough variation in it, so I picked some other wools shown in the picture. Might even see what I have on my shelves and play some more with it. Also the leaves (Joan, you hush now lol), I played and played with them. Still not satisfied. BUT, I picked another wool out at 12:20 a.m. (yes we stay that late lol) when we were packing up to leave last night and I'm going to try it this weekend.

Our online group is having their retreat this weekend, (theme is holly, birds and berries) and I really don't have plans on going out tomorrow. Soo I'm hoping to get some done on it. I would also like to finish off my acorn stitchery that I still have laying on my table.  Sunday is the only day I have something that I need to go out for. Church and then a Crop Walk benefitting the Hungry.  I signed up for it a while back. And with chilly weather, I should be done in no time at all. I'll walk fast :).  It's only 2 miles through town. Definitely a good cause, and I'm glad to be participating!

Still deciding on paint color for the computer room here. I have eliminated quite a few and have moved them around the room so I get the affect of different times of the day and how the color changes.  Really can't wait to get that started, but it will be a little while yet.

Well, off to clean up a bit more so I will have all the time to relax tomorrow.  Can't wait! Have a wonderful weekend everyone.......


Joanne said...

Don't forget that I haven't celebrated with you yet so you have to EXTEND your BIRTHDAY!

Sounds like everyone is quite productive - great turnout and rugs!

I'm thinking your rug looks great!

Julia said...

Thanks for sharing all those beautiful rugs in progress and that cute little dog, and keep on celebrating. JB

WoolenSails said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spoil yourself.
Lots of wonderful rugs and the bird you are doing looks beautiful, can't wait to see it finished.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~ As I say every week, thank you so much for sharing the hook-in at Grantstreet! I so enjoy seeing all the beautiful rugs. I sure wish I lived closer!
Pug hugs :)

moosecraft said...

Nancee's rug is gorgeous! Love that mitten too! I think I have that pattern with the crow and pumpkins.... hmmmm... now I have a color option too! LOL! Poor little louis... he needs a hug. I do like the way your rug is hooking up! I think what you need to do is hook a bit more background around the entire bird and flowers... then you might see that it all fits in there? Anyways, it's a gorgeous day for a walk!