Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's over? Maybe..... maybe not......

It's been a great two weeks of celebrating. Some days full, some days not.  So the two weeks have come to an end, but am I really done celebrating?  I think I'm going to look at each day as a celebration.  That's what life is meant to be anyway. Will try to turn every bad situation into a good one. Try is the operative word. Will succeed some days and some days I won't. But at least the effort will be there :)

Here is a tree in our small town of Shippensburg. I can't wait every Fall for it to turn. Just traveled by it a few days ago, and quickly grabbed my phone for a shot. It really brightens up the street!
This past weekend was our on line groups retreat. Holly, birds and berries was the theme.  I was able to finish the piece for Tanya.  She seemed very pleased with it, and I'm relieved.

I also was able to finish this stitched piece off.  Ok, don't laugh too hard. I'm not a quilter by any means, and the prairie cloth stretches a bit. So the top and bottom are crooked.  But, it makes it more "prim" for me lol.  I'll get better with practice.  I also had to fudge the fabric for the backing. It wasn't wide enough to go length wise, so I had to turn it sideways and cut it into two pieces. Finished it like  pillow in the back, so if I ever want to stuff it I can. 

Went to East Berlin again on Monday. Met up with Beth for dinner at Rocco's pizza.  She gifted me with some beautiful gifts for my Birthday.  Beth made the mat with the yo-yo's. They have old buttons on them. She did a wonderful job! The large acorn is a candle inside and the small acorns are from her mom to me :). She gave me a big bag full. I'll have fun displaying them.

 She also gave me some kitchen towels. Love the colors, and 2 patterns I can stitch up, along with a set of rusty keys that will go on a piece one day. I didn't get a shot of the pin I put right on my coat. It said I Love Rug Hooking... Thank you again Beth for dinner and my gifts! Loved spending the time chatting with you.
At Janice's, we worked a little.  Here are some pennies Beth was working on.
And here's the group.  Taking time out to chat.....  Janice's daughter Krista was here from Florida with her 14 month old daughter Emma. No shots of them though. It was a really nice visit.  Emma is just precious!

Really bad at taking pic's of my own work.  I will promise to get a shot of it tomorrow at the hook in.  Hard to believe it's Thursday already!  The week has flown by.  Looking forward to some hooking, and hopefully a room full of people!  Will work on getting some good pic's to share.  And thanks for letting me share my 2 weeks with you all lol.

Have a wonderful rest of your week :)


Orange Sink said...

I love your idea to keep celebrating! Life is too short not to! Looks like you have some very good friends who treat you right and know how to give a good gift. Love all your goodies! Keep enjoying that birthday!
Cathy g

Beth said...

Loved your blog this past 2 weeks.. the tree was so beautiful!! I loved what you made for tania...!! You are so talented!

moosecraft said...

Love that yo-yo mat! Very clever! And the drum keep is gorgeous! You certainly are having fun celebrating! Keep it going!!!! That red tree is gorgeous! Autumn is so beautiful... Have a SUPER time at Grant Street hook-in today!!!!

Julia said...

Kathy, you are so wise to keep on celebrating because it brings you joy. You have made it a focus and so you are reaping what you sowed.... thoughtful gifts from your friends.
So glad that your friends are taking care of you as you continue celebrating. I love the big and the small acorn.

What a beautiful tree, isn't nature grand? JB

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
Life is too short not to celebrate it on a daily basis. Now if I could just practice what I preach :)
I hope to see lots of pictures from Grant Street. I so enjoy them. How 'bout showing us the hooked piece that was under your acorn tree?
Pug hugs :)

Lisa said...

I am also looking forward to the hook-in pics. I hope you were able to hook alot. I think it is coming along nicely. Have a great night,

Kim said...

I love that you continue to celebrate. We all should have that attitude. Can't wait for the hook-in pictures. I love seeing what everyone is working on.