Sunday, October 3, 2010

Quiet hook-in

Amazing when you have kids, what you have is not yours anymore.  Just getting my camera back. Actually, I had to go up in her room and find it. Nicole borrowed it to take with her and George when they went to visit Slippery Rock University on Saturday.  They had a nice time and for being the first ones there that day, she was picked to have her application fee waived. How nice!  They were up at 3:30 am and were out of the house by 4:00.  It was a little less than they thought, between 3 1/2 and 4 hours. 

So now that I found my camera, it was time to upload pic's from last week. Although don't get excited lol.  It was the day it rained and rained and rained.  It kept everyone home, and I can't blame them.  It was nasty out there!  But, it gave me a chance to get to some hooking.  I had a hair appointment at 10:00 so I didn't get there until after 12:00.  Barb and Linda were there. Oh, and Louis and Bo the dogs.  Rick was away for a few days.  Sooooo lost they are without him.  Bo? He is pretty content.  Louis? HA, not so much. Doesn't know what to do with himself.

There were 3 others who joined us that day, and of course never got a shot. Lori and her future daughter in law Ashley came.  Ashley is just getting started with rug hooking and Lori has been doing it for just a short time so far.  And then Sherri came and worked some more on her punch needle. Sorry no picture there either. I will have to start wearing the camera around my neck!

And here is what I was able to get done that day.  I will be tweaking it here and there. I already see things I'm not too crazy about, like the neck and maybe the tail.  But I don't have any background around it yet, sooo I will be waiting till then before I rip. I'm not afraid to rip out what I don't like. Hard to get a picture in the evening here at the house.

Linda was able to get some hooking done too. It was a realy quiet day. 

I do have a couple new pictures of the shop that I've forgotten to post about. Linda and Rick bought this new piece for her shop to house the Rug Hooking magazines. It's a gorgeous piece. Of course that day was the day we moved everything around and did the "curling" that I posted about before lol.   

And here is a long shot of where you would walk in. Sooo open now. The place is looking bigger and bigger!

This is what happens when Rick is away.  Poor guy just wanted to be held. Hard time turning him down. I had to be careful just pulling out my chair to sit back and look at my piece. Cause if there is enough room for him to jump up, he's there lol.

And here is a picture I overlooked from Joan's hook-in last week.  Joan  is working on her 100th rug!!  And when I say rug, that doesn't include all the chair pads, mats, ornaments, stockings, things like that. This is her 100th RUG!!  She designed this using leaves she has found.   Hard to make out, but I can't wait to see what progress she has accomplished on it. Will try to have a picture of it  in progress in the future. 

So that's it on pictures.  Friday was a really busy day for me.  My husband gets paid once a month and that means bill paying and grocery shopping.  And boy were the cupboards bare.  You really need to know how to budget your money that way, but I really don't mind it.  It's been this way for 10 years now.   I went to 3 grocery stores and that part I don't like.  But I'm good for a while.  And then Saturday I spent the entire day cleaning and decorating for Fall. Not too many decorations. I don't want too much stufffff around.  The house has been far over looked.  So some deep cleaning was needed.  I woke up at 3:30 with George and Nicole to wish them a great day at the University, and then I never went back to sleep.  I still had things laying around from my mil's house that I just didn't know what to do with, so I had to make some decisions.  Once that was done, then it was time to move some stuff around.  Oh how I wish I had the talent to decorate. I've never had a room that I could say was complete, know what I mean?  I have been looking at some books, magazines, and watching Linda decorated the shop.  I "get it" a "little bit" lol.  Just not my gift!!!  I hung a couple of my rugs, hung a couple of my mil's pictures, moved things here and there.  How one person can do it by themselves is beyond me.  I need someone to hold it while I step back.  Now this will get you laughing. I didn't want to put a hundred holes in the wall, so I got a mop, a broom, a stool, whatever I could to prop things up so I can see it against the wall. How else can you see it? I would balance it and step back saying, please don't fall, please don't fall lol.  Like I said, I don't know how people do it.  But I'm happy with what I've done and my hubby liked seeing his mom's pictures on the wall.  I was able to get 3 rooms done and that was it for the day.  Like I said, it needed some deep cleaning.  I was telling Joanne, that I would like to get to a point where I can just do a drive-by dusting here and there. But nooo, when I have to clean, I HAVE to clean!!  It gets so behind.  Soooo, making it a goal to stay on track and keep up with things.  Haven't even tackled the upstairs, and that means the wool room... Old one and new one.  Old one is now a catch all with all my mil's things, and my new wool room, well, forget it.  From Colonial day and all those late nights, let's just say it's a disaster...again. Any of you who have a craft room know what I mean lol. 

I also bought a black bedskirt for the new woven blanket I bought.  Was leary at first, thought it would be "too" black. But it's not. I really, really like it.  So I want to get the curtains made next for in there.  But the computer room will be first. I call it the computer room because it's the first real room that you see when you walk in my home. I guess it's supposed to be a dining room, but I'm not a dining room type of person. We have an eat in kitchen.  I'm planning, yes planning to take down the border in this room this week. At least get it started. It's been here since we moved in. 10 years now.  And the walls are white, and that will change. Going to get paint swatches soon. Also trying to decide what kind of curtains to make for in here. I only have mini blinds on the windows. Been that way for years!

Well,  it's only 20 till 8:00 and I have more laundry to do. See, keeping up with it :)!!    Even made a nice roast beef dinner for George and I.  Has been a real nice day today.  Went over to my mil's right after church  to bag up what was left from the yard sales.  I'm going to give them to my friend Beth for her church. They have a huge yard sale every year. We are really done with her home now, and it's a huge relief lifted.  Just waiting till it sells. Hope we don't have to hold on to it for very long. Praying for the right person who needs it  to come along. I know how bad the market is out there.

Ok, rambled on more than I had intended too.  Sure hope everyone's weekend was a productive one!!
Have a Blessed week ahead :).


Joanne said...

Sounds like a productive weekend for you for sure! And progress photos for Joan's rug - I'm thinking it will be a shot of the completed rug the way she hooks! Can't wait to see your new decor!

Jake said...

I laughed when you said, "I got three rooms done and that was it." Hell, I scrubbed my toilet and thought, ok, time to go out and play with my camera. I'm exhausted." 3 rooms and that's it. Overachievers. sheesh

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
Drive by dusting. I like that! You sure accomplished miracles over the weekend. I can't say the same
I love the colors in your rug! Please keep us updated on your progress.
Hugs :)

weaverpat said...

Hi Kathy,
Your rug looks great! You're really getting a lot done. The last time I saw you you hadn't pulled any loops yet!
Just reading about all that cleaning makes me want to take a nap!!! Where do you get all your energy?

moosecraft said...

You're birdie rug is looking great! I can't decide on a background for it either... Grant Street has some nice pieces of furniture! I like the piece for the RHM's and I like the piece in the entry with the coverlets in it. Cleaning is not one of my favorite things to do either. Love it when the whole house is clean though! :-) You certainly have a knack for keeping yourself busy! I need another cup of coffee after reading all this! LOL! ;-)