Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A sea of Hookers ~~

Finally, finally I'm getting to posting about Brandywine this past Saturday. I know some of you have been waiting.  I slept in on Sunday (certainly needed it after this) and then went out to lunch with my friend Donna to celebrate her 50th Birthday! More Birthdays lol....  By the time I got home, we had no internet. We had cable, but no internet. Did not come back on till late yesterday afternoon. By that time, I was heavily involved with my wool room and didn't want to quit since I was on a roll.  I worked Sunday evening also since the computer was down. I am pleased to say that I have a floor again :), and my wire cubbies are nicely stacked with my wool.  Overwhelmed at how much? You Betchya!!  Need to really start hooking some so I feel better about having soooo much. 

Ok, back to Brandywine.  What a wonderful day it was. I teased everyone else not to be late when meeting up with Linda, and here I didn't get up when the alarm went off. BUT I was there on time and ready to go. Just not feeling so hot because I jumped out of bed so fast and I didn't eat.  By the time we got there, I grabbed a cup of coffee and a trail mix bar, and I was good to go shortly after.  We arrived early, but we weren't allowed in till 9:00.  Seems others had the same idea of getting there early because there was a line of us just waiting.  I was amazed at how fast the place filled up. And did it ever!  A true Sea of Hookers!! Will start with showing you a shot of the room...
Just a sampling of Rebecca Erb's wool :)
Linda with the girls from Grant Street.  I'm just laughing now because everyone is working, and I'm walking around. Look how serious they all were!! Might be from all the food on the table. They were tired from eating and figured they should get to working..
Now at my table, there's a different story. I caught them snacking :)
They had an auction to benefit the Biennial next year. Here is a shot of the auctioneer and the goods to be auctioned on the tables in the right of the picture.  There was a LOT to be auctioned off.
There was not a rug show this year. I'm assuming to try and make more room. Really don't know for sure. Plus with the Auction, I'm sure they needed the space to display the items for everyone to see what they would be bidding on.

So here are a few rugs that I did manage to capture while walking around with my camera.  I was bad at not taking too many. It was very crowded!  And forgive me if I forget any names.
Here is Louise on the right with her friend. . Just love this rug to pieces!!!! And HUGE!
Another beauty from Judy Carter....

Here is Sharon standing over her rug and everyone else is around looking at it..

It was soooo pretty in person. I'm so glad she brought it for us to see....

A close up of the corner.

Marion working on her fine cut.
Here is another one, and I'm not sure of who did it. Just was able to capture it as someone was holding it up. And yes, I asked first to take a picture.
Beth and her Aunt Mary Jane looking at a vendor's items.
And here is her Aunt's rug! Love it!!

Had to giggle at Sharon's camera case. It was a sock lol. Hey, it works!!

Another prim rug :)
This one was hanging at Rebecca's table. I just like the colors.

Deb's rug is soooo different, just love it!
I can't remember the name of the woman who did this one. She was sitting with the East Berlin girls. 
And here is Tanya  working on a hit or miss.
Look at this Prim beauty!!
And here is what I've accomplished with my rug.  This will show you how much hooking I got done there. If you look closely at the background color up against the top edge and bottom edge, that's what I finished LOL. One and a half rows.  I think I finally sat down at around 3:00 maybe? lol.  Yes, it is a hook in, but there is so much to see, so much to buy, and so many new people to meet!

And speaking of new people to meet!!  Here is another Kathy!  Hey you, you made it on the Blog! Now I can put a face to the name :). She had stopped me earlier in the day and told me that she reads my blog. I was a little taken back at first because I don't think of this blog as reaching as many people as it does I guess.  And when she told me her name, I knew she was the Kathy from NJ. What a coincidence, me too!  We talked for a brief time, and then I said I would stop by her table a little later on.  I'm so glad I did....  Here is the rug she is working on. 

She was sitting with two of her friends. Here is Annette and her rug..  Hi Annette!!

And here is Patty, Hey there!! 

Loved all of their rugs, and I hope I get to see them finished!! It as sooooo nice meeting you all. I had such a nice talk with them at their table. Who would have ever thought that I'd be recognized.  I told Kathy at one point that I felt like I was being stared at a few times. (wondered if I had something on my face lol). But perhaps someone else recognized me too.  It is just too funny to me. Kathy, I'm glad you stopped me and introduced yourself. And I hope to see you again :). Post on my blog when you can and let me know how you are doing, or drop me a line in an email to stay in touch.

The ride home went quicker than the ride there. It's a miracle that we got the back hatch closed to the Suburban.  LOL, it was THAT FULL~~  My friend Beth said we should have gotten a picture of it. I wish I did!!!  But I wish I would have gotten a picture of her Aunt's face when she saw it. Her mouth was wide open lol.  Too funny! 
When we got back, Linda and Janice went their ways. They were exhausted.  Thank you Linda for the safe ride there and back. Much appreciated!!  Sherry, Jill, Beth and I went out for a bite to eat for dinner and it was nice just relaxing with them and chatting about our day. 

Well, it's almost midnight and my computer has been shutting off on me completely and then restarting. I will have to have my son take a look at it soon. But until then, I will be posting from my laptop.  Not sure when that will be. All the excitement was this past weekend! I'm still on a high. So thrilled with what I purchased. I didn't get a shot of what I brought home, because the wool is washed, dried and put away already! I can just tell you what I got. Some wool of course, and I did behave myself, I don't care what Joanne says lol. I really didn't bring home too much, and then I bought myself a pattern called St. Nick, an adaptation from Spruce Ridge from Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farms. Also bought a small charm for my necklace of a fraktur flower, and I got a hand woven basket made from the women in Ghana. The money goes to them to help their families. I'll try and get a shot of that another day.  Oh, and I bought a Christmas gift already....  I let Beth pick it out :). 

I'm sure I am forgetting some things. I am just hurrying on here so my computer doesn't go out on me again.
Hard to believe that tomorrow is Wednesday already. I took the day off yesterday because I had to take care of a few things at my mil's home.  I won't know what day it is as the week goes on. Change one thing and I'm all out of whack.   And excuse any typo's in this post, I'm sure there are some.

Some good news today though. I got a call today that my son had his closing on his FIRST home! He has purchased a double wide mobile home. I am soooo happy for him.  George and I will be going to see it tomorrow night after I'm out of Bible class. 

Until my next post, have a wonderful week, stay warm (those cold temps are really sneaking in on us), and keep your hands busy...... 


Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

What a fun time you all must have had. I know the feeling about barely getting the doors on the car closed but hey a girl has to buy wool when she has the opportunity.
Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures.

Orange Sink said...

What a great job you did covering this event! You should be a reporter for a newspaper! Awesome awesome rugs! I can't pick a favorite. It is so nice to see such a huge throng of rug hookers all in one spot.... you can just feel the excitement! I had to miss the one hookin I go to every year in Stillwater MN. You don't know how much this means to be able to see these photos! Great job and thank-you so very much for sharing!
Cathy G ( I think you may be more famous than you know!) :)

Sharlene Washington said...

Wow... what a room full of hookers. I have never hooked with a group that large. I wonder if there are even that many hookers in the State of California! How exciting to see so many rugs in progress. Thanks for sharing photos!

Bobbie said...

My goodness, Kathy! What a great day! All those hookers...must hav been so much fun! I don't think I would have been able to hook a loop! Beautiful pictures...beautiful rugs..thanks for sharing your day..

moosecraft said...

Hi Kathy! Thanks for posting some pics of the rugs at the hook-in! I was so busy laughing, eating and shopping that I forgot about checking out what folks were hooking! LOL! And there were some real beauties there too! You got more loops pulled on your rug than I did! LOL! ;-)

Joanne said...

Okay Okay - that's it - don't ever ask me ever again to stop you buying wool - nope - not ever - you just don't listen - next time I'm helping you pick the wool - that's more fun anyway.

Great news coverage of the day!

Lori said...

I can only dream of going to such a fun hook-in! How lucky you girls are to get to do this every year. Thanks for all the fun pics Kathy. I was living it thru you! And I LOVE the rug you designed and are hooking right now.

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

Beautiful rugs!! Looks like a wonderful time!!

Julia said...

Kathy I sure hope that you get your computer working well again real soon.

Thanks so much for posting this great hook-in. I've never been to a hook-in and would love to experience the energy that must fill the room. You are very good with the camera to capture all those great photos.

With so much going on, I'm not surprised that you didn't get much hooking in but at least it looks like you got at least your 10 minutes in. I enjoy reading your blog and looking at the beautiful photos. JB

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
Oh, I think you are more famous than you'll ever know. People read you from near and far :)
Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures. Such terrific rugs. Yours is lookin' mighty fine and I get about as many loops pulled at a hook-in. Just too much else going on.
Congrats to your son on his first home. That's so exciting!
Pug hugs :)

Kim said...

What a great post. No news reporter could have covered it better! What fun it would be to attend a hook-in of that size. Thanks for sharing all the amazing works.

Hooked on Primitives said...

OH MY Kathy!! That is some of the best eye candy I have seen in some time!! WOW!! What fun!!!!

RNNJ said...


Been meaning to leave a comment. Terrific coverage of this event!

Delightful to meet you. Merry Christmas to you and yours.