Friday, November 19, 2010

I would love some cheese

To go with my whining these days....  I'm even sick of hearing myself. The weather, good or bad  hasn't seemed to help my mood. I'm amazed at my attitude on just about everything. It's an "I don't want to, because I don't care" attitude, plain and simple.   It doesn't matter what it is. I just don't want to.  Call it Winter blues, Seasonal depression, whatever.  But it got a hold of me and I'm struggling to shake it. I know I will. I'm aware of it, aware of my behavior. It will just have to run it's course I guess. I could have crawled under those blankets this morning and gone right back to bed. Glad I didn't. But did I get anything done? Nope. I am however waiting for my son to call so I can go over there and help him out. They are moving in tomorrow.  Hopefully, It will inspire me to keep moving.

So that's the reason why I haven't been blogging, why I haven't been doing anything. I am supposed to have made a few things for a little show this weekend, but thank God there are a few of us girls and I'm counting on them to provide the load of it. I have hardly anything made.Nobodies fault but my own. 
However, I have been able to upload some pictures from yesterdays hook in and the previous week as well. 

Yesterday Joanne came out and showed a few people how to make a wool feather tree. It wasn't a set time to be taught. Whenever you got there, Joanne was gracious and spent the time with them.

Sherri and Sandy were the first two to learn.  Joanne got them started and then brought whipping to do inbetween.
Then Genny... the one that is still folded up is Sherri's all finished! they are supposed to wait a day for them to dry before they pull down the branches and shape them..

Bonnie and Jackie joined in too. And... Joanne whipping some more :).

Genny finished hers too.  In fact, everyone finished theirs.  and each time they did, Linda rang a bell lol. It was cute.

Nettie was whipping a rug she finished. Wish I would have gotten a picture of the completed hooking.

She also brought along some of her punch needle that she had done.  Great pieces!

Joan came and was able to relax and enjoy the laughter of the day.

Her rug and it's progress!!!  Just gorgeous!

She also makes sock monkies, and Linda had purchased one...or two :)

Somehow, someone got a hold of MY camera and snapped a shot of me.  I had BIG intentions of doing a lot yesterday. I brought hooking, never got to it. But I did manage to make up a couple coasters, with a simple blanket stitch.  Hey, I drew out the circles, cut them, AND got 3 done lol.  That's progress for me :).

Kay hooking and Sherri in the background finishing up her feather tree.

Brenda whipping her rug. It is a gift... A big gift!!!

I think I get the same shot of Nancee hooking this rug.  It's all houses, but seriously, she is moving along on it. Next time, I will have to get a full on shot of it!

Jill was busy at the table asking for help with color planning her newest rug.  Can't quite remember what Joan was doing, but... I'd say she was telling Jill how much wool she will need for this monstrous rug! LOL

Here is Jill's rug she has made for her son Isaac. It just needs to have the right side waves hooked and then she can bind it!

The previous week, we were showing people how to do punch needle.  And Cathy stopped by to buy some new wool for her horse rug.  Amazing, isn't it?? I love it!


And here are a few of the girls punching away~

Jackie is also coming along so beautifully on her rug.  Will try to capture the colors better on another Thursday. It's not so stark as in the picture here.

Well, that's it for pictures for now.  Trying to think of what else has been going on.  Oh, my daughter Nicole made the Honor Roll for her first marking period of being a Senior.  A's and B's! We are very proud of her. Had one email conference with her AP Biology teacher. She got a B this past marking period and already has an A so far heading into the second.  Go Nicole! 
Have spent some time over Craig's new home helping with the painting. I was still living at home at his age of 23, with not even a thought of moving out. And here he has been through 2 apartments and now owns his own place. WOW, we are sooo proud!  What a feeling :). 
This morning as I didn't want to move out of my chair, I did some Christmas shopping on line.  Feels good to have it started.
Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next week already.  Are you ready?  I just ordered a fresh turkey a couple days ago.  Will pick it up next week.  Have I done any of the other shopping for it yet? Nope lol. Made a list yet of what I need to get? Nope on that one too!   Everything will work out just fine. The fact that we will all be together is all I need.  I'm looking forward to that!  

Hoping you all are spending your Thanksgiving with the ones you hold dearest!  Being thankful is a daily thing for me. I thank God all day long for the little things, the big things, the good things and the not so good things. Yep, even those. Because I learn from them.  It's how we grow.   And in case I don't post before next week....

Wishing each and everyone of you a Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
I hope tomorrow is a brighter day for you. Sometimes life is hard and sometimes for no apparent reason. With your faith in God, I hope life will be better soon.
Thank you for sharing so many wonderful hooked rugs and punch needle pieces!
Hugs :)

Julia said...

Kathy, everything comes to pass and your blues will past too and you will be your radiant self soon. Just hang in there, My blues have left and I now feel more human.

Thanks for the pictures of all the rugs in progress and congratulations on your daughter's accomplishment and your son's moving on his own.
Hope that tomorrow will bring a new beginning. Hugs, JB

Gayle said...

I made one of those feather trees a couple of years ago - they're FUN! All the rugs look just fabulous - what a great group of gals!

Joanne said...

I'll bring the cheese and some chocolate cake and margaritas and we can sit and moan and groan and be cranky to our hearts content!

You'll get your groove back on when it's time!

Way to go to Nicole for the grades! And congrats to Craig on his first home - that's exciting!

Boy I guess it's true, all i do is whip!

Lisa said...

I am sorry to hear you are down. I am glad you posted something about it. Now your friends can keep you in their prayers.
I am sure you will be back to your celebrating self soon. Just hang in there.
Love the pics from the hook in. I went to my first one today. I had so much fun seeing the kind of stuff in person that I usually only see on blogs like yours. I feel like I might overflow with excitment. I haven't felt like this in awhile. I hope you will feel the same real soon.

moosecraft said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Looks like you have a lot of good friends and family to be thankful for! Life is good!

weaverpat said...

Hi Kathy,
Someplace I read that it's impossible to know joy unless you have also known sadness. So when you come out of the funk, the happiness will be that much more appreciated. It WILL pass!
In the meantime, be good to yourself. Take a break. With the holidays coming up, don't pile too many obligations.
HUGS to you!!!