Friday, December 19, 2008

Sweet gifts from friends

I was the recipient of a few gifts for Christmas already. I taught Genny from church how to hook a while back and she is doing a great job. She's working on her 3rd rug I believe. Has also made some pins too. I meet with her at church when our schedules permit. Used to be once a week, but lately hasn't been all that consistent. Well, she made me the cutest wall hanging. I think I've got her hooked on wool lol. It's all wool and she did a wonderful job. I just love it. I have it hanging in the guest bathroom. Love the torn edges, and the branch she used for the hanger. Along with that, she gave me some really nice smelling lotion and shower gel. Thanks Genny

Then I received a package in the mail from my friend Joanne. Was very surprised! Inside the box was another box that was covered in 2 offwhite wool skirts. Those will be great for my dyeing. Inside the other box, which by the way has a hole in the top to add a hooked, punched, or cross stitch piece, there were all these other items. Love that box and can't wait to do something with it! The striped wool is wonderful and I look forward to hooking with it. The tea is something new I tried while we were away at camp. They had some there at class, and it was the first time I tried it. Really like it! The mitten is hanging on a wooden tree that I have in the foyer that I put a twig vine around with lights. It started off with one mitten on there, and then my friend Beth gave me quite a few to add to it one Christmas. It is now full! The lint roller will go in my hooking bag, and the citric acid will be used for my dyeing. I'm so glad she labeled it. You never know what could have happen :). I may, just MAY tell you a funny story about citric acid some day..... The candy is hidden at the bottom of the box so I won't be tempted to eat it. I am planning on holding on to it until my wool room is cleaned up after the holidays, and then it's coming up there with me. Hmm, may just have to eat some before I clean it to give me the energy that will be needed. It's a distaster in there and needs a warning sign on the door before you enter. That's how bad lol! As it is, it has a Stay out sign on the door because I have all the Christmas presents just thrown in there that aren't wrapped yet. Plus, with me doing last minute gifts, it's a mess. Yes, I am a messy, very disorganized, and can't seem to put something away after I use it. A bad habit, very baaaaad habit. I think I need a 12 step program for that lol.

Well, speaking of last minute gifts, I need to get upstairs and stuff one to get it off in the mail today. We are expecting some iffy weather today. I'm supposed to have dye group, we'll see how it goes.

Have a great day!

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Joanne said...

Oh Kathy - do tell us about the Citric Acid - Yes aren't you glad I "labled" it! Hahahaha - I'm still giggling! I know all about "disorganized" - It's hard to find a place to sit in my rug room! Love your wall hanging your friend made - it's adorable! Ooh i'm so glad i sent you the mitten - I had no idea you had a mitten tree - that is too cute!