Saturday, December 6, 2008

A crafty day with wool and paper!

I had the pleasure of watching my friend Joanne teach a class today on how to make wool feather trees. I recieved the directions from her a long time ago, and made not one, but two. One by myself and one with my friend Beth when she came to visit me. Sold one of them at Colonial Day in Sept. The other one I kept for myself. She started out by handing out bags containing all the supplies you needed for the tree. Everyone got to pick their own wool.

She then started to go over the directions with everyone. She really did a wonderful job.

Here they started to mark their wires and bend the tips. Joanne did so well with giving directions, that there were hardly any questions at all. She gave tips and suggestions that were very helpful. Everyone went right to work. Some were really concentrating hard LOL. Linda's in the front and Pat is in the back . I hardly heard 2 peeps from Pat the whole time! The wrapping soon began. Everyone got the hang of it and the branches were soon formed! Here we have sisters, Jill on the left and Beth on the right. They were a lot of fun to talk with. It was nice meeting you both! Hope to run into you again sometime soon.

Nettie behind the tree, was kind enough to help out Pat's mom with her tree. Nettie came along with Joanne today. She also has made one of these before.

There was a break for lunch, (which was provided by Pat and Linda and Pat's daughter in law Cammie (I wasn't sure how to spell your name, sorry. I'll find out how next time I pop in!). Linda's husband Rick stopped in for a bite. The food was very good. You can see who else was waiting for their lunch too. Too cute, I just had to take a picture.
When the class was all finished with their trees, Pat was kind enough to show us how to make a German star. I had just been looking online for directions on how to do this. I'm glad I did, because the video I watched helped me some. So this was a super treat! Also in this picture you can see some of the feather trees that were examples and some that look like feather dusters. This is how they look when you are done making them. You need to wait a good day or so for it to thoroughly dry before opening up the branches. That is Pat's husband Zip sitting across from her. How cool was that, that he came to make a tree and a star?? Pat also was very, very kind, and let me take my feather tree home which had her stars on there for display. Lucky gal I am!! Thank you Pat. It looks wonderful in my home. I had two camera's going today. I'm curious to see which one's will be on Joanne's blog. Hopefully not too many duplicates. I for one had a great time, and by the looks on everyone's faces, I think all the girls will be making another one or two when they get some time at home. It was snowing a little on our way home, and I worried some for Joanne and Nettie on their trip back home. It was about a 2 1/2 hour ride for them. I was praying for them. Hope they drove out of it instead of into it.
Thanks Joanne for the ride there and back. It was a very fun filled afternoon!


Sheri said...

Kathy, what a great day you guys had! I got instructions to make a tree on "Wool Snippets" on MSN but have yet to make one. Maybe this week. It's never too late. I know that next year I'm going to start hooking Christmas stuff earlier-like July!

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new salem hooker said...

Hi Kathy,
Tried to get back to you, but the email address you gave me doesn't work.. Try again ??
Blessings, Brenda

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Hmm, Brenda, try it again. I looked and I see I typed it right. Did you perhaps try it with a .com instead of a .net? Let me know if you still can't get through to me.