Friday, December 12, 2008

Getting there

I'm working steadily now, trying to finish up the "little" things. I did all the wrapping yesterday and now I can see what still is left as far as shopping. Not too bad, just a few little things. But isn't that always the case? There are still those few little things to keep you going.

I've sent out my ornament swap package on Monday. She should be getting it soon. And now I'm just finishing up the Secret Santa package. Wish I could share it with you, but that would ruin the suprise! You never know who reads these blogs, could be her!

We didn't get the bad weather they were calling for. I for one am thankful for that. Didn't know what to expect when I woke up this morning. I am going out to lunch today with a friend I haven't seen in quite a while. I am looking forward to that. I may go out a little earlier and hit a couple stores before hand and see if I can get a "few" of those things still left to do. The one who is always the hardest to buy for is my husband. His birthday also falls on Christmas Eve! Makes it even tougher. And as we get older, there just isn't that much that we want/need. Whatever we want or need (as long as it's reasonable), we just get it throughout the year. I keep asking him for his list. It's sitting there near the sofa, but there is not that much on there. Will have to keep on him. I know he's really been busy with work lately, AND my jeep which is still in our garage. I have faith that he will find the problem. Honestly, I think the man will be able to build a Jeep all by himself after all the research,reading, and working on it that he's been doing. Gotta love all his talents!

Tonight I'll be heading out to church for their Christmas dinner. I was there the other day and got a peek at the gym where it will be held. It is looking so festive. I hear they are expecting close to 200, and will have some entertainment. Sounds like a nice time to get out and have fellowship with friends.

Well, now it's time to get back to some cross stitching. I think I can finish the stitching before I leave and then age it and construct it when I get back this afternoon. Shoot, that's one thing I forgot to do. I need to send my husband the link where to get the linen I want for Christmas. Better do that before I get off here. I just love Stacy Nash's site, and her linen is really nice to work with. I have a couple of her patterns and the new little book she put out. There are some more patterns I'd like to get.....perhaps next year some time.

Here's hoping everyone will be able to finish up those "few" little things this week, so we can have the time to stop and reflect on what the season is all about, and not be working ourselves to the bone up until the last minute. Let's give from the heart and help those who are less fortunate than we are. There is always someone worse off than we are. And it feels so good to give.....

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Jill said...

Kathy, I started my blog..inspired by you! How can i get a blog list on my page like you have? Jill