Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Birthday George!

Today is my husband George's birthday, and I wanted to share some pictures of the day we had. Nicole gave him a very funny card. They have a little joke going between them (at my expense of course), and he got the biggest kick out of it.
He got a few things. Having his birthday the day before Christmas, I always feel I'm shorting him. I don't think he feels that way, but it seems it.
The silliness started when the unwrapping was done. Between him and Nicole, I'm not sure who started it! (Something got on my lens, and didn't realize it)...
And what happens when children start playing and don't know when to stop??? Yep, someone gets hurt. This time both of them got it in the eye LOL. It was time to put the camera away and separate them lol. I hope he had a good morning. The rest of the day was getting ready to go over to his mom's to have dinner and cake. Then we exchanged our Christmas presents there. His mom may or may not come over tomorrow. We'll see how much energy she has. We had a good time there as well. Lots of laughing. We had our dinner, and then it was time for cake. I had forgotten the candles at home, so I searched her house for some. I found this lone one lol!

Of course after the singing, George wanted an encore.......... Not really, but it sure looked that way, huh lol?

Now I wonder what he was wishing for before he blew it out. Sure looks serious. Must have been wishing for something big!! Just look at that face. (oh please, oh please)
George cut the cake, and I guess I'm waiting patiently??? Mmmmm, chocolate. That's what I get for letting Nicole have the camera lol.
Even my mil was saying don't take any pictures of her. But of course she had to get one....
We got to open our gifts and just enjoy spending a little while longer with her. We had a good time, and she enjoyed the books we got her. She really enjoys reading. Craig wasn't able to join us tonight because he had to work. We missed him! He did have his girlfriend Lake here yesterday and I snapped a quick shot of them. Can you tell he's a Vikings fan?
Got home at a reasonable time, and started to boil the water to make the macaroni salad for tomorrow. Well wouldn't you know it? I didn't have any macaroni! It is now after 7:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve. Now what? I was calling all over, and everyone was closed. I was even calling neighbors, and they weren't home. Last resort was to call Kmart. Figured it Walmart was closed they would be too. I lucked out! They were open till 10:00. Ran over and got it and made the salad. Then it was time for the lasagna. Well wouldn't you know it? I didn't have a lasagna pan LOL. I'm telling you this year has been the year to remember. Sooo back to Kmart! Everything is now done and I just have a couple more gifts to wrap and then put everything under the tree. My daughter already informed me that she is waking us up at 5:30. HAH! We'll see.
Ok, off to finish up my night. Wishing everyone a very Blessed Christmas, and may you and yours have a wonderful day!!!

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Joanne said...

Sounds like George had a wonderful birthday - the pics are great! Hope you and your family have a wonderful CHRISTMAS DAY!