Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh the Joy!

I don't think there is more pleasure than embarassing your kids every now and then. My daughter had her boyfriend over one night and I decided to take a few pictures of them. Nicole wanted to do a few things with the pictures anyway. So here are a couple. Cute aren't they?

Then I had some fun. I asked them to turn towards the tree. I guess they thought I was going to take a picture of them with their backs to me, but while they were doing that, I clicked on the computer a song that Brandon had sent her. (was going to post the link, but decided not too) Oh, he even has it on his phone, so it's not something I wasn't supposed to know. It was just a cute thing. Well, this was the reaction I got LOL. Look how red his face is. I just love it! He embarrases real easy. I told Nicole if he wants to hang around here, he is going to get over that real quick! He's sticking around so far lol.
Just had to share them with you. I even put this one as the desk top background on the computer! I got an, "Oh my God" lol. I'm always threatening to sing or dance when they have company. Hey, I have to have some pleasure in getting them back for all the times they've embarassed me, right?? And I haven't brought out any baby pictures....yet!
Well, I have the meatballs cooking now. Will have some for dinner tonight and then reheat for Christmas day for sandwiches. Defnitely a buffet on that day! Tried doing a sit down dinner once a very long time ago, and knew then that they don't work for us. Can't get everyone together at the same time. I can cook the lasagna, and macaroni salad tomorrow and the ham on Christmas day.
I got a lot done yesterday. Even though it was nothing but pure running from one place to another. One of my big problems is just trying to decide. I need to work on that! I will finish the wrapping today "IF" I can find the wrapping paper I bought. I've asked George and Craig today if they had it and they said no. Hmm, next is the daughters room, and if it's not there, then it must be UNDER all the stuff in my wool room lol. OH, it couldn't be there, could it lol?
Soooo looking forward to kicking back from Christmas day and the days to follow. I am going to have some serious down time. Even told my daughter last night on the way home from picking her up that if anyone wakes me the day after Christmas, someone is going to pay. She then said, but I have swimming practice that morning. I wanted to scream, and then she quickly said, Just kidding!! Ok, she got me good lol. See, you need a sense of humor in my family. I'll get her back for sure though.....
Hoping everyone is finishing/finished with their last minute details.....


moosecraft said...

Hi Kathy! That last pic is priceless! It's good to see people smiling and joking around with one another! They do make a very cute couple! Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas Holiday!!!!

Joanne said...

Oh Kathy that is hysterical! His face is so red! LOL

Bobbie said...

Kathy, your daughter is adorable and so is her boyfriend! It's so much fun to embarrass them..his face was really red! Looks like a good time.


Brenis said...

Kathy, what great pics of your daughter and her boyfriend! I love the candid shots where you are able to catch a real piece of life, the best! LOL and you crack me up - sounds like we grew up in the same type of family! LOL You GOTTA have a sense of humor!!! My poor kids roll their eyes most of the time, thinking mom and dad are just the biggest dorks alive :D but they usually join right in! It's the friends that look at us like we've grown 3 heads! But if you can't laugh at life, it's not going to be a very fun ride!!
Hope you and your family have an absolutely WONDERFUL Christmas, Kathy!!May God bless you in abundance in the coming days and new year!
xo Bren