Friday, December 19, 2008

Could not stay away

For as miserable as the weather was today, I just had to try and make it to Joan's for dye group today. Luckily, the temperature was warm enough that it wasn't freezing. We did have a lot of rain though. I fought back and forth with myself whether to go the long way or try to go over the mountain. I had to go to the post office first and mail a package, so I thought to just try the mountain. When I got to the base ready to go up, I told myself, "now you know if go you up, you must come down" lol. Whether I turned around half way or not, I would have to come down some how. Was just praying that it wasn't icy. This is what I ran into though. And yes, I turned off my wipers to get a shot lol. I was the only real idiot on the road anyway.

I just took it at a moderate pace. Got there safe and sound. Only Delores didn't venture out in it, so it was just 4 of us. We had such a fun time. Of course we had to play games. Joan is the best at hosting a party! One of Nancy's favorite games is the word search we do. Ok, I'm lieing. Nancy hates the word search lol. (I like it !). And I won a prize for finishing first. Actually, I think I'm the only one that completed it lol. It was a tough one. I got some wonderful candles. My house is going to smell soooo good this winter. Then Joan gave us another game to play. It was a bunch of questions on a paper. I'm telling you they were tough. I guessed at just about all of them. I think I got 4 out of 15! They were all a little history of Christmas questions. That was fun too.

Joan made some wonderful home made pizza for lunch. I LOVE it. She knows that :). It was great. But it was a surprise. I didn't know we were having it. I brought my yogurt that I grabbed on the way out the door. (I left that for her to eat later lol). There were also sweets to pick on and some vegetables and dip. Everything was delicious. Louise brought us all some home made earth bread and she aslo makes caramel popcorn. Mmmmm.

We didn't do our normal dyeing today. But Joan did have something planned. Told you she's the best! She had 4 pieces of camel wool soaking, and she put 4 different dyes near the pot. We were to make up our own formula. Whether it be just a straight one dye, or a combination, etc. So we all started with the same color and when we were done, we ended up with 4 beautiful pieces of wool. Was very interesting to see what each person chose to do. We also cut our piece into 4 pieces, and gave a piece to each other. So now we have a piece of all of them.

Before we were ready to leave, I asked Joan's husband Bob to take a picture of us. I can't thank him enough for the shots he got. When I got home and looked at them, I howled lol. We are one silly group!!! Ok, the camera wasn't set on flash, so I had to step out of the picture for a minute. Here they are joking around as usual. Nancy on the left, Poor Louise in the middle wondering what the heck have I gotten myself in to, and Joan on the right. Not sure what song they were singing LOL.
Ok, now I step back into the picture...... We get serious for a moment... and then.......
The silliness starts again. Don't you just love the bunny ears I have????

It was a great day, and was spent with great friends. So glad I decided to go and not stay home. Thank you Joan for your hospitality. You are such a giving soul. Bless you! And PLEASE thank Bob for taking these great pictures lol. Love them! You all just crack me up!!


Plumruncreek said...

You are brave, I HATE driving in ice and snow. Looks like you had a wonderful time after you got there!!

Joanne said...

Kathy - I can hear the smile in your words for having a good day with friends! Sounds like Joan is a giving soul with all her fun ideas! Your pics and your wool look great! Glad the roads didn't ice up for you so you could go!

Kaye said...

All of you look like you are having such great fun. Isn't that a wonderful thing, to have such good friends to laugh with and sort of get away from the real everyday even if it is only for awhile. That was worth braving the weather for.