Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Week Of Happiness....

Well, it's day 6 of my birthday week, and what a week it was! I didn't get a chance to post yesterday because it was a very late night. I got home at somewhat a reasonable time, but I had to wait up for my daughter who was at an away football game. I was watching tv trying to stay awake. She didn't get home until close to midnight. So it was a little after that, that I was finally able to go to sleep. I had to be up at 6:00 this morning to get ready for another fun day, which I'll get to in a minute.
Yesterday morning I went to a Salvation Army fabric fair out in Carlisle. I got there when the doors were opening. It soon filled up quickly. I didn't get a whole lot, but what I did get, were really good deals. This was one of them. It's a sit upon for cross stitching. Cost me $1.00! Definitely a steal. The other items were some tapestry needles in different sizes, and some cross stitch leaflets. Very inexpensive morning!
From there I went to the mall, and did get the boots I had tried on the other day. Wore them last night when I went out with the girls. Also found a sweater and a sweater jacket type thing. Made it home in time to have a little lunch and then I had to pick up Nicole from school. I had to have her back at school for the away game by 4:30. Had enough time after that to take my shower and get ready for dinner.

We went to Gettysburg which was hopping for a Friday night. The weather was soooo nice, that everyone was out on the town, up and down the streets. We believe they were having ghost tours. Something they do out there. Our first stop was the Gettysburg Outlets. Lucy decided to try on a pair of sunglasses with Elvis sideburns, so I snapped a picture of her. I think you'll have to enlarge it to see her sideburns. We had fun. This was at Christmas Tree Hill. I really like that store. I even bought myself something at the outlets to "represent" my week!

Isn't that hysterical??? I thought so! They are tissues. So from there, we went to O'Rorke's, a favorite place of ours. They had some live music there which was really really good. We absolutely, positively had to start our evening off with our favorite appetizer. Fried Pickles! Joanne said she never heard of them, so of course I HAD to take a picture of them for you lol. Dinner was great. The food, the company, the atmosphere, everything. Couldn't have asked for a better evening. Thank you Donna and Lucy. And I'm sorry Rachel couldn't join us. Her daughter wasn't feeling well and she needed to be there.

So today was day 6 and the ending of a long week. I went to the Apple Harvest with my friend Vicki in Arentdsville. I think that's how you spell it. Lots of crafts and food. We were lucky enough to be able to park my car at my friend Joan's house and she gave us a ride on the back of her golf cart over to where they shuttle you to the area. That was fun. I called her when it was over too, and she picked us up and brought us back to my car. What a friend!! Thank you Joan! And to "prove" I was there, here is a picture of Vicki sticking her head in the scarecrow lol.

And here I am, standing with Mr. Apple himself! Vicki and I had a fun time! I got a few things for gifts, and she bought a few things too. The weather was cool in the morning, but it sure warmed up in the afternoon. And the crowds poured in! I think we left a good time. By the time we got back to where Joan was going to pick us up, the line to get on the bus was really really long. I don't think I would have had the patience to stand there that long. Especially since it was getting warmer. Thanks Vicki for a great day. Hope you enjoyed yourself too!
After I got home, I putzed around a little. I was exhausted. I really could have taken a nap, but chose not too. I'll sleep good tonight. I started to hook some more. I'm still working on the commission piece. I haven't touched the pomegranate one in a few days. Will most defnitely work on that tomorrow, so I can post another picture of it soon.

For as long as this week was, I wouldn't trade a day of it in for anything. I tried to make every day as special as it could be. I am always thankful for every day that God gives me. I know we should feel that way about every day, but this week made me realize it even more. Doesn't have to be your birthday, or any other special occassion. I can fit "fun time" in to every day. Even if it's the silliest thing as putting on a pair of Elvis glasses LOL.
I do thank my family and my friends for putting up with my silliness ALL week. But if I can't laugh at myself, then how much fun is that?? I certainly did not think that getting a camera would bring out this side of me. I don't think my husband realized it either lol. Thank you George!!

Thank you to all who posted comments too! It was fun reading them, and I have to learn to respond to them as well. I hope this week full of fun has inspired you to have a week of fun on your next birthday. I think by some of the posts, some of you plan on doing it lol. That's GREAT!! My husband has already been informed/warned that when I turn 50 in 3 years, I plan on taking the whole month!!

Sooooooo, the celebration of my birthday is over for now, but my celebration for life is never ending.... Thanks for allowing me to share my week with you. Now I'll get back to the rug hooking blog that I started. But from time to time, I will share my family and friends with you. They are very important to me.....


katie said...

Well, happy birthday, looks like you had a great week. Fried pickles ? never tried them, but have had fried green beans. I enjoyed your blog.

a fellow hooker
katie Paxton

primitivebettys said...

WOW! It really looks like you had the most fabulous birthday week EVER!

Someone as kind as you deserves it!

Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Wow Kathy - thanks for the pickle picture! Just never heard of fried pickles (nor Katie's commment fried green beans!) but i suppose anything can be fried! Sounds like you had a totally wonderful week - and as they say "it's what you make it" and you certainlly made it special for yourself and all of us reding about - I know i thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to your next adventure! Can't wait to see what's next! joanne

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

So glad you had a great time, I've tried the fried pickles and didn't care for them but my niece loves them:)Must be a PA thing:) I've never tried fried green beans though.
Glad you got your boots too!