Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day 4...A Quiet Day

The weather today was so gorgeous. A true Indian Summer type of day. I had plans of going to the mall again, but I am saving that for tomorrow. I decided to wash my Jeep since it really, really needed it. Then I took the time to vacuum it out and wash the windows. On the Jeep, not my house. That is another day lol. It was just a great time to spend outside. I had to pick my daughter up from school, so the day was kind of chopped in half. So I just went with the flow. On the way to pick her up, I wish I would have had my camera with me. There is a line of trees near the road where her school is and the leaves have changed. It looks sooo awesome! I'm happy it was a day where I wasn't in a rush. Any other day, and I probably would have not even noticed. Amazing when we take just a "little" bit of time, how our eyes can capture the beauty that God has given us.
I got some hooking done tonight too, but no pictures yet. Will have some by the weekend.
Tomorrow will be a more fun day. Not that washing the Jeep wasn't fun. I made it fun, by just enjoying it. I am going to a Salvation Army fabric sale tomorrow morning. Hoping to find some great deals. You never know what you'll find at a place like that. From there I will go to the mall. That's the plan anyway. And tomorrow night, I'm going out to dinner with a few girlfriends out in Gettysburg, and we'll go to the outlets there too.
Not a whole lot to report tonight, but I'm smiling!! Had more Birthday cake too!
I hope some of you got to spend some time outside today. Even if it was for just a few minutes. Hope it wasn't too hot or cold in some parts of the country. Till tomorrow.....


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Glad you are having such a good time:) Just taking pleasure in everyday things is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

YooHoo - Miss Kathy - where's the update on Day 5 and Day 6 - are you passed out on cake somewhere? Too much partying - i know how it is at your age! hahahaha!