Monday, October 20, 2008

Finished and what's next

Wow, it sure is a cool morning today. Soooo thankful that my dear hubby fixed the heater in my Jeep on Saturday. Just in time, since the temperature dropped so quickly. He sure is blessed with a lot of gifts. Saved us a bundle. He even put a new digital thermostat in the hallway. Our old one was hard to read. We both needed to put on our glasses to read where the line was lol. Thank you George for everything!

I hooked the entire weekend to finish the commissioned piece I was doing. I finished it up last night and am sewing on the label and sleeve today. Called her last night and I will take it to her tonight since I will be out that way anyway. Doing what you ask?? Why celebrating more of my birthday LOL. Yep, I'm meeting my friend Beth for dinner and then we are going to go hooking with the girls out in East Berlin. I'm amazed how long I've been able to hold on to it and celebrate it with friends. It truly has been a blast. This weekend was also the Halloween parade in town. Got to take a quick pic of my daughter and her saxaphone lol.
So hard to believe that October is almost over. Now that this piece is done, I can get back to my pomegranate rug. I know now that I will not finish it by the end of the month, but that's ok. I am going to the Brandywine hook-in this weekend and I'm hoping to get some of it done in between shopping with the vendors of course! Last year I was there all day and hardly pulled any loops. It's very hard to when you are soooo curious to see what others are working on and talking and shopping and......All you hookers know what I mean.
After this weekend, I need to start figuring out some kind of a color plan for the rug I will be doing at camp in November. My teacher will be Cynthia Norwood. I hear she is very good. Can't wait! I'll be busy hooking for a while. Will want to take a break though in between some of these and do some cross stitch or punchneedle so I don't get burned out.
Wishing everyone a wonderful day!!


Plumruncreek said...
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Plumruncreek said...

Love your rug!! And LOVE your daughter's make-up!!

Anonymous said...

The rug came out really nice, love the colors in the rug!

Your daughters custom is very cool.

Anonymous said...

Sorry it late and it should say "your daughters costume is very cool".

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Love the rug!
Your daughter looks so cool:)