Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day 3 and half way there....

Day 3 of my Birthday week already? It's going by fast. Even though the days aren't, the week sure is. I had another GREAT day, and it's not over yet. I will do some hooking this evening after dinner to finish it off.

I did my errands of the bank this morning along with paying the water bill. Then I headed out to Chambersburg to check out the new Rughooking Shop that just opened up not too long ago. I heard about it last Monday at our rug hooking group. I couldn't wait to see it. And figured I'd wait until this week so I'd have time to enjoy it more.

Well what can I say. It was wonderful. Linda and Pat have their store on the second floor of the building that they work in, which is Great War Militaria. I'm telling ya, I got a whole History lesson while I was there talking with Linda. They sew World War 1 uniforms for reenactments and are in museums and such all over the world. It was all so facinating, and the building was so cool. It was more interesting when Linda talked about it. I know I'm not doing it justice. The rughooking store is run by Linda Keller and Pat Wenger. They let me take a picture of them while I was there.
I told them I HAD to put it on my blog for my birthday week adventures. Pat is on the left and Linda is on the right. The name of their shop is Grant Street Wool Works and Antiques. They specialize in Rug Hooking and have a wide variety of needle arts including Bead Knitted Purses, Quilting, and Brazillian Embroidery. I'm writing this from the flyer I got from them. In case anyone is in the Chambersburg, Pa area and would like to stop by, the address is 240 Grant Street, Chambersburg, and they are open Mon-Thursday from 10-4, and they are looking to have an evening Hook-in on the Second Thursday of the month from 6-8. I think talking with them, this is subject to change too lol. Right Pat, Linda lol? They sell wools from Dorr, Woolrich, Rebecca Erb, hand dyed, overdyed, recycled and more...again reading from the flyer. They also have foundations, hoops, Cushing dyes, and hooks and are getting some patterns in. Im telling ya, I am SO thrilled that they have opened this place up. I for one will be sitting in on some of those Thursday night hook-ins! Thank you Ladies for a great time. Hope I didn't forget anything. I'll be back.... Here are just two more pic's of their shop. I love that piece of furniture. The lighting is great in there too, and lots of space. I believe they will be giving some beginner lessons also! I wish them much success!!

I left their place and headed over to the mall to exchange a top for a different size. Also found a pair of shoes/boots, but couldn't make up my mind, so I may have to go back tomorrow. Decided to keep the purse I bought. It is a little big, but I like the style. I made it back home to grab a quick bite for lunch and then went and got pampered. I had my hair done. it's been a while. I just love the feeling of it done. I'm good now until close to Thanksgiving. Now I'm just waiting on dear hubby so I can make dinner. I have the chicken marinating now. I think I'm going to have to sing Happy Birthday to me "again" when I cut the cake that Donna gave me the other night. I'm dieing to try it lol. And it's mid-week, so why not??? Not quite sure what I have planned for tomorrow, but I'll think of something!!! Go back to the mall? Hook some more? I've got the whole day to figure it out......


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

You sound so happy! I'm defintely going to do this in April!
Glad you found a store that has everything for you:)

moosecraft said...

I gotta tell you Kathy... your happiness reaches through the computer!!!! It's a lot of fun reading about your birthday week! And YES... you KNOW I'll be following your example for my birthday next year! This just sounds like too much fun! :-)