Monday, October 6, 2008

My BIG Day

I've been counting down the days, and it's finally here! I have had the BEST Birthday today. I don't even know where to start. I woke up to my husband saying Happy Birthday to me, and I said "It is, isn't it"? I made it another year. Aaaahhhh! What a feeling. I know some people just think it's another year older, but it really is a time to celebrate. I celebrate Christ's Birthday with Joy, why not mine? They can be as much fun as you make them. And boy did I make mine fun today. Ask my family, they think I'm nuts! I had all kinds of thoughts on what to do today. Had planned on going out shopping, but SINCE I'm spreading it out all week, I'm saving that for tomorrow. I have a coupon at Kohl's and a free coupon at Cold Stone Creamery which is right by there. Mmm, can't wait. Like I really need it after tonights dessert lol.

This morning I had to take my daughter to school for early band practice. Got home and she called me saying she forgot her instrument lol. Only my daughter does things like that right??? Went back to the school to give it to her and on my door step at 7:20 this morning was a package. I didn't even hear a truck. It was a gift from my good friend Joanne. What a lovely surprise so early in the morning. I have to share with you what I got. How wonderul is that??? Thanks again Joanne! I then decided to hook for a bit, and I got more done on my UFO challenge rug. I am really enjoying this rug. I will tweak a few things here and there as I go, but here it is with a little more done. I put it away for a while to work on the commissioned piece from Colonial Day. I didn't get a shot of that yet. Then there was a knock on the door. It was the mail lady. I got 2 more packages! One was from my swap partner on PRHG which ended up being Mimi. We had a Great Pumpkin Swap, anything that had to do with Fall. I love the swaps. This is what I got from Mimi. Thank you again Mimi, and to your son too for helping you put together such a great package! The other package was my pattern that I ordered for Camp next month. I am taking a class with Cynthia Norwood. I am so psyched. I didn't get a shot of that either, but will take it when I start the class. It is a gorgeous pattern.
So have I been spoiled enough?? I would say so. But wait! There's more! Feels like an infomercial here lol.
The meatball sandwiches were to die for tonight. And if you look real close in some of the upcoming pictures, I'm sure you'll see stains on my face from them lol. We waited for my son to get home to have the cake. And oh MY, what a cake. Double chocolate/ALL chocolate ice cream cake from Friendly's. Did I ever mention that I kind of like chocolate lol?
There was a lot of laughing going on about now. I hate to have my picture taken, but I wanted everyone in the picture with me. I have this blog now and I need pictures for it. So if "I" had to be in it, then "everyone else" had to be in it lol. I then made everyone sit on my lap and join in on the fun.

Of course Nicole had to show off my Birthday Girl ribbon that my husband gave me last year. I will wear it year after year. I don't think he realized that I would wear it ALL day! Last year I wore it out to the stores. I had some people look and wish me a Happy Birthday!

After all the joking around, I was able to snap a shot of my kids. Something that very seldom happens. And the gifts that they gave me. I love candles and Nicole got me some Yankee candles, and Craig got me a gift certficate to AppleBee's. A favorite of mine


Then it was time for hugs! My favorite part. I know, I know, it's a long post, but what a day I had!!

The night ended with my dear friend Donna coming over. I have a lot of dear friends! They are all very special to me. We were able to chat for a bit. I forgot to take a picture of Toby her dog that follows her around, darn. Donna and I are going out Friday night to celebrate some MORE along with Lucy, and Rachel might meet us there! Can't wait Donna!! And thank you for my lovely gifts.... It was way too much. That is a peanut butter cake in the center. Didn't get a snap of the milky ways she got too. She always does this to me. I will hate her for a week, and then I'll love her again. Last year it was a HUGE bag of m&m's. Don't worry Donna, your birthday is in a couple weeks LOL.
Sooooo, did I tell you I was spoiled today or WHAT? And to think the rest of the week is mine! One day at a time, but I plan to enjoy them to the fullest. The next posts won't be so lengthy, as today really WAS the Best Birthday a Girl could ever ask for. I will surely need the treadmill after all of this!
And the biggest thanks go to my wonderful hubby for getting me this camera as an early Birthday gift! I just love this camera George.
I hope this inspires others to enjoy their birthday more, and not think of it just as another day...
Embrace it!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I'm so happy that you had a wonderful birthday...your kids are so cute BTW! Great gifts from the mailman.

I plan on taking your advice in April to enjoy my birthday all week long:)

Anonymous said...


I don't have a ribbon my hubby tells everyone!

My birthday was this past Friday and my hubby took the day off and we went antiquing and everyone we met he told them it was my birthday! LOL

It's great to read that you had a great day too!

Brenis said...

Yay Kathy!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I too believe birthdays should be celebrated to the fullest! :D It's the one day of the year that is just yours! Kind of silly, but it's soo fun to just embrace that day with happiness! The fall swap couldn't have come at a better time - and Joanne's gift was gorgeous! LOL and i love the pics of everyone sitting on your lap!! Tooo fun!! :D And like Paula, my hubby tells everyone he makes eye contact with!! It's actually pretty embarrassing!! LOL
You are going to have a GREAT time in Cynthia's class!! She's a great TEACHER!!!! She explains WHY things work- which is huge in my book!! And last but definitely not least... your pomegranite rug looks AMAZING!!!!!!! I just love it! I love the pinks and browns together - it's definitely a keeper! LOL!! Happy happy day/week to you girl!! hugs, bren

nyafarmgirl said...

What a wonderful birthday! It's always a grand time when we have family to share it with. I miss my kiddo's setting on my lap! Wishing you lots more treasured moments the rest of the week!