Saturday, October 4, 2008

Celebrating 90 years!!

Today we celebrated my Mil's 90th birthday with her. How exciting is that?? I think it's a huge milestone, but if you ask her, she'll say it's nothing lol. Her mom lived to be 101 and I asked her today if she thinks she'll pass her. She hesitated and said nah. By the expression on her face, I then asked her if she "wanted" to pass her. She immediately said no lol. You had to be there to see her expression. It was priceless. We all laughed. Harriet is a very healthy woman. Other than an iron pill, and an actonel for her bones, she only takes a few vitamins.
I did snap a few shots while we were there. We always take dinner over to her for her birthday and today we got pizza. It usually is fast food since she doesn't want the fuss. I asked what kind of cake she wanted too and she said coffee cake, so I made one for her.
When we got there, her youngest sister Helen was there with her husband Ken and their daughter Kathy. Here is a picture of them.

We all sang Happy Birthday to her. What cracks me up is when you sing Happy Birthday, and there are different people in the room who are related to you differently, when you get to the part of Happy Birthday Dear .......... everyone hesitates LOL. Is it Harriet for sister, Mom for my husband, Aunt for the niece, Grandmom for my daughter? Anyway, it's too funny. Again, you had to be there. Here's a couple shots of the cake and her blowing out the candles.

It was a really nice time, and I think she enjoyed herself. Her sister and her family left not too long after cake. They live in Kentucky and wanted to get on the road. I'm glad they were able to be there to celebrate her birthday.

She got to open up the few presents we got her. What do you get a 90 year old? All she asked for was a book, and then of course she likes the things I make. So I put in there a punch needle box I did, a hooked pumpkin pin, and an eyeglass case holder that she kept hinting at lol.

It was a really busy day for my daughter too. Last night she had a football game to play in with the band, and right afterwards she went to a lock in at a friends church. She was up ALL night and did not get any sleep. She was dropped off at 6:00a.m. this morning and was able to lay down till 8:00 because she had to be at the University today to play again with the band at their football game. I picked her up from there early when it was time to go over to Grandmom's. This is what she looked like after the cake.....

I only let her sleep for about 45 minutes and then we had to leave because she needed to get ready for the homecoming dance tonight. And not to forget about my dear hubby, I can see where she gets it from.......
Before we left I was able to get a few shots of each of us with my mil.

My son Craig was not able to make it there to be with us for her birthday, he had to work all day. But he did send her a beautiful vase of flowers. She talked about it a LOT and was just thrilled that he remembered and did that for her. The flowers sure were pretty!!

We left there at 6:00 and Nicole's homecoming dance was at 7:30. I had time to curl her hair for her and then her two friends came down so I could get a picture of them all before they took off.

Don't they look great? I'm sure they'll have a fun time. Nicole is in the middle, Michelle on the left and Amber on the right. I think Nicole was looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, but we have Sunday School and church lol. I believe she has a friend coming over in the afternoon and is then going to his youth group tomorrow night. Not sure WHEN she'll catch up on any sleep. You think this might teach her not to plan SO much at one time? Nah............But mom's setting some ground rules after this one!

It was fun for me to share my mil's 90th Birthday with you all! I have been Blessed with the best mother in law anyone could ever ask for. She's not only been like a mom to me since my own mother passed away in 1992, but she is a very, very dear friend. I wouldn't trade her in for anything.

Happy 90th Birthday Mom!!! May you have many more healthy years with us.


Anonymous said...

Wow Kathy - thanks for sharing all that - I almost fell like i was there - I can't get over how YOUNG your MIL looks - she looks wonderful for her age - it brought back so many memories of my Nana - she was almost 94 when we lost her and she could pass for her 60's like your MIL! Your MIL's comments about living past 101 reminded me to of my grandmother - she would say the same thing! What a great day - besides Nicole needing sleep - i think you need a day of relaxation!


Jake said...

First off... Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Harriet looks fantastic and so do the rest of you. I'm so glad you shared your blog with me. Enjoy your day and many many more.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I love that she wanted pizza, coffe cake and the eyeglass case, just shows that even at that age we still have our wants, I think she is so cute and you are so blessed to have her.

You also have a beautiful daughter who is enjoying her young years, I'm sure she will be in bed early tonight.

Brenis said...

Wow, your MIL is doing wonderful for being 90! Only taking vitamins and iron?!? lol That's how i wanna be when i grow up! :D
Nicole must be running on empty just about now! But she'll catch up eventually, they always do at that age - and it sounds like she's having a blast!
Hope you had a great birthday girl!
xo bren