Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thursday Hooking ~~

Whew, these last few days have been a blurr for me.  The Hook in was a blast as usual.  And then that evening when I got home which was very late, I had the update to do on PrimitiveHandmadesMercantile Make sure to check it out if you haven't.  Everyone has done a Super job with making their items for this month.. You don't want to miss it!!! 

Each week at the hook in, there seems to be more new people stopping in.  They hear about the shop and want to check it out. Recently, a lot of quilters have been stopping by to gather up some wool for an applique piece they are doing in a class.  Love seeing the colors they choose. Then there are others who haven't been there in a while and need a fix and want to get back into finishing their piece.  Always nice when you see them come back.  I didn't think I took many pictures this week, but I guess I got the majority of it all.
Nancee almost finished with her Bantam Rooster. Love it!

She was busy trying to finish it up.  Didn't quite get there, but it will be done by this weekend for sure ;).

Margo was working on her Fraktur piece. She seems to be enjoying it!

Nancy is teaching a class next week in Virginia and had come to the shop to get some wool to take with her and sell for Linda. Soo nice!

Joan took time out to help a new hooker Sue in picking some colors. Thanks Joan!

Nancy Whitney was busy learning how to whip her rug she finished. I can tell she was happy that it was almost done.

Deb is just moving along with picking project after project.  Her and Nancee were in earlier in the week to transfer this pattern and pick out wools for her to get started.  She is doing great with learning each step along the way. Good going Deb!

Diane's rug is just coming to life each week.  We all love seeing the progress on this one.  Such a Super job!!! 

Amy and her Mom Marilyn haven't been to the shop for a while. Amy wasn't feeling well. (glad it wasn't us that scared her away lol).  But we are sure praying for her and hoping that all goes well with some tests that she had done.  Here is her sheep that she is working on for her first piece.  Looks wonderful!!!! 

Marilyn had picked out a new rug to work on which was Diane's Cat.  We helped her pick out some wools and she was able to cut some to take home and get started.  You can see it on the left.  And Joan on the bottom right is working another BIG rug. She is doing it in a #9.  You can see it sprawled out on the table to hold it up.

Joanne was busy doing "what else"???  Why whipping of course LOL.  She was trying to choose which color to whip this little bird.  Which by the way is over on the selling blog, so take a look if you are interested :)!!!

After she was done whipping, she brought in her antique rug to work on.  That is what I took to work on as well.  I just did a lot of outlining.  When she walked in and showed it to me, I just fell in love with hers. And I thought hers was quite large too.  Hmmm, Not after we laid them down on the floor!  Oh my goodness, I didn't realize mine was soooooooooooooo BIG LOL.   I'm loving hers though, and can't wait to work on mine some more and filling in some of the elements and working on some background.

I spent the majority of the day yesterday organizing the projects that I have going on right now.  I really should have taken a picture of my living room and the floor you could not see.  I finally got the wool together that went with each project.  I took quite a bit of stuff up to the wool room too.  When my husband came home I said I got a lot done in there. He stood there and looked.  I could tell by his face that it didn't look much different to him lol.  I still have a mess in there, but today I will fix all that by rolling up each project and putting them aside out of the way so that they are ready for me to work on when I feel like it. 

As I took the wool upstairs to the wool room, I stopped in the hall way and just stared in the room and said "now where am I going to put this"?  So I dropped it in the hall way and went in and started cleaning that room.  Isn't that how it always happens? You take one thing to put it away, and then have to clean something else to do it?  A viscious cycle I tell ya!   I just turned on a cd and away I went.  What also helped me was the dark chocolate m&m's that Nancee had given me at the hook in on Thursday.  Thanks Nancee :) !!  I needed the extra boost!  The chocolates that my husband had given me were gone before I even headed up there, so I was really good to go LOL.   By dinner time, I had just about the whole room done.  I have a floor now, I found my table, even found my lap top and opened it up to update it. Hasn't been done in a long time.  I vacuumed and even brought in the stuff that was still out in the hallway and put all that away.  I still have my sewing machine table to clear off.  But I'm getting there.   I'm sure it will be a mess again before I can blink, but at least for now, I can breathe and feel better about it!  The one thing I must work on is getting better lighting in there.  I know I'm getting older, but my eyes are just not functioning in that room at all.  I have a tall halogen lamp in the basement that I will bring up today and try out.  It might just be enough to bounce off the ceiling and down.  Don't know yet.  The 60 watt bulb in the ceiling fan is just not enough. I have 2 table top ott lights in there too, but that only helps where it is pointing.  Not enough for the whole room. I really need some good task lighting. Might look into a light adapter for the fan that has positional lights if all else fails.

So now it's time for another cup of coffee and then I will get dressed and get started again. (I still have some m&m's left!)  Hoping by tonight I will be sitting and hooking!

Enjoy your weekend everyone.......


weaverpat said...

Oh, Kathy, it makes my tired just reading about all your activities! You are like the Energizer Bunny!
Thanks for posting all the pictures of the hook-ins. Even If I don't get there, at least I can see what's happening.

moosecraft said...

Another great day at Grant Street! The Bantam Rooster is very handsome! Love the way the flying rabbit is coming to life with each loop pulled! Going to be a masterpiece for sure! The antique rugs that you and Joanne are hooking are looking fabulous!!! You both have great color sense! I think the "funnest" room to clean is the crafting room! You get to see and feel all the supplies you have! So much more interesting that holding a brush over a toilet bowl! lol! :-) Glad that you are organized and ready to sit and hook!

Julia said...

All the rugs looks wonderful and I love Joanne little bird mat. So many beautiful rugs in progress.
You always keep so busy and get so much done.
Thanks for posting all the photos. Although I've never been to Grant Street, I feel like one of the girls through your photos and my blogger friends who have been at Grant Street.

Have a wonderful weekend. JB

The Cinnamon Stick said...

Your "Hook-in" updates are always so much fun to see !!! AND, I have M & M's so when you are finished there please, pretty please, come here and help me!!!! XO

TeresaM said...

Lots of lovely rugs there!!! Joanne's rug is so cute! I've been trying to regroup my work space too but not getting to far! I feel like I'm just moving things around and it not getting any where!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Such wonderful rugs all the gals are working on. I would need M&M's if I was trying to accomplish all you have done. My crafting room looks pretty crazy right now. The cleaning sure doesn't last long!

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

Love all the rugs!