Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 2 of Fraktur Class with Susan Feller

Day 2 was just as full as day 1 with Susan.  Lots of one on one, and color planning.

Even Linda was able to sit and eat today :)


Everyone was hooking..

Jackie was unable to make it yesterday due to work issues. So Susan spent time with her in discussing the Fraktur and helping her with her design.

Susan also took time today to do the writing on the paper patterns of some individuals so they can transfer it to their foundation. Here she is doing Beth's.

Beth is putting her last name on it.

And here she is working on mine. I wanted a Proverb on mine, along with an "H" in the corner for my last name. I'm thinking I might be changing something, just not sure. Might leave it alone.  I also have a house on the pattern along with an eagle above it. The house is hooked except for the roof.  I have a red door, and the roof is supposed to be red, but I'm just not feeling it lol.  Might change that tomorrow. I'll see what tomorrow brings.

Deb Smith stopped by to show Susan the rug she had done. It is one of Susan's designs.  Absolutely beautiful in person!

Tomorrow I will do my best to get pictures of the progress that everyone is making.  I'm sure it will be another full day! I'm just hoping the weather cooperates. There is supposed to be some snow tonight.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


Joanne said...

That's a whole lot of concentration going on there at Grant Street - Wow - everything is looking great! Have a great last day and it will be great to see the progress photos

Carmen Sutton said...

Boy what a treat that class must have been. Can't wait to see pictures of everyones progress.

s said...

Great pics really love the Smith rug!