Saturday, February 11, 2012

Last day of Fraktur Class with Susan Feller

The last day of class started right off with more color planning, and everyone hooking.

With a little time out to take a look at the BIG GUN!  Quite a few people had seen it down stairs, so Rick came up with it and was telling us what it was. Sorry for forgetting :(.  But just look at the size of it!

That Louis has to get in the picture every time lol.  Amazing how heavy the gun was.

With missing the first day of class, Jackie came yesterday, drew out her pattern and here it is, with a wonderful story behind it.

And on to hooking she goes!

I did not want to keep interrupting people while they hooked to take a picture, so I wanted to wait until they were ready to leave. Well that didn't work out too well either. Jill had already taken hers to the car! So didn't get one of hers.
Here is Nancy..

And Brenda


And the other Patty   (Patty's daughter Beth did not make it today because she was not feeling very well. Sure hope you feel better soon Beth, and please send a picture when you hook your piece so we can see it!)

Margo's piece

Genny's piece (somehow missed her sister Kathy leaving, so didn't get hers)  Also missed Sherri's rug... :(, and Diane did not make it today either, but I'm sure I'll see their rugs again.

Nancee's rug

Tanya's rug

And finally, yes, I really did take the class.  Here is mine. I had to get my lettering on this morning, and we changed the side a little. I look forward to getting to hooking more of this soon. But I have some other things that need to get done this week.

Before heading home, Tanya brought in her rugs and had them surged. They are ready for whipping. She's finally getting to them. So close to being done!

What a great 3 days it has been. I truly enjoyed the class, learning about the Fraktur and watching everyone create their own piece. Big Thanks to Susan for her teaching and for Linda for having the class at Grant Street Woolworks.  Hopefully one day I'll be sharing some finished rugs from this class! If you ever get a chance to take the class, I would recommend it.

I'm really confused with the days right now. Hard to believe tomorrow is Sunday. It is Super, Super Cold out there tonight. Had some snow flurries on the way home, but it wasn't anything major. I hope it stays that way. 
Will be working on a few things for the PrimitiveHandmadesMercantile update for next Friday. Hard to believe that 3 weeks is almost here!  Hope you stop by and check what we all have been making. You won't want to miss it! 


Robin said...

Kathy...Thank you for showing all of the beautiful rugs !! such talent !! But...I think I love yours the most...I love that Proverb and it is a good one to remember and live by always !!

weaverpat said...

Oh, Kathy, that looks like it was a really nice class!
All the rugs are turning out beautifully. Can't wait to see them finished. Susan seems to have done a great job teaching because everyone's rug really looks professionally designed.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
What a great class! There are going to be some magnificent rugs hooked. Thanks for letting us be a little part of the class.
Stay warm. The winds still a howlin' on Ohio's north coast.
Hugs :)

WoolenSails said...

What a wonderful class and so many beautiful rugs. I can't wait to see how you finish yours, love the design you choose.


moosecraft said...

Wow! I can only imagine with the kickback from that gun when it's fired! Beautiful piece though! Thanks so much for sharing the fraktur class with us! Everyone designed such wonderful patterns to be hooked!

Joanne said...

Star reporting Kathy - you made us all feel a little like we were there! Your rug is going to look great - and i do like the red roof! Everyone is doing a spectacular job! I'm sure Nancee's will be done next time I come out!

Julia said...

Thanks again kathy, you are such a faithful reporter for Grant Street. My, those rugs designs are beautiful and so big.

Looking forward to seeing your rug completed and perhaps some of the others too. It's a good choice.

It looks like it was a fun class. Thanks again. JB

new salem hooker said...

You're right Kathy, it was a fabulous workshop, and Susan was a really great instructor. She gave everyone her undivided attention, and taught us alot and also took me out of my comfort zone as far as designing goes. Linda was such a gracious hostess and a good time was had by all............... Blessings, Brenda