Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Valentine's Day, and Reminder for tomorrow's Update...

Hello everyone!  I hope you had a Wonderful week and Valentine's Day.  It was a very enjoyable day for me and my husband George.  We have always left our cards or gifts to each other on the counter or table for the next morning. I still wait for him to go to bed so I can put it out.  Silly, huh?  It's not like it's a surprise, but I guess I like to treat it that way. 

We both had a good chuckle this year with our cards to each other.  Same topic, same silliness. You know you've been together long when you start thinking alike and finishing each others sentences.. Or just know what the other is going to say before they even say it!  George also left me a lb of Dark Chocolates that are just amazing. They will be gone soon and I'll be happy and sad lol.  Rather than going out to dinner and waiting in line, I decided to make a nice dinner for the two of us. And boy was it ever good.  Even had leftovers last night.  Plus it was quiet, and we could hear each other when speaking.  A Great day, and I just want to say Thank you George for everything! Love ya.....  (yes he does read my blog at times)

Tomorrow is the Update for the PrimitiveHandmadesMercantile.  I'm so excited to see what everyone has been making.  I will have a couple hooked items for sale.  I hope you stop by to take a look at everyone's pieces.  Thank you in advance for taking a look!

I'm headed out shortly to go to the hook in at Grant Street Woolworks.  I have nothing together yet. Running behind this morning.  I was up till almost 1:00 a.m. doing some last minute bills, etc.  AND of course the dark chocolate didn't have anything to do with me not being able to sleep.... noooooo. of course not lol.

Enjoy your Thursday everyone. I hope you are having decent weather.  I am not complaining at all that the Winter has been mild.  Come on Spring!!!


moosecraft said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and George! This is my kind of winter... but I sure am dreaming about Spring too!!! I need flowers and green grass and sunshine to function at 100% lol! Have fun at Grant Street! Pull a few loops for me, OK? :-)

Julia said...

Thanks for sharing your Valentine celebrations with us. It's always so nice seeing married couples still making an effort to do something special for each other. I've checked your mercantile store and the artist who are involved. It looks exciting.
Have a great rest of the week. JB

Orange Sink said...

That's the perfect kind of Valentines Day! Together and relaxed!!
I'm excited for the update and a bit nervous!! Can't wait to see your hooked pieces!!
Have fun today..... I know that is an understatement for Grant Street!!
Cathy G

Rugs and Pugs said...

Happy Valentine's Day just a bit late :-p
I'm looking forward to the update!
Hugs :)