Friday, April 29, 2011

Keeping up the pace

Trying to keep up the pace with posting. I have another busy weekend ahead of me. And I need to get started shortly.   Yesterday was the hook in at Grant Street. A pretty quiet day. I think the weather is keeping some away, some are busy with their youngsters sports games, and some were sick... (sorry Joanne, feel better sooooon!!)

Marion did come out in the morning and was working on a gift. I really like how it is turning out.

Of course there were some issues of getting their picture taken lol.

I just waited :)

Pat also came out to join us.  Great catching up with both these girls.  Love how Pat is  using all her worms up for this rug she has designed.  Such a neat hooker!!

How Pat carries around her noodles. Sooo organized :)

Nancee finished her hooking!  Love that border. She just needs to sew the binding down on the back. Great job! She is headed out for the weekend, but I'm sure will have her next one transferred and started next week!

Barb was working on a quilt.  Another one I had to wait to get a picture of.

So colorful!!

Linda was working on the rug she calls her "dusty" rug.  It's soo pretty. Love the colors she is using.

Sherri came in the evening and was working on the border for her cats.  I'm in love with this background red. I'm thinking a red background for a future rug of mine ? :).

I was playing around with my wools for my rug. Seeing if there was anything I didn't like.  I'm thinking it will all work, but I am not afraid of ripping lol.  And speaking of Pat being so organized with her strips.  I am not organized when I hook.  Whether it be here or at home.  I am a mess. Linda was talking about that too. I take up so much room, snippets all over the place, etc.  I see some with their worms all tidy and they pull one at a time without making a mess.  Might work on that.  "Might" I said  :).   Perhaps my creativity comes from my messiness!

I really did get some hooking done yesterday! Hoping to find some time this weekend to get more done.


Lots to do this weekend. Need to start today by getting some bills paid, and making out a grocery list.  My husband gets paid the last day of each month, so there is lots of budgeting to do.  By the end of the month, there are times when the cupboards are bare... And no matter how many times my daughter or husband open up the cabinet doors, nothing new appears lol (they are hoping though). So it's time to do some shopping! 

I also have some flowers to deliver for some people on the home care list at our church. My Bible class is doing a community project together. Looking forward to meeting the few that I have been given to visit and hoping to bring a smile to their face with a flower.

Tomorrow is my daughters Senior Prom.  She is counting down the days till she Graduates....  So tomorrow will be getting the hair done, etc.  Will be taking some pictures to share. It's supposed to be really nice weather tomorrow :)

I am not moving very quickly this morning. Will need another cup of coffee in me before I start with my day.  And here it's almost lunch time! Times a wasting......

Wishing you all a glorious weekend ~~~


moosecraft said...

Thanks for sharing pics of Grant Street with us! I do like the rug that Linda is working on! And Pat's rug is hooking up great! Love the color of the urn in her rug. Best of fun times to Nicole at her Senior Prom! :-)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
You are moving along on your horse rug. Love the colors you are chosing. I had such a hard time with colors on mine. I think that's why it took me almost a year to hook!
I love that red background, too. I don't think I'd ever do it but it looks great.
Thanks for sharing and please share some prom pics with us.
Pug hugs :)

Julia said...

Kathy, your hook in pictures are always great. It's nice seeing Pat working on her new design.

I love that rich reddish background too. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your daughter Nicole's prom. JB

weaverpat said...

OMG! The red horse is finished!! ! It was only an outline when I was there in the afternoon. You certainly did pull some loops!
It looks great!