Friday, April 15, 2011

Are you shocked?

That I'm posting the morning after the hook-in??  Well, I am!  I'm even surprised I'm up and moving lol.  Another late night at Grant Street for me.  We had a really nice day yesterday. Not a big turn out like the previous weeks, but just enough to have a wonderful time.  Always something to talk about, share, etc.

I had a hair appointment in the morning, so I got there around 12:30 or so.  Joanne, Marion and Linda were there.  I didn't have my bags unpacked, and Marion was already leaving.  I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of the rug she is working on for a wedding gift.  I think she is doing a great job! It was good to see her, and I hope she comes back when she has free time to hook with us soon!

Joan came, and she finished her BIG rug that is also a wedding gift. These lucky couples!!

Joan brought along a friend from Danville WV.  I think it was West Virginia or Virginia. I'm so bad with listening sometimes!  Anyway, her name is Barbara and she was so nice to chat with.  Here she is picking out wools for a small piece she will be doing.  She went home with quite a few items from the shop, for many different projects. Will be keeping her busy until next year! Hope she comes back to join us sometime.
Nancee is pumping out her rugs like Joan. Just one after the other.  She just has the border to do on the dog rug.  Just lovely!

Nancee was busy cutting lots of grass at her home earlier in the day, and didn't feel like working. So there were books to look at and wool to buy.  Just look at the stack !  Linda just got in the new wools from Rebecca Erb and Heavens to Betsy. Soo there is lots to choose from!  Nancee was having quite a bit of company this weekend. I'm glad she took the time to just relax.  Hoping her visits with family are even more relaxing and filled with great times together.
Everyone was just busy hooking, reading, relaxing and chatting away the whole day.   Linda was doing punch needle and I will wait to take a picture when it's all done. It's turning out so cute.
Bonnie is still getting her eggs done.
Jackie came to find a sky for the background. Her grandson told her how to do the rabbits and explained what he wanted in the sky.  She worked on binding a rug with wool strips.
Joanne was making great progress on her rug.  I have to say it was the MOST that I ever saw Joanne reverse hook.  She was pulling this out and that out.  Oh MY!!  I wish I would have gotten a picture of her ripping.  She never does that!!  Isn't this great? Very old looking, and I love the yellow flowers. 
And me?  Well, I was trying to finish up this piece I started and never picked up again.  Just need to fill in the background. Would love to get to sit and finish it this weekend, so it will be done.  I am currently thinking of my next rug.  Have a few choices in my  mind. Will just have to wait and share that with you later :).

Along with have a wonderful day with friends, I also received a wonderful Easter gift from my Secret Pal. 
I'm thinking my Secret Pal needs to take a break from the gifting department.  I have been so spoiled!   What a sweet package she put together.  Delicious dark chocolates, a sweet necklace with a cross and the word Faith in it, a fan for my hot flashes.... I have never had a fan that puts off such cool wind and have such power behind it!, and also there was a Gift Certificate for Thymes Remembered!  See what I mean by being spoiled??  Waaaay to much.  If you are reading this, I just want to say Thank You, and that I absolutely Love everything. I can't wait to use the G.C.  I'm thinking next weekend when I meet up with my friend Beth :) 

I really don't have plans this weekend other than the usual cleaning, pitching, re-organizing still.  No place urgent that I have to be. So maybe, just maybe, I'll be getting that time to sit and hook for a bit.  I also wanted to paint up a board to put my punch needle piece on that I haven't showed you. I was only allowed to show it to the group I belong too.  I'll share the story with you when I do post it.

Whatever your plans are, make the best out of your weekend... Here's wishing you lots of free time for yourself!!!


Joanne said...

Thud..... bonk..bonk....

Joanne said...

Okay now that I recovered from seeing your post! Wow! You certainly covered the day! You forgot to mention about taking your finger off with that fan - Oh my goodness that sucker has some pep! Oh and I see that $2 on the table - I best not find that in my bags! Yep maybe you should have taken pics of me ripping out - it might not happen again until the next eclipse. Great post!

moosecraft said...

I just LOVE Joanne's yellow flower rug!!!! I only just seen her last week and she made no mention of it... those flowers remind me of black-eyed susans! Very nice!

weaverpat said...

Yes, I was shocked but happy to see what's going on at Grant Street. Looks like lots of nice rugs being worked on.
Have a wonderful weekend! Hope you have some time to do fun stuff after all the housework.

Nettie said...

Hi Kathy the goings on at Grant Street...I missed being there....hope to be there next time with Joanne....


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting my picture on your blog. I have finish two mittens and the star and have enjoyed my new hobby. Wish I was closer to Grant Street. When we got back to Virginia I had a hard time choosing what I was going to start but starting the snowman was great. I have put your blog on my favorites so I can keep up with you. Barbara