Saturday, April 9, 2011

I better do this now ~~

Or it will be another week that goes by without me posting.  The days are surely flying by for me. I've been pretty busy, and finally gave up for the evening.  Came on here to check my email and thought I better do the blog.  I got click happy the other day when transferring my pic's to the computer and then deleting some to make room. Well, of course I screwed up. I can't find some pic's so I guess I deleted them.  That was a job in itself and I'm hoping I don't let it get so bad again. 

Nicole's Birthday came and went.  I think she had a good time. She invited some friends over and it ended up being a decent day.  She opened our gift before everyone came.  Nicole and her friend Caren will be going on a week long trip after Graduation, and George and I decided to pay her half of it. Also gave her a gift card to buy some summer shorts.  She was happy.
Nicole and Caren making a cake for a friend that Nicole works with.  Her friends Birthday was the same day and Nicole wanted to do this for her.  So they took it to her work and then came back.  It was comical watching them pile on the icing, whew!
These 3 have been friends for a long time. Chelsey in the middle may be going on the trip with them. Not sure yet. Of course there has to be some silliness, and Nicole has no problem getting them to laugh.

They were able to have some fun outside too.
And then played the game called Quelf.  Very odd game lol.  You basically have to embarass yourself.  This was a mild one lol.
Nicole had to do the chicken dance until the timer went ran out.

This past Thursday was fun at the hook - in.  Joanne and Nettie drove out.  Here is Nettie's rug. She is moving along on it at warp speed!  Great job Nettie!  How in the world I didn't get a single shot of Joanne is beyond me!

Barb was working on her embroidery

Nancee was working on her dogs.

Diane is really getting close to finishing her rug. She was struggling with it because it is on burlap and is old.  There were holes where she had to patch, but she's a trooper and is going to get it done!

Genny and her sister Bert working hard.

Linda's sister Veronica stopped by on her way home and brought her rug to show us.  She is basically self taught.  She lives out near Pittsburgh and there are no teachers for her.  She has a real talent with her shading. Veronica basically changed most of this pattern. There was no pineapple in it. She drew that one in!

Linda is doing the same pattern.  I can't wait for Linda to pick this one up again and start working on it!! Two Kilroy's :)....

Jackie is pumping this one out.  The background is gorgeous in person.  I wish I would have counted how many wools are in this background.  Just lovely!

And instead of working on it some more, she decided to start another rug lol. 

Wonderful of course!!

Everyone was trying to figure out what this piece is.  Joanne had brought it along with her, and the answer is over on Joanne's Blog.  But boy they were having a doozy of a time thinking up some pretty funny stuff!

Bert is mainly a quilter and I just love looking at her pieces when she brings them to share with us.  Very nice!  I'm sure she will finish her little rug piece too. Nice to have a variety to work on.

Sherri was working on the face of this cat.  I'm hoping next week if she comes to get a better picture of the whole things.  The cats are turning out great!

Well, that is it for the hook in.  I don't want to forget to Thank Nancee for gifting me with these 3 pieces of gorgeous wools and this tiny bird that she made.  The wools are so lovely. I have the bird sitting in a little nest that I have on a shelf.  Thank you again Nancee. I love them!

I got in the mood last weekend to finally finish the curtains that I was making for my front room when you walk in the door.  I'm very pleased with the way they turned out.  No pattern, just had the idea in my head and went for it. 

Besides getting George to hang the rods, I had him hang the carpet strip so I could put my rug up.  Very happy with it hanging in this room.  The wash stand was my mil's and also the lamp.  Her Norman Rockwell's that she painted are now hanging also. 

Now that was all last weekend.  This weekend is just as busy. I have been over my mil's a couple times this past week gathering up some more stufffffff to bring home.   So today I jumped in with both feet and tore apart the old wool room that housed sooooo much stuffffff and I had a Big garbage bag, some tubs, and some boxes.  I even stopped to run to the grocery store for more boxes!!  I ran out.  I have a ton of stuff for my son and his girlfriend to go through, and then a ton of stuff to be donated to a friends church. They have a huge yard sale every year and I'm good on donating to it lol.  I'm done with the yard sales. I've tried to sell most of this at yard sales I had last year. It didn't sell, so now it goes!!  I'm done mentally and physically, because it's a lot of work.  I have held on to things long enough.  I used to do a lot of different crafts.  It is now time to let it all go.  My love is rug hooking, cross stitch, punch needle and penny rugs.  Everything else is now in the past, and I'm just fine with that!  It feels good.   The only thing that is so overwhelming for me right now is the frames that I have from my mil.  Her being a painter, she had collected frames like I collect wool.  NOT good!  Soooo, I was good with letting a lot of them go.  But there were so many, that I still have a ton.  I need to start making things to use them, and when next year rolls around and if I still have such an over abundance of them? Well, then it will be time to let them go.   Tomorrow after church, I will be stopping at her house and bringing some more things home.  But before I do, I will know which pile they go in when it gets here :)

I did manage to finish this piece also this weekend, and I did use one of my mil's old small frames.  This pattern is a freebie from Betty. And the linen was gifted to me by Sharon,  I aged it some more with some walnut stain.  I'm loving it :)

One final piece, and I'm hoping you have followed me this far in the post lol.  Because this is important.  Linda is away for a few days, and I will not be in at the shop on Monday.  I will be taking Nicole to the recruiter for the CoastGuard that day.  So we will not be at the shop to help anyone. 

Hoping the rest of your weekend is as wonderful as you are all.  I've heard so many times about me not posting.  It's so heart warming to know that so many of you enjoy the blog as much as you do.  I enjoy reading all your comments... So thank you :)   Will try to do better at finding something to write about.  Till then ~~~


primitivebettys said...

You do keep very busy. :-) I love your finish & plan to share it on my blog next Friday. Have a great rest of the weekend.

Joanne said...

Hey I'm offended that there are no pics of me (yea right! woohoo! now this a cause to celebrate) Love re-visting the hook-in and laughs. Nicole looked like she had a great time at her party. Good to know you aren't under a pile of frames some where.

Jacque. said...

Wow, you have been one busy woman! I love all of your photos...Nicole is beautiful! Hard to believe you've only been hooking (rugs) for 5 do beautiful work.

moosecraft said...

Nicole? Coast Guard? Really? Wowee-Wowee! All the rugs look fabulous! Totally fun birthday party... never heard of that game... but, then again, I'm always embarrassing myself? lol! Love the Easter x-stitch and the frame it's in! Folks can always use those frames. Your rug on the wall is gorgeous! Always admired that one!

Beth said...

wow...enjoyed the updates.... and all the great rugs... good luck to nicole with the recruiter.... my cousins son is in the coast guard.. he plays on the football team... he is very, very handsome... his name is sam beauchamp..look him up.. he is my friend on facebook... at least she could maybe friend him on facebook and have a friend before she goes in...

Julia said...

Kathy, you may not blog often but when you blog, you make it count. lol. Nicole is a lovely daughter and it's so thoughtful of her to think of her friend even on her own birthday. She looks like a lot of fun to be with.

As always the rugs in progress are beautiful. Oh, how lucky you are to have friends who gift you with such big gorgeous pieces of wool. I just love the colors.

I know how you feel about having too much stuff. I have a lot of ceramic paints and glazes, supplies and tons of bisque that was transported in a spare room upstairs when our basement got flooded in 2008 and I had to deal with damaged molds and equipments and supplies and insurance etc, and that's as far as I got because of major surgery.

Now I too am going through my stuff and I get overwhelming. Everything got packed in a rush by many hands and hardly anything was marked properly. If there was a spare box , it was filled to the top. I need to sort through it and sell what I no longer want. Easier said than done. JB

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
Your fingers must be sore from all that typing! What a great post.
Nicole is a beauty. Good luck with the recruiter!
All the rugs are wonderful. I was surprised at the size of the fruit basket rug. WOWZA!
I love that rug of yours. Beautiful colors!
No pics of Joanne? I am so disappointed!
Pug hugs :)