Friday, April 22, 2011

It's now or never...

Not much time this weekend to get this posting in, so it's now or never.....  I wanted to share this piece with you that I have finally finished. Well, it's not glued on the board yet. Will do that as soon as I get the time.  A while back, Robin from Bird in the Hand Primitives, a member of the ebay group AAPG that I belong to, asked if anyone was interested in punching up a piece for her that she needed to get done for the Mercantile Gatherings magazine.  I was not in the middle of any projects at that time, so I volunteered.  She emailed me the pattern, a colored picture of her idea for it, and I took it from there.   I punched and punched and punched and had it done in just a couple days. It measures 6 1/2"x 6 1/2". Robin had a deadline to meet and I didn't want it to be late for her.  I took a picture of it when I was finished and she submitted the piece along with all the information I gave her.  It is now a free pattern in the Spring issue of Mercantile Gatherings. I'm really happy for Robin!!  I just painted up the board for it this past week.

I was also able to finish hooking the background of this piece I started at the hook in a few weeks ago. I'm glad it's done. Will whip these when nothing else is going on.


This is the next piece I have chosen to hook.  it is 17" x 49".   I saw this anitque rug in the American Sewn and Hooked Rugs book and have always wanted to do it.  One of the girls Nancee that comes to the hook in did this rug a while back.  I measured the area between my two windows in my front room, and chose this spot for it.  The hook in was booming again with lots of people, but I did manage to get a few loops hooked..  The other horse will be red.
Nancee is looking at Joan's leaf rug.  Joan designed this piece herself  from leaves on her property.

Nancy P. called Linda and said she was bringing some women with her.  What a happy sight to see when I went down on the elevator to get them. There were 7 of them just waiting to climb on board  :)!

Here is Linda working on a Bea Brock design.  I just love the colors that she is working with.


Cil is working on this bird pattern.

Suzanne is doing a Needlepoint piece.  I was telling her of a store that I used to go to when I lived in NJ. It was a large framing store that had cross stitch and Needlepoint patterns. I always admired them, but didn't know how they were done.  Suzanne makes up her own patterns.  So sweet!

Chris is working on a version of an antique rug.  Love how it's coming along..

Monica was working on a cute house with a rabbit.

Nancy P had designed a pattern to use as a screen for her fireplace. A very simple design but lots of pop on that background. Very nice!

Erica was working on a punch needle piece. We were all in awe of how nice her punching is.

And here is another one that she had in her bag that she finished and shared with us. Isn't it beautiful?

Barb was being talked to in a few different directions when I took this picture. I couldn't get a straight shot lol.  Love the rug she is working on too!

Ruth had stopped by to sit and hook with us.  She also goes to the Chambersburg group.  I'm glad I got a chance to sit and talk with her  for a bit.  She is working on this snowman pattern.

Genny was just filled with surprises tonight.  A "nacho" secret pal gave her this basket of wool :).

And she was sooo surprised to get this egg that Joanne had hooked and left for her the last time she was out. Genny won the egg for guessing what her footstool was.  She couldn't wait to put it on her table for Easter!

Now here is an image that you may Never see again.  Joan on a cell phone LOL, LOL. Ok, sorry.  LOL, no I'm not!!!  Joan always says that she will never own a cell phone.  So it was a treat to catch her using Linda's.  Kandace had called Linda asking her a question about the Bliss cutter.  Linda handed Joan the phone and Joan was reading some instructions out of a book.  I hope Kandace has it all figured out.

Jackie is deciding what to do with her border. I can't wait to see it!

And she is finished with the bottom half of her bunny rug. Her Grandson Jack I'm sure is thrilled.  She chose some wools for the top half. I bet we see what it looks like next week :) !!!

Sherri is really working hard on her cat rug. I just love the red background.  We were talking about her border and what she could do with it. 

She will be reverse hooking the diamond and making it a solid color and then will try using her cat colors for the hit n miss border.

It was a great day spent with all these Gals.  And I hope they come back real soon to hook! I'm thinking Linda is going to have to expand soon and get more seating :).   We got out of the shop at a reasonable time last night, and that was a good thing. Because today I had Dye Group at Joan's.   We are working on transitional swatch dyeing.  I had some homework of getting an 8 value swatch done for todays class. We are all making a book for ourselves with the formula's and then we will be doing a pattern.  That will be a much later post. We only meet once a month.  I have 3 more swatches to get done before next month.  I'd say we had a really productive day and just kept on plugging along.  Each of us had our own little part to do. I did the glueing, Jewel and Joan did some cutting. And Nancy, Louise and myself also dyed some more swatches while we were there.  Definitely a full days work!

Jewel brought along a piece that she had finished.  Joan had gifted this pattern to her.  The S is for her last name.  She did a wonderful job with it. Love how she added a border to the piece! 

Jewel also brought along this quilt that her Granddaughter Vicky made.  There was so much to look at. So very sweetly done! 

It was after 3:00 when I left Joan's house and I had to do the rest of my shopping for Easter dinner.  I have already cooked the meatballs tonight, and will stick them in the crock pot on Sunday.  Also boiled the eggs for deviled eggs that I will make tomorrow night, along with cooking the ham and macaroni salad.  Then on Sunday, all I will have to cook is the chicken.  Crazy menu, eh?  Talk about picky eaters LOL. 

I'm trying to get as much done as I can tonight, because tomorrow I am meeting up with my friend Beth out at Thymes Remembered.  I have that gift card that is burning a whole in my pocket that I got from my Secret Pal for Easter :).  From there, I'm sure we will hit the Black Rose to  look around and then get some lunch.  I also have directions for an Antique Mall that Nancee told me about. It's not far from where we will be.  I still need to pack my car tonight with the boxes of stuffffff that I will transfer into Beth's car so she can take them to her Church for their annual yard sale.  Busy, busy, busy.......

I am just hoping that come Sunday evening, I won't be too exhausted. I would really like to hook some more on my rug.  Well, I'm off to get the laundry done, kitchen cleaned up and car packed. 

Wishing each and every one of you a very Blessed Easter. Such a special day.... He has risen!


Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing another interesting post. I hope you get alot done tonight and can enjoy Easter. Hope you have a lovely time with family and friends. Lisa

Joanne said...

Wow what a post - I so missed coming out this week - you know i really need Linda and you guys to move closer to here or I need to move there! I was bummed I couldn't go and look at all the great rugs I missed! So happy Genny liked her egg! Have a wonderful Easter dinner - you didn't mention dessert - What are you making?

Julia said...

My what a busy, busy hook in and so many nice rugs in progress. I hope that you can slow down to enjoy Easter celebrations.

Thanks for the photos. It's always interesting to see what the ladies are working on. I love your little mat and you are so clever to find just the right spot for it. What a great friend you are to hook a piece to help out your friend and even painted the wood to display it... Happy Easter JB

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Oh Joanne, all I can think about is Whipped Cream since I gave it up for lent. I even bought another can LOL. What I'm going to put it on? Probably everything :)... Will think of something tomorrow for dessert.
and I forgot to mention that I was able to keep the piece I punched for Robin. She just needed a picture of it. So it's a sweet memory for me to have :).

Courtney said...

You are one busy ga1! I love all the pictures you've shared. I'm going to my first hook-in next weekend and I'm very excited! The mat you made for the red board is darling. I love that look attached to the board!
Have a wonderful Easter!

HomeSpunPrims said...

I just love seeing what all of you ladies are working on. Another great post Kathy! Can't wait to see how your double horse rug comes along. I know it will be awesome! Love Joanne's redware egg too.
Happy Easter to you and your family.

moosecraft said...

So much going on over there! Love the piece you did for Robin! Red was the perfect color to do the board! Love the horse rug you are working on next! Hopefully you will be able to sit down this weekend and hook on it some. A suggestion for Jackie's border would be a hit n miss... but use twice as much background color as flower colors. That's what I did when I hooked this pattern. Jackie's is looking fabulous!!! Erica's needlepunch it TDF!!! And, Nancy P's fireplace screen is overly! And you already know I like Sherri;s cat rug!!! Wow! Sure wish I lived closer than 3 hours away!!!! Have a Blessed Easter! And, save some meatballs for me! lol! ;-)

Nettie said...

Hi Kathy ...another great full house last thursday..Hope you and yours have a Happy Easter!

Love, Nettie

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
GREAT post! Thank you for sharing so many wonderful rugs! I hope you do better on your horse rug than I did. It took me 11 1/2 months and it STILL is NOT bound!!! Can I send it to you to finish {grin}?
Pug hugs :)