Thursday, May 28, 2009

What a day!

As usual hooking at Linda's shop was a blast. Her and Pat had an all day hook-in, and Joanne and I were there ALL day. Joanne ventured out to my house (a 2 1/2 hour ride) and got here around 11:00 I believe. We took our lunch with us and ate it there. Whenever I go to Linda's, I can't help but look around first at all the wool, see if anything is new, look at the rearranging they have done, etc. While doing all that, it's a bunch of oohing and aaahing. Just can't help it lol.
It was still a work day for Linda and Pat, and I got Linda ironing a piece of a uniform they were making. They were back and forth out of their work room to visit with us. We just made sure we talked loud so we could hear each other lol. Pat finished her basket rug and it is just beautiful. I took a picture of the wool she over dyed for the background. I'm probably going to screw this one up cause I didn't write it down, but I believe she used olive and khaki drab, and quite a bit of each to get the deep shade. Isn't it great?!
Also got a shot of the back while the other girls were drooling over it lol. Joanne had sent Louis a stuffed sheep since he can't have the sheep that are in Linda's shop. The dog goes crazy over them. Too cute! Anyway, he loves playing with it, and Linda's husband Rick put it on the table so we could watch him get it down. It's also a squeek toy.

Can't forget about Bo. He just sat and watched everything going on lol.

The two of them go every where that Rick goes. Too funny to watch. Got a shot of Joanne holding Louis and his new friend. Just wondering Joanne, did Riley and Miles sniff you up and down lol?
Ok, so we got down to hooking, and Joanne made some real headway on her pattern she drew up. She's not sure about the birds yet, so I'm curious to see what she does.
Doris called and said she had car trouble. We missed you Doris! I will keep the pattern I have for you in my bag for Blue and Gray if you are going to be there. I was hoping Marion would be there. Missed you too Marion!

Jill and Beth came, and you can always guarantee some laughter with those two.
Jill put in a call to her son Isaac. It was too cute to listen too. Beth is not quite finished with her snowman rug, BUT...... I know she will finish it soon, right Beth???? And I hope you bring it with you the next time we meet. She picked out a new pattern to start on AFTER she finishes the snowman. NO starting it before lol. We helped her pick out some colors for it.
Sherry was there and was finishing up a border on her rug.
Patty was also there and she finished up her pocket book. What a beautiful job she did! Loved how she did the finishing of it all! She was working on another pattern, and I can't believe I didn't get a shot of it. Very pretty flowers.

Like I said we were there ALL day. Linda treated us to some pizza for dinner. THANK YOU again Linda for dinner. It was wonderful.
Here are just some random shots of our us hooking.

I didn't get as much done as I had hoped, but I was able to finish the entire leaf area on the right. So I'm really pleased. I want to get to more hooking of it this afternoon. And I plan on DOING IT!!
Of course there was lots of talking, lots of laughter, lots of sharing in ALL areas... Love these gals! So nice when women get together and just share all sorts of things. I will leave you with one picture of Linda, and lets just say, you look sooooo slimming LOL (little inside joke of the evening). Oh how we laughed. Perhaps Jill will put a picture up on her blog of Linda trying to unlock the bathroom. Somehow, someone, and Jill swears it wasn't her, the door got locked. Linda perservered and got it open. Too funny.

The last 3 to remain for the evening with Linda was me, Joanne and Sherry. Sherry had to be up at 4:00 a.m., so she left a little while before us. Joanne and I left right before midnight. I told you it was ALL day lol. I offered Joanne to sleep at my house, but the little bugger that she is, she drove home. And boy was it foggy coming back to my house. THICK fog! I was worried, but got an email from her this morning and she arrived home at 2:40 a.m. She said the fog cleared up after she got out of my area, and then just hit a few spots here and there.

Cannot wait till our next gathering at Linda's shop! I'm looking forward to seeing the group grow!!!!

A little note for Pat: I sent you an email to see if you'd like to drive with me to Blue and Grey in a couple weeks. Let me know!

And Linda: Have a safe trip!!


TamboinMO said...

Thanks so much for all the pictures and the stories! Aren't those of us who have groups to hook with fortunate!!

Beth said...

love love the pic of rick with the dogs so cute.... and linda what would we do without her and pat i just love her to death ......... you have the best blog ever...

weaverpat said...

When I got to work the next day it looked like the night after the Big Party! All it needed were some crushed cans thrown around to round out the destruction! LOL!!! Just kidding! It really looked somewhat clean!
Glad all of you had a fun time. I just love these hook-ins!!!

Doris said...

Hi Kathy - Thanks for posting the pictures. Glad everyone had a great time. I miossed you all. Hope to make it next time - what would we do without Linda???

Anonymous said...

alls..i have to say is....Next time..I'm bringing CHERRIES..LOL!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Pat, you are too funny! "crushed cans" lol.

Joanne said...

Great recap of the day with pictures! Too funny about Pat's comments! I can't even image the day with alcohol!