Monday, May 4, 2009

He's gone, but it's ok.......

Well the time has to come. (oops, wait a minute while I get the tissues). Ok, I'm back. Where was I? Yes, the time has come that our son Craig has moved out of our home and into an apartment with his girlfriend Lake. Last Tuesday Craig and Lake signed the papers, and Wednesday they started moving in. Craig had been packing the prior week little by little, and had the computer room filled with boxes. Each day I walked by them I thought wow, it's really time. When he went to school, he stayed on campus and came home on occasions. He had a job out that way, and we saw him every so often. But his room was always the same, here for him, filled with his computers and everything else. Nothing had changed, and it was still here for him when he was done school. Now that it is empty, there is no turning back. This will always be his home, but his room will no longer be his. A lot of cleaning needs to be done, but first we need to take up the carpet and fix his floor. It pops terribly. When it is all finished, Nicole will be getting this room. It's a tad bigger than the one she is using now, and THEN I will get her room which is bigger than my wool room. This will all be keeping me busy, and I look forward to it. Can't keep buying tissues!! lol.

On Saturday George helped Craig with moving some of his heavier furniture. I had a few things that needed to be done, but then I met them over there.

I had to laugh, and they did too because I took a picture of the smallest thing they carried. I forgot all about my camera. Lake wasn't there, she was at her home gathering up her things to be moved out here. So I didn't get any pictures of her. But will in the future I"m sure. The apartment is very nice for a first apartment. It has 2 bedrooms, kitchen, dining area, living room and lots of storage. Also has a washer and dryer. They have some furniture being delivered, but for now they are sitting on this blow up sofa. I just had to sit in it and thought it's not that bad lol. Craig was taking a break and was pooped. This is what happens when you "ask" for a smile. He wasn't too happy with me I don't think lol. Tough! After we were all finished, he took a break on his blow up sofa. Then his dad decided to join him. We were wondering if George sat down real fast, if Craig would pop up. LOL, yep, he did! Always have to have fun in my family! And this is what happens when you don't keep bugging for a smile. It just comes naturally...................... And what beautiful smiles they are!
So Craig, you will be missed, but remember this is always your home. I hope you and Lake enjoy your new place together. You've turned into a wonderful young man, and we are so very proud of you and your accomplishments. Being on your own, you will learn more of life's lessons. Remember we can't grow unless we fail. Just know it's not the end of the world. We are always here for you two if you need us. Love you more than you'll ever be able to comprehend!

Ok, not too bad, have only gone through 2 tissues LOL. Everything will be fine, I'll be fine. Time is a wonderful healer if we just let it take it's course. I won't fight it. He's in God's hands now, and what better place to be.

And on the crafty side of things, I have been trying to keep a little busy with that. Just finished making a pillow that I made from a pattern that is just one of many that are offered in my group challenge for us. It was hard to pick which one to do first. I need to pick another one soon. I can't show it yet because it's a challenge. I will when it's all finished. I am going to put this pillow in my new wool room as decoration. I will have some room to make it "look" like a room. The little room I'm in now is absolutely filled to the top. Can't put another thing in there. But first I have to draw on my chevron stitch to my mat so I can mock braid it.

Lake was also asking me if I could hook a rug for her and Craig. She just wants a zebra striped pattern. I would be happy to do it for them. I told her to just pick the pattern she'd like and get it to me.

We are having quite a bit of rain, but it is needed. Isn't it always? I really don't have plans for this week. The normal errands, but that's it. I didn't know what to do with myself today. Was nice to just pick up here and there and just chill out.
Wishing everyone a truly Blessed week!!!


primitivebettys said...

The love & pride for your Son shows from your writing. Best wishes to Craig & Lake on their new place... and happy hugs to Mom. :)

Brenis said...

Oohhh Kathy... aren't the the hardest emotions of all??!! Congratulations to Craig, but most of all to you!! Only 2 tissues!? Now THAT'S an accomplishment!! LOL
It's all good, Mom!! :)
lol the blow up couch cracked me up and brought MANY memories back of my first apartment!!! hahaha... we had one of those big electric company spools (wood) that we used as a table and 2 bean bags!! hahahah!! Gotta love the newfound freedom and starting with practically nothing! Fun stuff!! :D
And too funny that you caught them carrying the lightest thing they moved! LOL isn't that always the way? :D
Big hugs to you Kathy!!! xoxoxo

Joanne said...

Great pics of George and Craig - they look like two peas in a pod on that blow-up couch! That much have ben a hott when George sat down and Craig popped up!

Wow wow wow - only two tissues - i'm impressed too! Great thing he hasn't moved too far!