Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday hooking....

Had a really fun time at Blue and Gray today in Gettysburg. I was running late. Had to make a few phone calls before I went. Always something to get in the way, isn't there? Was really surprised when I pulled into the parking lot, and saw how many cars there were. So nice to see such a large group. So glad I remembered my camera!

Marion is hooking directly into dyed wool here. It is really something to see in person! She will be framing this one to finish it off. Lovely how there is no background to hook.

Joan has been really busy. I don't know if this woman ever puts a hook down lol. She makes chair pads for her church bazaar every year in November. She's done with them already. They look great!

And this is just a scrappy rug of hers. She is always using up her worms. BUT always has tons left over lol. Thelma is just about done with her braided rug. She does amazing work. Love the colors in this one.
Brenda got a gift today for her birthday. Her friend is a beautiful quilter. It was very lovely.
Nancy has been hooking away on her mock braiding. Something I can't say of myself. I love how it's turning out. And here is another piece that Joan is doing. The color plan on this one is so soft. Great job! I'm sure she'll have it done and another started by next month. Wouldn't be surprised if it was done by the next time we get together for dye group in another week or so!

I was a bum today. I took along my hooking, but also took along a pn piece that needed the cording sewn on. I am giving it as a gift tomorrow to Genny at church. She turns 50 and I wanted to give her something. I had planned on finishing it off into something else, but it wasn't hitting me right, so I chose to put it on a hornbook. I had to paint this up and get it done. I hope she will be pleased. She likes sunflowers.
So needless to say, I didn't pull a loop today. Such a bum. I feel like I'm in a rut. Need to force myself to pick up the hook I guess and just get at it! I'm taking my hooking to church tomorrow, so cross your fingers....


Joanne said...

Wow Kathy - that's a big group with a whole lotta hooking goin on!

Your sunflower looks great - Genny will love it!

Now get to that camp rug!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

You always have wonderful projects to share. Your needle punch sunflower turned out great!

Mary said...

So glad you took your camera. I love seeing all of those wonderful rugs...and ladies, of course! Your punch needle sunflower is great. I'm sure she'll love it!!!