Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A finished piece

Went to church yesterday to hook a bit with Genny and Betty. Betty was making some more dishcloths, and she was generous to give Genny and I one. Thank you Betty! Genny has finished her rug, and I couldn't be more happy for her. I think she did a fabulous job! She's a go getter and knew that she wanted her edges to be scalloped. This is her 3rd piece that she has finished. The first piece was a small sunflower mat that I drew up for her to see if she'd even like it. She finished that in no time. Then she did a dachshund rug with a really neat border. She drew it up herself, and then this one. This was a Joan Moshimer (I think) pattern out of a book she found. It had the scalloped edge but it had some geese on it near the cow instead of the dogs. She breeds dachshunds and she wanted them in place of the geese. She said she also had a basset hound, so she put that in there too. I am totally impressed with her desire for the art form, and love the way she adapted the pattern to suit herself. She purchased her next piece off of ebay, and it has a bird house with sunflowers and some blue birds. She is busy searching for visual references to achieve the look she wants. I know she will do great with it. So here is her finished piece. It was a full day for me yesterday. Made sure I got up early enough to get a roast in the crockpot, and had that on low all day. Nicole had a doctor's appointment at 8:20 to see what we could do for a wart that has been on her thumb for over a year. We have tried everything. Even duct tape lol. Somewhere she heard that, so she was trying it. Anyway, because of it's size, we had it removed. I watched everyting. It was really quite interesting. She turned away when he gave her the needle to numb up the thumb. Then he burned it and sliced it off. She watched a little. Told her I should have taken a picture lol. She is just thrilled that it is gone, so hopefully it will stay away and not grow back. We'll see what happens.

Made it back to take her to school and then I was a little late going to church to hook. I actually pulled some loops. Just wish I knew why I don't have the desire right now. I push myself to workout, even pushed myself this morning after doing my 4 mile walk, to take the longer way home up a pretty good size hill. Not sure how much extra it was, but it felt great. Just need to push myself into hooking I guess. Maybe it will make me feel as good as my walk. Genny really liked her gift of the hornbook, so that made me feel good. I also gave her a sunflower that I hooked a while back, and it is on a stick.

Finished there and went to do the grocery shopping and help my mil out. That took more time than usual. Made it home with time to clean up for dinner. We were having an old friend from NJ over. I remember my husband telling me that he had spoken with Skip and found out he had the gastric bypass done. Skip was about 330 lbs. The biggest teddy bear with the gentlest soul. What a shock to see him last night. He has lost 130 lbs!! He says he feels great, and he is able to run around with his daughter who is 5. You can really tell she is Daddy's little girl. I was able to get a shot of my husband George - left, and Skip -right on our deck last night. It was really nice to see him. He was out this way interviewing for a job. He doesn't feel it's for him though. He's a truck driver. So him and his wife are headed out to Arizona next week to apply for something out there. Wishing him the best of luck!!
I'm off to get my day started. Have to wait around for a package being delivered for my son. He asked me if I was going to be home for it, so I said sure. Perhaps I'll get the "desire" to do some hooking. I sure hope so. I am going hooking tomorrow night at Grant Street Woolworks in Chambersburg. Looking forward to seeing everyone. I'll be taking some pic's to show you all.
Wishing everyone a great day. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Such a beautiful day. Get out and enjoy it.........


Beth said...

before i head outside im just reminding you to keep the camera off of me!! i have a phobia!!! your friend is such and inspiration with her rug its so cute, maybe that will rub off on me someday, but i doubt it!! have a glorious day and hopefully your sons package will come soon!! p.s.- i think im rubbing off on you because all of a sudden your doing everything but hooking oh no!!! LOL!!

Beth C. said...

Hook, you know you want to. lol

Joanne said...

Okay Kathy - as much as I want to see that camp rug DONE - If you aren't feeling like hooking you won't do it justice! Hey give yourself a break - you've been making little things here and there and you'll pick up that hook and it will feel right when the time is right!

your friend's rug is great - hard to believe she's a beginner - already designing and changing designs! Love that she added the dogs!