Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

What a peaceful day it has been. Amazing how the weekend just flew on by. But it was a very relaxing one at that. Nicole had slept over a friends house to help out at a book fair on Saturday with her friends church. So Friday night I started on a punch needle piece for a birthday gift. Needed to run out for some more floss on Saturday. Helped out my mil and then stopped at a few yard sales. I went to one on Friday and they had some zinc lids for .25, so I picked a few up. Then on Saturday I stopped back at the same place a picked up a couple more. Will be making some pin cusions with those. Saturday afternoon while I was doing the punching, I thought I should make my mil something little for Mother's Day, so I picked out one of Betty's free patterns "Beholden" and stitched that up, and finished it off before I went to bed so my husband could take it over to her today. We also gave her a BAG of books that my friend Joanne had so generously given me. I had told her that my mil was wanting some Mary Higgins Clark books. George said she was very suprised at how many there were when he took them to her today. He had taken her a fish sandwich and a small fry from McDonalds for lunch and sat with her for a while. That's what she wanted for Mother's Day. What does a 90 year old really need lol. But she really enjoys reading. Then she called me later today and wanted to say thank you again. I told her the Thank you goes to Joanne! So thank you Joanne, you have made my mil so happy. She'll be reading for a while! Here is the Beholden that I gave her. She was very pleased. It was a wonderful morning waking up and hearing Happy Mother's day from my husband and daughter. On the table was a bouquet of flowers waiting for me from Nicole. She had called the place and then told them my husband would come with the credit card lol. Gotta love her! I just love the mixture. My son and his girlfriend came over later at lunch time. I thought we were all going to eat together, but it was just me that ate. Nicole made me my lunch and we just stood around and chatted for a while and then Craig and Lake were going to her mother's house. They had given me a gift certificate for Victoria's Secret. Will be nice to go in there and buy something for me to pamper myself with.

I finished punching the piece I was working on, but am still trying to figure out what I want to do with it. I will decide tomorrow and finish it up. Will take a picture of it then. Had a quick dinner of pizza and I'm back to relaxing. Took advantage of that today. I did go out after lunch to look for some flowers, but the place was closed! That was a bummer. I wanted to see some pretty colors. Another time. I couldn't have asked for a nicer day. So Thanks to my family for making it so peaceful!!
Tomorrow is hooking in Gettysburg. Will be nice to see everyone and I hope I don't forget my camera!
Hoping everyone had a wonderful day with your mom's/and family. I lost my mom in 1992 at the young age of 60. Way too early. Time does heal, but on holidays, especially this one, it still hurts. I miss her terribly. But.... I know I will see her again one day, and that fills me with joy when I think about it. Treasure each day you have with your loved ones....
Have a wonderful creative week!!


Joanne said...

Kathy - I am thrilled your MIL was happy - I love to read and so happy to make another reader happy! NO thanks needed!
Your "Beholden" is great - did you age the backing? Have a great week!

Beth said...

Glad your day was nice!! The flowers were beautiful, and gift card was thoughtful (check out vic. sec. fragrances, thats what i like, im long out of the sexy lingerie)!! LOL!! So nice of your hubby to go visit mom one on one i bet she enjoyed her time with him, hope you get some flowers soon, they are so beautiful its like you have to buy one of each!!!