Friday, May 15, 2009

Thursday evening hooking

Hooking was at Grant Street Woolworks last night! My goodness, sometimes I couldn't hear myself "think" lol. So much laughing and talking going on. I didn't know which conversation to follow. Even though I have an ear on each side of my head, it's hard to listen to everything at once!

We had a great time as usual. Sherry finished whipping her cat rug, and it is so nice. What a fun pattern. I was really quick at getting a shot of Beth when I first walked in. Shh, don't tell her I took one! Her and Pat were discussing cats. Beth is still working on her snowman. I just "know" that she will have it just about finished by next month. Right Beth??? You can see a little of it on her frame in front of her.

Her sister Jill was busy hooking away. She is doing the same rug as Pat, and I just love how they look so different. Jill, your rug is wonderful, keep going with it. I want to see more done by next month!
And here is her rug! Wonderful!!
Marion (center) brought along her friend Donna, and they spent a lot of time looking at magazines. Sherry was busy whipping while listening to them two.
Linda is still working on her grand daughters rug. Linda, take a close look at this.... It is great! If you rip out one more piece of the sheep, I am not coming next month LOL. I can't tell you how many colors she has been through for the body of that sheep! Linda was talking with Sherry about her chair pads, and then Pat came along and shared a tip on how to keep it from getting wavy on the finishing. Pat got some cording and was slipping into the part that Sherry already whipped. Usually you would do this while you are whipping, and Pat got her to the point where she could just start covering it. Great tip!
And me? Well, I DID do some hooking! I told my friends Beth and Joanne that I would pull a few loops for them and for me lol. I pulled more loops than I had planned on, so that was great for me! I have a busy weekend ahead with Nicole going to her boyfriends Junior Prom. I will make sure to take pictures!
I hope all of you have plans on doing something fun........Enjoy!


Joanne said...

I'm "wiggling" Kathy- pulling those loops for me helped! HARHARHAR - OOOh looks like a full house at Linda's and looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for taking pics of everyone's projects - love seeing the projects and all those happy faces!

Can't wait to see the prom pics

Beth said...

you are a sneaky lady!!! and yess i will be done that crazy snowman rug, i promise!!!