Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Experiencing Fair Queen

Monday night was the Fair Queen contest here in Shippensburg, Pa.  How nerve racking it was for me. I can only imagine how Nicole was feeling.  I did my best to not show how I was feeling. Let's just say I didn't sleep well the night before.

It rained in buckets during the day and there was a chance for it in the evening.  I went to set up our chairs earlier in the day.  I didn't get there early enough though!  My goodness, half the hill was already filled! So I chose what I could.  People that come to watch this every year, know the routine lol.  When we got there it started to rain when we sat down. I did bring umbrella's and I brought towels to put on our chairs, since I knew they would be wet from the morning.  Luckily, the rain was short lived and stopped  before the pageant started. 

The theme this year was a jungle theme.  Here is the stage before the girls came out.

The girls had a short dance routine to Jungle Love.  Nicole is the one on the left in the back row.

Now left in the front.

Her Dad walking her out and across the stage as they announced her.....

A hug for good luck :)

Nicole telling a little bit about herself. I was on the edge of my seat. She did so well!

All 19 contestants!

Nicole's question that she answered so naturally and from the heart. She got a great applause :)

Nicole did not end up winning and that was fine with her. She is now free to enjoy the rest of the fair week with her friends.  She experienced it and enjoyed it a lot.  I cannot tell you how many strangers came up to us after it was all over and told us that she deserved to be in the top 5. (we thought so too :)). And how many strangers came up to us and told her how beautiful she looked and how her gown they thought was the pretiest up there.  I told Nicole if there was a category for the prettiest gown, she may have won that with all who said so lol.  I did not get a shot of the girl who did win, but her name was Hannah.  You could tell she wanted it bad!  

We are so Proud of Nicole and her achievements over this past year. She has really stepped out and tried new things.  A great outlook to an awesome future ahead.

We would also like to thank my friend Donna for lending us this dress (for the second time!).  Her daughter Dani wore this to her Prom and Nicole wore it a couple years ago to a Prom and now this. Donna was happy it was getting used!

No matter what, she is our Queen ~~~

George and I walked to the fair last night to check out how the fair entries did and to have some fair food for dinner. Hard to eat healthy at the fair, so I'm not even going to think of it this week.  Too much to enjoy, but I am being sensible :).   I did see that I won first place on my horse rug and second place on a punch needle piece I did.   What was really exciting was that one woman who hooked a cat head in fine cut and had scripture around the border of the rug won first place AND Best of Show!!  First time I have seen a rug take Best of Show at this fair. It is up against big quilts.  So Congrat's to Thelma!! Can't wait to see her and congratulate her!

Off to get ready to meet up with my friend Donna for lunch at the Fair during her lunch break from work. Hoping to come home and relax this afternoon. 


Orange Sink said...

OMG! Nicole is gorgeous! How proud you must be as parents!
I think she is a queen!
Congrats on the first prize for your rug Kathy! It is a beauty as well!
Way to go family!!!!
Cathy G

moosecraft said...

So pretty! What an experience for Nicole! Congrats on the ribbons for your entries!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Nicole certainly looks amazing! Congrats to you on your hooked rug prize!!!!

weaverpat said...

Nicole looks so lovely!! It must have been exciting to be among the contestants. Good job, Nicole!

Congratulations to you, Kathy on your prizes. Your horse rug deserved a First!

I didn't realize Thelma had gotten the kitty rug done. It is a beauty! I'm glad she got a Best in Show for it. I know she worked long and hard on it.

Kathleen said...


I've been reading your blog post but blogger hasn't let me post for months. I don't get it.

Nicole is as lovely as she can be and sure has an air of confidence about her in these photographs. Seems happy and that shines through.

And congrats on your horse rug. It's outstanding.

Kathleen in Central NJ...where the weather this evening is sublime.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
Congrats to Nicole for entering the pageant! She exudes confidence and is beautiful! So is her dress. I think if I ever tried to wear a strapless dress it would!
Congrats on your horse rug. (Mine is still not bound!)
Hugs :)

Alice said...

That was a sweet post! It sounds like Nicole has a good head on her shoulders and enjoyed the experience ~ probably good that the girl 'who really wanted' it, got to be queen!! It's wonderful that such a beautiful dress gets to be worn more than once!! And congratulations from me, too, on your rug prize!!!

Joanne said...

Congrats on your 1st and 2nd place on your rug and PN piece! But didn't YOU win Best of Show last year (miss Modesty!) on your rug? Nicole looked great and looked like she was having fun up there!

Fishgirl said...

I was wondering how Nicole made out - and such a lovely young lady. I can't help but remember her calls when we took our road trip to Detroit (VBG!). Congrats to everyone who took the time to enter thier work in the Fair! See you at South Mountain soon - Joan
PS I am really missing hooking today....

Beth said...

Nicole is a beautiful girl...inside and out (like her mom)!! Glad she went for it...her dress was def the prettiest I love that dress! Congrats on your rug winnings.. .I just love your horse rug.. you did an amazing job on it!

acorn hollow said...

your daughter is beautiful and good for her for stepping out of her comfort zone.
congrats on your rug and punch needles always exciting.

TeresaM said...

Hi Kathy!!!! I didn't realize your daughter was in the pagent.... she is beautiful!

I've been busy getting ready for Lititz and missed this post! I was anxious to talk to you about your punch needle that beat out my applique picture!!! LOL I reconized your piece as soon as I saw it! Just love that design!

Did you see my rug there? I saw yours......beautiful!!!