Sunday, July 17, 2011

Updates ~~~

Last week was somewhat of a blurr.  Lots going on right now and trying to keep things straight.  One is keeping my medicine straight. Have to adjust it again which means taking one dose one day and another dose the next.  I've got a nice calendar book (thank you Sharon) to keep these days straight. A daily pill box helps too. (started using one of those a loooong time ago when the brain became more and more foggier lol)  It will get straightened out one of these days!

The week at the shop went very fast.  Then Thursday came.  Another great turnout.  Even had a gentleman stop back in the afternoon, and I had him sitting and pulling loops!  Before he left that night, he bought a pattern and will be back to start picking his colors either next week, or the week after. Looking forward to having him back. 

Nancee has completed more on her rug. Just lovely!

Margo too. I'm anxious to see how the triangles are coming out for her. She's picked out some wonderful colors.

Genny finished the rug she is giving to her son Josh for his wedding which was yesterday. They had such beautiful weather. Can't wait to hear all about it!  Josh drew the pattern up for her.

Jill taking a break for some dinner. She got quite a bit done on her next flower.

Louise came with Willa and Tanya to spend some time with us.  Louise does such nice work on her penny rugs. She is making some stockings for Colonial Day.

Tanya was using up some of her worms to create some small mats.

And Willa creating some pieces too for Colonial day.

My pile is getting bigger on pieces I will have to finish off soon.  I'm just trying to keep on moving so I can get as much done as possible.

Friday morning we had someone come and power wash the house. Really needed it. It looks wonderful now, even the concrete on the front porch and the walk up to it. Wow, didn't realize how bad it was. Happy to say that the bird nest  with babies on the front porch nestled on top of a wreath I have hanging on the brick held up just fine. Momma bird was watching tentatively while he cleaned around it. It was the only thing I couldn't move off the porch.   When he left, I had some errands to run which took a bit of time, but it was such a beautiful day. I didn't mind being out in it.  
Our friends down the street called George and I over later on in the evening to sit and have a drink with them. It was a nice relaxing evening.

On Saturday, I was up early and out of the house by 9:00 to go meet up with my friend Beth to celebrate her Birthday which was a few weeks ago.  We had such a nice time shopping at some antique shops.  I could do that all day long!  In between, we stopped for lunch and then headed to one more before we were off to find the state park that was close by. Beth suggested that we bring something to work on for Colonial Day.  Sooo happy she suggested it.  What a beautiful day it was. We found one spot where we could sit under the roof and have all the shade. It was a memorial for Veterans.  Just sitting there, talking, listening to the birds and all the families in the distance.  What a beautiful day.  We were there for a couple hours.  Then it was starting to get late, so we headed back.  Stopped for some dinner and then went our separate ways.  Great day Beth!  Happy Birthday again......  :)

Here is what I brought home with me from our shopping.  The horse I picked up at Thymes Remembered. I had a balance on my gift certificate :).  I am thinking about using a tiny bit of shoe polish to tone him down just a bit and then will make a cover for his back. Haven't decided what yet.  Yo-yo's, wool applique piece, punch needle, rug hooked.  Will share once I decide.   The ticking is a yard of older thicker material. Nice aging to it, so it will come in handy for making things.  I know it's hard to see the smaller items, but the stoneware piece is made by my friend Becky Mummert. Was really happy to pick that one up!  It's a butter dish. Another small redware piece for setting around and the old board will be used for a punch needle piece.  Deciding what to do with the box. Love it!

Here is a piece I picked up not too long ago also.  Color is hard to see. I had to take some of these pictures with my phone. Charging my camera at the moment.   The color is a very nice old blue gray color.

Lots more going on in the next couple of weeks.  Our daughter is running for Fair Queen in our small town. Just saw a picture of her today in the paper along with all the other girls. So happy to see a lot of her friends doing it as well.  Win or not, I am just tickled that she is doing it. She is creating a lot of memories for herself!  Today she is off taking yet another test for EMT. She has passed her license, but this is for something else. I can't keep up with it lol.  Then tomorrow she will take her ASVAB test for the Coast Guard.  My stomach is tense for her, so I can just imagine how she is feeling.  So glad I'm not that young anymore.  Not sure if I could handle all the changes today from when I was younger.   Only advice I keep giving her is to keep her confidence level Up and do her best. What more can you ask of yourself? 

Tomorrow I am planning on heading out to Morgantown Pa to Finally use up a gift card that I got for my Birthday last year. Talk about making it last lol.  It is for a fabric shop called The Hayloft. Have been there before. It's awesome. I'm hoping Joanne can meet up with me.

Need to pick up around the house a bit, and then I think I'll be sitting for the rest of the night with my hook in hand! 

Enjoy the week ahead, and I hope there is relief for those who have not had rain. We haven't had much either, and could really use it.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
What a busy week you've had. You made me tired just reading!
All the rugs are wonderful but that one Nancee is hooking made my heart skip a beat!
Good luck to DD on her test. I'm betting she will do just fine.
Pug hugs :)

Joanne said...

Wow what a week - of course I will meet up with you tomorrow - just haven't emailed you yet - LOL! You don't have to ask me twice to get in my car and go somewhere! Where else do you want to go? Great finds! Good luck to NIcole

weaverpat said...

All that activity is more than I could handle. You seem to have boundless energy!
thanks for the Grant Street pictures.
Please tell Nicole that I am sending positive thoughts her way during all the testing. I hope she wins in the Fair Queen contest. I'll be checking the newspaper!

primitivebettys said...

It is always great to see all those stunning rugs!

That lil' pony you picked up is just TOO CUTE!

moosecraft said...

Wowie, Kathy! You are making my head spin! So much going on in your life and you're getting so much accomplished! Great finds on your day out with Beth! Nicole really is making some awesome memories for herself. She will do well with what she sets her mind to do! :-) Have fun at Hayloft with Joanne!!! I wanna play tooooooo!

Beth said...

Wow...busy lady as ususal!! Tell Nicole she will do fine on the ASVAB (Michael said it is very easy)!! Fair queen.. she would def make a beautiful one!!

Jake said...

You can't keep up with Nicole? I can't keep up with you!!! whew!!!! I wonder where she gets it from???

Hope you find some great things. I love the items you picked up already. I'm sure you'll find great things to do with them.

Nettie said...

Kathy.... Wow! What a busy lady, I am getting exhausted reading your blog.. I am like Pat, all that activity would wear me out... Best of luck to Nicole...
Miss you and hope to see you soon!