Friday, July 8, 2011

Spoiled ?? You tell me ~~

Yesterday was the hook in at Grant Street.  A very slow morning but picked up later in the afternoon.  Linda went out of town with her husband, Daughter and grandkids.  I was there to take care of the shop.   Was quite the rush in the morning for me since I had to stop and get some bloodwork done. Just glad it's all taken care of and looking forward to hearing the results next week. I'm sure the medicine will have to be adjusted yet again...  To keep the dogs cool, Linda suggested I bring them upstairs. It was a good idea, because it sure was hot out yesterday!

It was just me and Barb for the longest time in the morning, and then Diane came. Barb had to leave for a bit, but came back.  During this slow time, I was able to do some hooking. Just some.... because it was this...... If I didn't have a frame in my lap at all times, he was in it lol.

And this........

And then wanting you to feel sorry for him (no he's not dead lol).

Look at those pitiful eyes. It's like he is saying "Rick, where are you??"   And don't' worry Linda, Beau was fine and dandy. Just not in view to get a picture. He was making himself comfortable :).

So before Joan could sit and hook, I made sure to get a wide shot of her rug. So little to go!  Go Joan, Go Joan!!!  :)

Nancee came with a sigh of relief. (not just for her, but for me too.)  So glad she is happy with the colors she chose.  And wow, does it look wonderful in person!

And what a friend Nancee is!  She had this fan at home that her husband picked up somewhere a long time ago.  It cracks me up!  The neck adjusts.  I actually have it on right now while I'm typing lol.  My daughter came in and just laughed at me.  Thanks again Nancee :)

Barb was working on a quilt top, but that was early in the morning and I wasn't taking many pictures at that time.  Nancy is working on a purse pattern of hers.  Using up scraps.

A close up of it.

Jill was able to make it and brought along her latest rug.  Love your new hair cut Jill !!

Joan was helping her pick out some wool for her next flower and giving her some tips on the color planning process.

Diane is really moving along on her pig and shamrocks.

Bonnie and Jackie came later but didn't bring anything to work on. 

But Jackie did bring along her finished piece. Another gorgeous piece!

Like I said I was able to do some hooking.  I started this pumpkin on the 4th of July but didn't get very far.  So I was able to finish it and the background and then start the other little piece before I finally quit for the evening.

After all, there was more of this left to do.....

yep, I'd say he was spoiled... Spoiled rotten!!   

Took the morning to play with the blog a little.  Changed some things up with it.  Maybe it will keep me motivated to post more?  We'll see....  

Hoping each of you can have some down time this weekend to do something you enjoy ~~~


weaverpat said...

Hi Kathy,
Louie sure is having separation anxiety! What was Rick thinking, leaving his sidekick behind??? Shame!!!
Like the new header with the horse rug. Like the little mats too!

Julia said...

Hi Kathy, you sure made a great friend and it must have been warm having him sitting on you.

I love your horse rug and it looks great as a header.

Thanks for sharing all the nice pictures with us. I haven't had time to hook lately and only check up on blogs whenever I have a few minutes to spare when I take a wee rest in this heat.

You'll be ready for Halloween with that nice pumpkin rug. Have a great weekend Kathy and keep us up to date. JB

Joanne said...

Keeping the blog as neutral as they come eh? LOL Just teasing - Ahhh poor puppies - I can't believe they didn't go along! Missed being there!

moosecraft said...

I love the changes you did to the blog! That horse rug is gorgeous!!! Tell Nancee to sit and hook so I can see her pattern all nice and colored in! lol! Oh that poor little puppy.... he's going to be so happy when Linda and Rick get back... :-)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
LOVE your horse rug!!! I am so jealous. Mine is still not bound :(
Sure wish I could drop by again.
Pug hugs :)

Linda Keller said...

This dog is not spoiled in the least!!!! He has a crush on Kathy and Kathy has a crush on him. Does anybody here see a picture of my dog?????? I'll answer, and you won't in the future either!!!!!! My dog is white by the way and his name is Beau. He is a very nice dog, cute and sort of a loner. Not much for the limelight, sort of like his owner!!!!!!

Linda Keller said...

Your blog looks nice by the way

Nettie said...

HI Kathy....great blog ,and for Louie being spoiled, I think not....he just loves you girl..and I know why are so loveable...I love you too are a great friend ....and miss you and the girls....

Love Nettie