Sunday, August 7, 2011

Taking some time to update....

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope you are all resting on this day.  We have a nice rain going on right now. Not sure how long it will last, but I'm just enjoying the sound of it while I'm sitting here.  I hope you are getting rain where you are.

Thursday was another great fun filled day at Grant Street.   Joan came to join us and brought her rug that she has completed !  Fair week in her town is just a couple weeks away.  Can you say Blue Ribbon?, Can you say Best of Show????  I know I can !  It's a Beauty !

Joan also brought some wool that she had dyed. She is such a generous soul. I didn't get a shot of the blue that she gifted Linda with. But this one was gifted to Nancee. It's done with onion skins. Isn't it gorgeous??

And speaking of Nancee, now that you can see her lol.  She realized that she had put the wrong wool in for her bird.  I got a picture "in motion" of her ripping it out. I asked if I could do it lol. I have noooo problem ripping something out that I don't like.  I had more fun watching her do it!!

I'd say she's content  and happy now :)

And just look at how it's coming out!  She's finally starting to add a little of the background in. It's a mixture of dark blues.

Very neat hooker, wouldn't you say?

Doris made it out that day too. She was whipping her Adam and Eve rug which turned out very nice. Sorry I didn't get a picture.  Here Linda and Doris were going over some pictures that Linda took at Northern Workshop. 

And Linda was busy working most of the day on one of her workshop pieces. She hooked a lot. I know she will be done by the end of the month on this one.  Maybe next time she'll let me take a quick shot of it.

Joanne came out for the day as well. Always a bundle of laughs.  But she was busy, busy, busy whipping, whipping, whipping.  I know she complained of a sore butt quite a few times. I don't think she left her chair much!

What a gorgeous variety of whipping yarns in such a huge basket!  

And it was at just the right spot on the table....  This is how Joan and I had a conversation LOL

Jackie and Bonnie came in the evening, and here is Jackie's progress on her rug. Lovely!

And as for me?  Well, I have become more than a 10 minute rug hooker as of late.  When I get home from helping Linda during the day, I cook dinner and then sit my butt down. I am hooking until I go to bed.  Here is one yard of linen that I am just about done with. I have a little area that I can do something else.

In between all of this, I have also made a few pieces for an Anniversary swap we are having on our online ebay group, AAPG.  I need to get my package out tomorrow.  I will share what I did  after she receives it.

Today I'll be working on some punch needle.  George and I are going to be over his mom's house for an open house. I need something to work on! I can't just sit there.  Yesterday I was there doing the last minute cleaning and making the house presentable. We had the carpets professionally cleaned the previous day, and last week the painter finished up (thank you Nancy P for the recommendation of a painter. He did a wonderful job!).   Now her house is spotless and mine is a total mess. I just can't be in two places at one time :(.

I was pretty tired when it was all done. Ordered pizza for dinner and then back to hooking I went. I was able to finish the long piece on the left in the picture.  I sure am using up my worms!! 

Tomorrow I'm hoping to make it out to the Blue and Gray hook in. I haven't been there in quite a while. I should have some pictures to share if I go.  And today is the end to a 2 week vacation for George. His place had a 2 week shut down.  He keeps asking me when we will win the lottery. He said he can get used to retirement.  Would love for that to happen, but I guess you have to play the lottery first.  We do every once in a while when it's big, but no luck yet.

Well, time to get my body in gear. Have to draw up something for punch needle to take with me.


Joanne said...

Hope the OH was a success today. Funny pic with Joan in the basket - I would have moved it for you girls!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
Thanks for the rug show at Grant Street. I want to go back!
Your little mats are all so sweet. I love the green pumpkin guys.
I hope you got something ready to take to work on during the open house. I'm like you...I can't sit and do nothing.
Pug hugs :)

moosecraft said...

Thanks for all the eye candy this morning! Joan really knows how to dye beautiful wool! Jackie's rug is gorgeous! Love all those mats you are making for sale! The pumpkins are my favorite! Hopefully the Open House brought some prospects! Bob and I were on vacation last week... stayed home all week and got some home stuff done and some hobby stuff. Yes, we sure could get used to retirement too! :-) I played the lotto for tonight and tomorrow night... ;-)

DJ's Farmette said...

Joan and Jackies! And nancee needs to sell that pattern..I love it! Missed you guys this week!