Sunday, August 9, 2009

Winding down from a busy few days..

Went to Grant Street Woolworks on Thursday to do some hooking. But I had to do some running first with Nicole to find her some clothes to wear for her new job. That took quite some time. By the time I got to Linda's, it was dinner time. I made dinner for my family and then left, not eating anything. Linda had some food there and I said no at first, but the stomach got the best of me, so I had a sandwich and then some dessert. Oh, and then some more dessert lol. I'm so bad....

I never even pulled what I brought to work on out of my bag. We just sat and talked and talked and talked. When I got there, Doris and Pat were there with Linda. Then later on Cheryl came. Time sure flew by and before I knew it, it was getting really late. I had to get up early to go see Joanne the next day. I was up by 5:00 the next morning to shower and then grab a quick bite before heading out to Schwenksville, Pa. It "would" have taken me a little less time, but of course, I missed a turn. The signs on the highway weren't saying exactly what I had on my paper, so I got off another exit or 2 down the road. Called Joanne, and she talked me through it.

I got to meet Joanne's "guys". Miles, Riley and Jonesy. And then later on I was able to meet her husband Phil when he got home from work. Was able to snap just one picture of Jonesy. They all have their own personality, and it was fun watching how they each were. And they are even cuter in person. Here's Jonesy. Never did get a pic of the others. We left her house and went to the 4H fabric fair. I never even thought of taking a picture of what I brought home. I am on a roll with putting things away, and that's exactly what I did! I came home with a magazine for beginner quilters. A couple templates for quilting, a piece of neutral flannel for backing my pn pieces, and a few other scraps of fabric. It was fun. I'm thinking we went to lunch after this. The day was so full, I forget the sequence. Doesn't matter though. Lunch was delicious. Ate at some pizza place that had a menu which was a book! So hard to choose what to eat! Then Joanne took me to The Cinnamon Stick which was soo nice. Very prim store and I had fun looking around in there. Came home with a couple candles. You can find Judy's blog here.

Right next door, was a store called Homespun . I ran in there real quick and found a really cute piece of cotton fabric, some teeny tiny rusted bells, and some prairie cloth. Again, I put everything away already!

From there Joanne took me to the Goschenhoppen Folk Festival.
There was lots to see, and it was such a gorgeous day to walk around and be outside. I had a wonderful time. Here is some of what we saw.

I'm always attracted the the stitchery, and I thought I had taken a shot of some really pretty drawn work, but I guess I didn't. Here is some stitchery though.

Girls weaving straw
And then it was being made into a hat.

She was wearing a lovely pocket and let me take a picture of it.
There was a bee keeper..

And lots of remedies written down that included some honey and herbs. I just thought these bottles were too cute!

Some wood carving and painting..
Even the little ones were dressed up. This one was just plum tuckered out! His mom was weaving corn husks. You can see some laying on the ground. She said I could take a picture of him. Too cute..
Some lovely quilts being made.

They were demonstraing some of the food that they cooked, and I was able to sample a piece of Potato candy. Never heard of such a thing. It was something sweet for the kids made with left over mashed potatoes, some butter and confectioners sugar. It was rolled into tiny balls. And I have to say they were very sweet!

Not quite sure what Joanne was looking for here..... She was hunting for something....
Aaaaah yes, now I know what it was..... And she found it too!!! I can now say my summer has been fullfilled. I've had my funnel cake. Missed having one at our local Fair this year.
And there she goes again, pointing that finger at me lol. Honestly, I behaved myself!

We had a great time. Thanks for taking me Joanne. Afterwards we went back to her house and looked through some of her patterns to see what she will start next. Did you figure it out yet Joanne? She had so many nice ones. I'd have a hard time choosing too! Joanne gave me directions back to the Hayloft store. Made it there with a few minutes to spare before they closed and got some cotton fabric. The turnpike is right down the road from there, so I was on my way after that. A very long day for me. But so worth it!!

I chilled out all day Saturday. Worked on a penny rug stocking. And then was able to finish it up today after church. I am putting it in the South Mountain Fair which is coming up in a couple weeks.

I also made this tiny cross stitch a few days ago for the Fair as well. I'm going to work on a pn piece next. So I'm keeping busy, but it was nice to relax a bit too. Tomorrow is hooking out at Blue and Gray near Gettysburg. Not sure what I'll be taking. I'm thinking I may draw up another small piece to hook for the show that is coming up.

Forgot to add that I won a Bingo game on our online group AAPG. Jo was the one who ran it this time and she sent me these wonderful gifts for winning. It was a Christmas in July theme. There was a really sweet wool strip holder made out of Christmas fabric, a can of cocoa which it seems "everyone" but me has in their cupboard lol, a sweet card and a pn kit! Thank you Jo again for your generosity!
Sure hope you all had a wonderful weekend.!!


WoolenSails said...

Looks like you and Joanne had a great time and lots of fun things to see and do.


weaverpat said...

You and Joanne sure had a day of fun! I've always wanted to go to the Goschenhoppen Festival but Zip thinks anything out of the county is the ends of the earth! LOL!
Let me know when you're ready for the quilting lesson!

Anonymous said...

That festival looks like so much fun! Its good to see you are doing well!

Joanne said...

Love that stocking Kathy - and your Xtitch - wowser you get things done when you put your mind to them don't you! So glad you ventured out this way! It was a great day and beautiful weather for a change as it usually rains when we get together! LOL!

Doris said...

That fair sure looks like fun. Wish I could go to things like that. It was good to see you on Thursday - won't be at blue and grey - maybe you could tell them why. Love your xmas stocking!