Friday, August 28, 2009

not so much this week

Each day this week seemed to keep me from getting things done. A little was burnout, and a little was doctor's appointments, hair appointments, etc. But that's ok. These things have to get done too.
Yesterday however was the hook-in again at Grant Street Woolworks. Honestly, if you are in the area and want to come, you should. Nice lighting, lots of laughter, lots of wool and patterns to look through if you are in need (or just have to have!). If you need any information, please contact me, and I'd be happy to help.
Joanne came out again yesterday. The girl likes to travel! We went out to lunch before hand and even stopped at a couple yard sales on the way. And wouldn't you know it? Joanne found a rug hook for .25!! Lucky gal! We were wondering where all the other stuff that went with it was lol.
When we got to Linda's, Pat, Marion, Doris and Tracy were there. I think Tracy has been there before, but this was the first time I have been there when she was. So nice to see a full room! Joanne had made a creamsicle cake for Linda as a thankyou for sewing her pillow for her last week. Oh MY GOODNESS. Was it wonderful. Thank you Joanne, and Thank you Linda for sharing it with us lol.

Here is Marion, Pat and Tracy with her back to the camera. They were deep into conversation when I got there. But I had to get my pictures taken early so I wouldn't forget.
And it's too funny when one camera comes out, they ALL come out. As you can see lol...

Pat is just about done with her checkerboard rug. I can see her and her husband playing a game of checkers real soon! Pat even said by the weekend that she'd be starting something else. Can't wait to see what it is. If it's the fruit basket, I can't wait to see what colors she dyes...

Marion is just about done with hers too! Never did ask her what her next project is. Marion, I tried emailing you a picture. You must have changed your email address. It got bounced back to me. Email me and I'll send it to you.

And Tracy is doing this large rug. Isn't it wonderful? Very cute pattern!

Doris and Joanne were talking about Joanne's frame and stand. The stand folds up and fits into a little tote bag. Great piece for traveling with.

Just another shot of everyone ....

And here is a rug that Linda has not finished. But she will.................. (if we have anything to say about it!)
The kind soul that Joanne is, she was working on finishing a few pieces for a friend. How wonderful is that? We all have our own unfinished projects, and here she is helping out a friend. And there are many that she is doing for her. This was just one of them. I didn't get a shot of the other one she was doing with a sheep. All she has to do is whip this one now. Way to go Joanne!

And Louis, well he loves his sheep. I didn't see how he got up on this table. He's a little kangaroo.... First time he ever did this too Linda said. You can see the sheep on the top shelf. He never did get it. I put him down on the floor. It's just too funny.
Today I was supposed to go to my dye group over Joan's house. But I got a phone call this morning from my mil. She wasn't doing very well, and needed me. I ended up calling an ambulance since there was no way I could get her in the car to take her myself. We weren't sure if she fractured her arm or not. Thank God, after an xray, we found out she didn't. That's a huge praise. She does however have tendonitis. The doctor said her bursa was filled with a lot of fluid. Now when I did research, I thought this was known as bursitis. But the doctor said tendonitis. Anyway, she was in a lot of pain, and we got her some help for it. She's back at her home and is resting her arm. I'm sure she'll be feeling better soon.
I did manage to go over to Joan's to pick up our stuff from the fair that she so graciously went and got for me because I had a major brain fart.. I got to see what they were doing today. Some gorgeous spot dyeing and they were working on braiding for our current project. I was watching Nancy doing her braid, and she was concentrating really hard. We weren't allowed to talk with her lol. Wish I had my camera!! Sure wish I could have stayed a little longer. Next month!
Tomorrow is our annual Cornfest here in Shippensburg, Pa. Nicole and I will head out early. We will walk there. It's a little over a mile. We do it every year. Then I will go back again in the afternoon with my friend Donna and maybe Lucy will be joining us. Rachel can't make it this year. Hope you are feeling better Rachel! Just praying for no rain. If it does, we'll just have to walk with our umbrellas. It's rained in the past and people still lined the streets. There are usually over 200 vendors lining the main street. Nicole and I are patiently waiting for our butterfly potatoes. Can't wait!!
Wishing everyone a relaxing weekend. .....


Doris said...

Hi Kathy - sorry I didn't get a chance to talk with you on Thursday. Traci and I arrived before Linda in the morning! We both had a great time - I look forward to the next time.

Mary said...

Hi Kathy-Boy it sounds like you guys have so much fun! Hope the rain holds off for you. I've been reading about the corn fest in the paper this week. Sounds like a great festival. We were going to try to go to the Spud Fest (it must be vegetable week around here!) at the Rural Heritage Museum but not sure the weather is going to cooperate for the kids to pick up the potatoes. Sounds like it could me a mud bog!!!