Friday, August 21, 2009

It's Friday, and that aint no "Bull"

Yep, it's Friday (and I'll get to the part where it aint no "bull"). Busy, busy week. It started out by me helping out at the Fair. I did that Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I help out in the needlework section..lucky me.... It was hot, hot, hot, and the gnats and flies were trying just as hard to survive. OR, they were just hoping we would swat them and put them out of their misery. Here's Mike, bad back and all, hanging the quilts. He had some great helpers. I hope he is feeling better. You can see how hot it was.

Joan was shushing the bugs away by blowing. We ALL were. Got her all puckered up lol. I would say everything went pretty smoothly minus a few bumps in the way, but we got everything registered, checked and rechecked, judged by the judges and then displayed for the public to see. It was fun, and I do enjoy it. (I even won a few ribbons myself...)

Wednesday, I had a lot of catching up to do on the cleaning since I was busy the previous days. And Joanne was coming on Thursday to spend the day and go hooking with me at Linda's. Wednesday night I was able to finish putting together some more of the little 3x5 pillows I hooked up. I took the other 6 with me to Linda's to finish. That was the plan anyway.

Joanne came to my house yesterday and she brought me something. Ok, before I start here, I have to ask you all. How many of you have cocoa (the Hershey's in a can for baking) in your cupboard? Well, apparently everyone does but me. Well, now I do, I had a can sent to me by Jo lol. I think Joanne thought I was from Mars when I said I didn't have any. Sooo, she made me an honest to goodness chocolate cake, Made from Scratch!! The icing too! Ok, I know that's not unusual, but she made it for me, and it's not even my birthday lol. That was very sweet of her. And on top of this cake were little candy Bulls! Ok, not really. They were little cows. After I made fun of myself in an earlier post about thinking that a cow was a bull because it was black, I have been the butt of jokes ever since. I don't care though. I think it's funny too! Soo, I was calling them little bulls all night long. Here is a shot of the cake, and let me tell you! Joanne is an awesome baker. Will have to get the recipe..... Thank you Joanne for making it.. I took it along to Linda's and shared it. But you better believe I brought it back with me lol. I'm doing everything I can not to take a bite of it today. Will wait until after dinner! Oh, and Joanne, Nicole has cleaned up the sides real nice she said. I looked at it, and any icing that had fallen off into the pan, she did a good job of eating it lol. Before we went to Linda's, I asked Joanne if we could stop at Joanne Fabrics. I had an idea about covering my bulletin board for my wool room.. We stopped in the Goodwill first that was right next door. I lucked out with a redware plate made by my friend Becky Mummert. I was so surprised to see it. Not a scratch on it. It has Becky's name on the back and the year 2003. So, Becky, if you are reading this, I saved it and brought it home with me! Also got a little windsor back chair. Not sure what I will do with it yet, but thought it was cute.
When we got to Linda's, Pat was there and her daughter in law Kami. So were Madeline and Seth, Linda's grandchildren. Madeline was in the middle of drawing up a pattern for herself. She is 10 years old I believe. Seth was off running around with his gun shooting q-tips. He was having fun all by himself. Seth is 7.

Pat was working on her checkerboard rug. Oh my, it's soo nice. I love everything about it. I got her hooking and smiling away at something, and then the next shot is a close up of her rug. You can see Madeline in the background here already starting to hook on the pattern she drew up.
Love the goldish color around the tree....

Linda hardly ever sits still when we are there, but she was determined to finish this chair pad for the shop.

And she DID!!!!!! Way to go Linda!!!

Here is the progress in just a short amount of time that Madeline did on her rug. She got her gourd done and was starting on her pumpkin. She took a little break and showed me the dress that Linda wore 40 something years ago. Too cute!

Jill and Beth came, and they are always so funny. I envy their relationship as sisters. I don't have any sisters, but am truly Blessed with so many girlfriends that I consider them all sisters to me. Love this shot of them!!

Jill was working on her basket of flowers and is just about done. She has opted not to do the border but to frame it by adding some rows of red around the outside. Great work Jill!! And hmmphhh, I didn't get a shot of Beth's snowman. Next time Beth!

A few things were changed after this picture and it really made a difference. Never did get another shot. Will get one when she's all finished!

Seth was still busy occupying himself!!

Joanne had brought along a pillow kit to work on. She was busy, busy, busy...
Checking out the picture she got with the kit.

She's a very fast hooker! She got it all done, and then Linda helped Joanne by sewing it on her machine, and then started stuffing it.

Joanne was helping pull the stuffing apart and Seth was out of the picture, but he was having fun too.
Here it is all completed!! Isn't it cute??

Ok, I may have taken quite a few pictures, but I did get some work done too. I was able to complete the other 6 pillows done while I was there. Here they all are.

Today I had some running around to do with Nicole and then I thought I would paint my bulletin board. Linda had graciously given me a piece of fabric from her shop that I thought would look good on it. She told me to bring it by on Monday to have her serge it. But I was impatient today and gave it a tight zig zag around the ede, and voila!
It's all done and hung up!!! I even got my buttons out and thumb tacks. I hot glued them on to the buttons. I sanded the edges of the frame slightly to age it. Thank you Linda!! I will use the extra piece I cut off to wrap something else in the room or maybe use it for the tabs for my window curtain I want to make. We'll see.

So it's Friday, and I'm all caught up on what I wanted to accomplish. Great feeling. Have some other projects lined up for the weekend. It's our retreat weekend on our online group AAPG. This month's theme is sewies. I most likely won't post till Monday.....I'll be busy.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and I hope you get things done that are on your own list....


moosecraft said...

How kewl is that noteboard?!?!? I LOVE it! Buttons on the pushpins is a great idea! Look at Joanne zoom away with that hook! Can't believe she hooked that pillow in one hook-in! And, it looks fabulous! Hafta find out where she got the kit... Congrats on the fair ribbons! Let us know which pieces won what? Hmmm? Oh yah... I think I'd like a piece of that "bull" too! LOL! ;-

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Loved your post and you are certainly lucky to be surrounded by others who love the same thing you do:)There rug hooking is just amazing and I do like the snowman one also your neat pillows!

The cake looks just so wonderful and so nice of her to make it for you.

Have a wonderful weekend.

debra said...

There is no better friend than one who brings you chocolate!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
It looks like you always have a great time with your hookin' buddies! Love your little pillows ~ no bull! Thanks for sharing.
Pug hugs :)

Joanne said...

Kathy - you are a CRAZY WOMAN - and that's not BULL! oH MY Goodness I cannot believe (yeah maybe I can) you finished that bulletin board - I love love love it! I want one! Love the buttons on the tacks too!

Doris said...

Seems like I missed a really good time at Linda's. SO SORRY!!! Love all your projects and congrats on the fair ribbons. I don't know how you get so much done - wish I had your energy. See you soon.

kelley said...

bwaaaa....I want to live by you and hook with this wonderful gang...the noteboard is awesome...

Beth said...

you are one crazy girl!!! the bulleting board is awesome i bet you could make them and sell them.. so cute... jill and i laughing .. oh please... chubby cheeks so happy!! LOL!!! by the way i forgot to tell joanne i loved her shirt.. to cute.. did she dye it herself?