Monday, August 17, 2009

Loving this weather

I know, I know it's too hot for some. Even me (at times), but it just feels good... Have been real busy working steadily for the show. Everything just takes time, and of course I'm feeling the crunch time of it all. I want to do so much and I know I'll run out of time and energy.
Saturday we went to my husbands work for a few hours. They were having what they call Power Day. Stuff for the kiddies, a car show, food, music, a tour of the plant, etc. It was all outside. Hot but nice out. We had a very nice time. I only took one picture and that was of my daughter showing us how much she wants one of these crotch rockets lol. We just say...Um, No! She's such a goof.. After we got home, I worked some more on my little 3x5 pillows. I was able to finish up the hooking of them before I went to bed that night. Will take a picture after they are all put together.
Yesterday was church and then afterwards I helped out with the registration for the South Mountain Fair. I have to go back this afternoon to help with more of that, and then tomorrow I'll be there from 8 till ? It's judging day tomorrow and there is a lot of work that goes into it. I do like helping out though. A wonderful group of people to work with. Thanks to Joan for getting me to volunteer a few years back.
After dinner last night, I really wasn't in the mood to do anything, but thought I'd be wasting my time if I just sat still. The heat and the gnats at the Fair wore me out~ So I cut apart all the pillows, and zig zagged around them and actually got one put together and stuffed.
Also on Saturday, the AAPG online group had their one year Anniversary~ Congrat's Kelley, for starting it up, and for everyone making it work so well~ !! They had an online party with some guessing games, and how well do you know each other. It was fun. Lots of laughs! They talked about an Anniversary Wool Toss... throwing some wool worms up in the air like confetti. That gave Kelley the idea of a worm swap. So we signed up for it and she gave us a person to send a box of our worms too. I've got mine all ready. Will ship it out today or tomorrow. So Rhonda be on the look out!
Joanne is coming out on Thursday to go hooking with me at Linda's. Looking forward to seeing her, and I know Linda and Pat will too! Hope we get a good turn out.
Hope to have some pictures to share on my next post. (I'm sure there will be lol). If you aren't liking this weather too much, I hope you are staying cool... Enjoy your week~


weaverpat said...

Hi Kathy, can't wait till Thurs. to see you and Joanne. It should be a fun day!

Joanne said...

Oh Kathy - I so wish I could share the sentiment in your title - Iffen I was on the beach - yes then I would be "loving this weather" - other than that - blahckhhhh. Looking forward to Thursday - going to rest up for all the laughs and fun!

Beth said...

your daughter is so crazy.. she seems like so much fun!!! (like her mom)!!!

Doris said...

Hi Kathy - I agree with Joanne - this weather is only fit for the beach - Eloise hates it - just lays on the foot of the bed and acts like the heat and humidity is my fault (LOL)

Shanda said...

Fall arrived here last night along woith severe storms, not heat for us and my pool is a mess right now and needs cleaning so bad since I have been hurt. It's too cold to even get in the water right now, send me some summer.