Monday, August 24, 2009

Sewie weekend

I was really looking forward to this past weekend for our online retreat. Wasn't the best weekend for me, and am happy to look forward to a better week. Saturday I ended up with a migraine, something that hasn't happened for quite some time. Was more nauseous this time than any other time it has happened. I picked a Stacy Nash pattern that I had to work on. It was on 32 ct. linen and it was a struggle at times for me to stitch. I took many breaks. I was quite happy frankly when Saturday was over. Woke up Sunday feeling like I was beaten up from the inside out, and really didn't want to go to church, but I did. At least the pain was gone, just feeling blah. Came home, cleaned up the kitchen, got the meatballs in the crockpot so they would be ready for dinner and then sat to finish the stitching. It was a slow moving afternoon, but that was ok. Until I realized something, and then I was a frantic lunatic. I was supposed to pick up our items from the Fair between 2 and 4. During registration, I repeated that over and over again to each person who brought something in. Don't forget to pick up your stuff~

Well, it was now close to 5:00. I live almost a half hour away. No way did I think they were still there. I called my friend Joan who lives near there and she thought they would be gone too. So I called Caroline who we worked with who was in charge and left a message on her machine. I was not concerned about my items. I was concerned more for my daughters stuff which was in a different department. I called myself some pretty harsh words and was just more dumbfounded that I would even forget. The phone rang and it was Joan (Dear, Dear Joan...Still love you!!) She had gone over to the Fair and Caroline was still there and was able to get all our stuff and it is now over her house waiting for me. I will be going over there on Friday for our dye group (I laughed and told her I hope I remember to come!!) I beat myself up pretty good yesterday and then finally found some peace. So there, it is over with, and behind me. Nuff said!!

So I slowly worked on putting my sewie together. Nothing was machine stitched. All hand sewn together. Learned a few things from this one. It was a lot larger than I thought it would be. From the picture (and not reading the dimensions lol) I thought it would be smaller. With the bird it is around 8" tall,. The base is a little less than 5" tall and a little less than 4" wide. I started to stuff it with some cotton stuffing I have that I really like, but the linen is so giving, and it was still lumpy to me. So I pulled it all out and used some walnut shells, which is some bird litter I had. Used a funnel and with patience, filled it up. The directions said to use a dowel and cut a slit in the top of the pin cushion and the bottom of the bird and put glue on each end of the dowel. Didn't want to do that, so I stitched the bird onto the top instead. I am pleased with it. Not sure yet if I'll keep it all year round in the wool room or just use it for Fall decoration. It has the word Harvest all the way around.

So there it is. Oh, and what is that I see sitting next to it? Why yes, those are my stubs to pick up my Fair items LOL.

I also finished whipping my circle mats on Friday. I have the labels ready to sew on today.
Also received a package on Saturday from Deirdre. She had my name in the Anniversary Wool Toss on AAPG. We were to send a box of worms to each other. Thank you so much Deirdre! Can't wait to use them up!!

We also had a little passing in our family. We discovered Sammy had passed away. Nicole had 2 hamsters. One a Dwarf and the other a Teddy Bear. Sammy was the Dwarf hamster. Cutest little thing. Not one that liked to be held. Valentino (the teddy bear) likes to be held and doesn't mind it. This was back when she was just a baby. Never grew much more either. She will be missed.. Another reason why I don't have pets. Even teared up over this! lol. sad....... Off to get my day going here. Looking forward to a productive week. Hope yours will be one too! Happy Monday to you all!


Beth C. said...

That is sad about Sammy.

Joanne said...

Oh poor Sammy! That is sad.

Your pin cushion looks wonderful Better hide it if i stop by!

Glad you are feeling better and about forgetting - Jonesy said don't sweat it - he said he forgets all the time that he's not supposed to walk across the kitchen counter! He said for some reason even 20 seconds after he's told he can't seem to remember and he's a LOT younger than you!

Anonymous said...

Kathy, I had the same kind of miagraine on Sunday...i feel like i was beaten up today!! I threw up twice..and i couldn't stitch on anything. I did make it to church...but after that the day was a blur.... I had 2 thigns i culd have worked on and i just kept glancing across the room at it!!!! I HATE DAYS LIKE THAT!!! UUGGHH I'm sooo glad it is over.

WoolenSails said...

Looks like you got a lot done.
Sad about Sammy. We never had luck with small pets when our kids were young, so I gave up.


Anonymous said...

Your pin cushion is so beautiful Kathy!! Deidre sent you some yummy woolies for our woolie worm swap :)
I am so sorry to hear about Sammy, so sad :(

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

Sorry to hear about Sammy.

You are so ambitious, I can't believe all the projects you get done!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.