Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Road Trip...

It was a road trip for me that is.. I went out to see Joanne yesterday. We met up in Morgantown, Pa at a store called Hayloft Fabrics. Took me a little less than 2 hours. Not bad at all. I just parked my car there, and we were on our way. That was going to be our last place we stopped for the day since they were opened the latest.

Oh my, Joanne took me all over the place, and I can't remember all the names of the places, but she wrote about it on her blog. We went to a rug hooking/yarn shop, thrift stores, fabric warehouse, primitive stores, antique stores. It was wonderful~!! How I so wish we had stores like that around here. Stopped for a bite for lunch, and then Joanne treated me to a delicious ice cream cone. Sure hit the spot. Such a grey day, but the rain held off which was great. We had a good time.

We got silly at a few places. I saw these wooden letters. There weren't many to choose from, but it spelled out a bad word, actually just part of a bad word. Now Joanne teased me about it, but she understood what I was spelling out, so that makes her just as bad LOL. Since she tattled on me on her blog about my letters, I have to tell you one thing that Joanne has a habit of doing. I think this girl has a fettish for head dressings lol. Seriously, No matter what she picked up, she was trying to put it on her head. I got a good giggle out of that and just wish I could have been quicker with my camera. She saw my hand going into my pocket book and that was it LOL. She told me her mom told her she used to put things on her head when she was younger. Guess she hasn't outgrown it! I did snap a picture of her at Pizza Hut, but she had her hand in front of her and it didn't come out to great. So I'll get some good pic's of her next time!!

I behaved myself with the shopping. Could have bought a ton of things. At the one church thrift store, I bought a couple skeins of floss a square wooden frame (yes Beth, I know. I don't need any more frames lol. But I like the square hard to find sizes, and it was only .40). And I also got a deal (steal) on a needle felting starter kit for $2.00, brand new! Linda says she may give a little class on it and I'll be set for it if she does. I have some roving left from Pat when she gave me some a while back. At another thrift store, I found a small rolled up piece of homespun for .50 and I stood in line behind a woman who was buying a LOT. Can't believe I stood in line for that one item. When the woman in front of me was done, the woman running the register just looked at me and said "no.... you waited in line just for that" lol? Yep, I guess I did. A bargain is a bargain.

The one fabric warehouse was HUGE. They had one section of wool, but it was mostly wool blends. The rest of the place had just bolts and bolts of fabric. Joanne has a shot on her blog of it.

At the Hayloft Fabrics I was amazed at the set up in that place. It's a grocery store and upstairs is the fabric. But it's a loft that you can look down and see everyone doing their grocery shopping. Too funny. The woman who cut the fabric was telling us they have something like 8,000 bolts of fabric. It is soooo well organized. I picked out a few prints to use for my pn pieces. I could have gone crazy in this store, OH MY. I just bought half yard pieces and some cording because it was so cheap. So see, I did behave myself. (pssst, plus it's another reason to go back out there again if I want more lol). I'm not that dumb.

It was a great day, with great shopping, and great company. Thanks Joanne, for doing the driving and showing me the sites! It was funny, at a few places, I kept saying I swear I've been here before. Then it hit me. A few years, actually more than a few years I think, I went out to meet up with Beth, and she took me all over the place too. And sure enough, some of the places that Joanne took me, were the same ones that Beth and I had been too. Soooo odd though, because it's been so long. Felt like De'ja vu. Just my crazy old mind remembering for a change LOL.

Oh, and I forgot. When I first met up with Joanne in the parking lot, she opened her trunk. I had a bag of wool I was giving to her to give to a friend and she had some things in her trunk that she was going to drop off at the thrift store since we were going there anyway. Well, I came away a winner from that too! She had some dvd's that we can watch, and a pair of lamps! I just need to get the shades. I'm so thrilled. If there is one thing there is never enough of in our house, it's light! I'm hoping to put one in my new wool room. Not sure if I will paint them or not.

And speaking of my new room. My, oh my, have I been busy. I finished painting the room on Sunday. Then I cleaned it up and was ready to start moving the stuff in. I'm going to leave it at that, and talk about it in my next post. I'll have pictures then.

That's where I'm headed now. Up to finish some more. I did head out to the Fair this morning. Today was the craft day and kiddie day (where they ride all the rides for one price). Glad I don't have to do that anymore. Just wanted to check out the crafts. Disappointed in a way. There are fewer and fewer each year. Came home with nothing. I was going to go over to the building where the home products were, but hey didn't open until 10:00. So I came home. I did run into a friend who told me I had a Blue ribbon on one of my rugs. When she saw that I was surprised, she said "you haven't been over there yet, have you"? I said no. She said she wasn't going to tell me what else I got lol. So I may go tonight or wait till tomorrow to go look at everything. I want to see how many other hooked rugs were put in, and too look at all the handy work. Love just seeing what others come up with. I did see when I registered my things on Monday that there were a few hooked pieces from people I know. Can't wait to get a better look!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I hope you all do something with your hands today to keep busy......


weaverpat said...

Hi Kathy,

I left a comment on Joanne's blog about how I can't wait to drag Zip to Lancaster County! LOL!!! Your trip sounded like the best time ever! My Mom and my sister and I used to go there antiquing, but since Mom is older, we don't any more. I bet there was as much laughing as shopping!

Beth said...

thanks for the encouragement to keep our hands busy today (does that mean eating junk food)??!! more computers = less crafts, thats my theory!! LOL!!! cant wait to see your new room all fixed up, im sure its beautiful!!

Joanne said...

Me - I'll never admit to putting a squirrel catcher on my head! hahahahah AT least I don't spell out bad words in the french version!

Hey Pat - we were in the Morgantown area - didn't even get Kathy to the Lancaster area shops yet! Sounds like you two need to make a road trip to visit me again!