Friday, July 24, 2009

All cleaned up and even a place to sit!

Oh boy, what a week it's been cleaning and organizing, but it's done. Well, just about. I need to personalize it now with a curtain for the window, and I need a lampshade yet. My husband will be putting the closet door back on this weekend, and I want to paint the wood on the trim of a bulletin board before I bring it in there and hang it up. A couple pictures need to go up also. So there is a little more to do. BUT, the organizing is D.O.N.E.!!!

I have worked each day and into the night going through every hand full of items I brought into the new room. A decision needed to be made to keep it, give it away, or trash it. When the painting was done, and it was time to bring the cubes in, I just stood there and stared at them for quite some time thinking "how in the heck am I going to do this" lol? So I started at one end and took the wool out of a few cubes and started to disassemble the cubes. They certainly are boogers to take apart and get back together. Had some growling moments where I think my husband was even concerned. He came in to check on me lol. I'm going to do the posting different here of the pictures. I'm going to show you the "after" first!
This is just across the hall from the old room which was approximately an 8x10 room. The new room is approximately 10x11. It was a pale purple before I painted it a grey green. I really like the color. And (Hey Joan) it's NOT beige LOL. I even hung my clock that my mil painted me a number of years back. Fits nice with this room. I have decided to make a valance for the window out of a piece of black wool. I will applique something onto it and hang it from tabs. I went out shopping today for fabric, and nothing struck my fancy. Cheaper and more personable if I make it myself. I am also down to one of those racks on the table for my paints. Which I may or may not have my husband hang on the wall there next to the window. Have decided this week, that my tole painting days are in the past and I kept just what I thought I would use. The rest I am going to sell.

Here my cubes are all reassembled in a different pattern. Was one cube short. I want to add one more to the far corner next to the oval box on the top right. Will look more uniform with the other side. I'm hoping to find one at a yard sale or something, rather than buying a whole other box. Now I have room on the walls to hang some rugs, pictures, etc. That is exciting to me. Will feel more like a room! I went through each piece of wool that I had. And did THAT take TIME!

Here is the closet. Nicole only used one of her dressers and luckily it fit into here perfectly. Holds my foundations, and other stuff. I even went through each tiny drawer on that red organizer on top of the dresser. George will hang the closet door this weekend. She was using beads on there, and it's been out in the garage all this time. George is happy that will be one more thing out of there lol.
These 2 cabinets are very old. My husbands older brother used them in his bedroom when he was younger and he was 17 years older than my husband. It's been so many different colors. I even used them for Nicole when she was younger for her clothes. It was orange at that time, and I stripped it and painted them white. Now I have them, and they are knicked here and there. But I like the knicks lol. I have some books, my dye recipes, muslin, and other items in there all neat and tidy! The frame on top, I picked up a long time ago. It swivels on the stand. I want to put a penny rug design in there. The file cart has all my dye books, patterns, which would be x stitch, penny rugs, sewing stuff, all in order. I'm just so tickled LOL. Oh, and I just realized what else I need in this room. A new switch plate. I see Nicole's horse one is still on there lol.

Ok, now this is the embarassing part lol. Here is the room that I used to be in. THIS is WHY I had to do something. Who could do anything in there? Let alone find anything! Any time I walked into the house with something, upstairs it went, I looked for a place to put it, NEVER found one, and it ended up on the floor, or on the table, on top of something else that never got put away. Just a vicious cycle I tell ya! Out of control, for sure! When we were doing Nicole's new room over, we had to put the headboard where? Yep, in my room. I had to move it so I could get some more shots. I'm surprised I never broke my neck. Now just imagine emptying this all OUT!! I still can't believe I got it done.

Oh wait, it just keeps getting worse. No wonder there was no motivation. Nothing to inspire me that's for sure. Would you be inspired lol? This is what I had to look at and wonder "where do I start".

Here is that room cleared out. I've got some piles to give here and there. And the pictures and bulletin board will come in the new room. The closet in this room is still piled up. But that has my wooden items, picture frames etc. Just needs a good going through and organizing in that, but at least I can close the closet door now. Couldn't do that before LOL!
I even opted out of going to my dye group today so I could finish. Joan emailed to say that she had a cleaning emergency so had to cancel the group anyway. It got me to thinking if she got flooded out or not with all this heavy rain we've been having. She lives between 2 creeks. Joan, I hope all is well over there. And please let me know if I can help you out in any way.

Tonight we went over to our local Fair to check things out. It's been going on all week. But most nights, it's poured so hard here, that we couldn't go. Tonight we got to see how Nicole and I did with our entries. Here and I were happy to see that she won a 1st Place and a 3rd Place. And I came away with (5) 1st Places (2) 2nd Places and (1) 3rd Place. Just so much fun to walk around and see what everyone else has made. Nice to see that there were a few other hooked pieces as well.

This weekend is retreat weekend with our online group. Theme this month is pumpkins. I have a pattern all drawn out for it and wools picked out. I did that today. (in my nice clean room) LOL, can you tell I'm excited? Nicole came in there while I was drawing it out and asked me to hem a pair of shorts for her. I told her to watch this! I walked over and got the thread, turned and got the seam ripper, pulled up my chair and I was done with her shorts in a few minutes. She was laughing at me by the way I was doing it all. I really think she was just more impressed that she could lay down on the floor and wait while I did it lol. Then I told her to watch this! I put all the stuff away where it belonged. She howled.

So that's it! Just a little more tweaking and personalizing the room. I am raring to go on getting things done now. More inspired than I ever was. All I can say is "God, please don't let me ever get that bad again! "

Hope it's inspired someone out there to "clean up and organize". It's been a long haul and a lot of exhausting nights, but oooooh so worth it!!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I will post what I get done this weekend. I'm going to relax for sure.....


Beth said...

all i can say is "WOW"!!!!!!

weaverpat said...

WOW, Kathy! Your room looks wonderful! What a great job!!! About the old room- LOL! I'm glad to see you USED TO HAVE one room that looked the way my whole house looks!

TamboinMO said...

you give me hope! :)

moosecraft said...

Have to say it again... You are AWESOME!!! Enjoy your new heavenly room and have a fabulous and relaxing weekend creating! :-)

woolyredrug said...

You are an inspiration. I've reorganizing the studio/shop and you given me HOPE that there is an end to the mess!

Congrats on your fair wins!

Doris said...

HI kATHY - CLEAN ROOM!!!! WOW!!!!!!!

Gayle said...

What a wonderful accomplishment! I'd love to be there in person to touch all the wool, and get inspiration from your organization!

Brenis said...

WOW Kathy!! It looks AWESOME!!!! LOL my room looks like your before shots right now, and i have been in the process of organizing and moving things around and trying to find a home for everything. Like you said, when there's no place to put it, it ends up on the floor!! I hate that! Slowly getting there, and your room looks sooo good, I will push forward as i know it CAN be done!! LOLOL!! KUDOS to you!!!!!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
Isn't it a GREAT feeling to get organized? The hard part is keeping it that! Good job ~ lots of work but worth it.
Pug hugs :)
P.S. I am SO JEALOUS of your wool stash!

Beth said...

hey kathy i have a new blog fernwillow check it out!!