Thursday, July 30, 2009

Getting some work done..

Been busy the last few days with some hooking. No pictures yet to share. Hopefully in the next couple days. I'm trying to get ready for a show in September, and time is limited. I feel I just have to keep pushing and get as much done as I can. It will be what it will be....

If you could see the wool room right now, you would laugh. It is amazing how some pieces of wool here and there can make it look out of place again. BUT, I promised myself that when I am done hooking these few mats, I will be putting everything away where it belongs before I move on to the next item on my list.!

It's been so peaceful hooking up there, that sometimes I don't even turn on the radio. I just like to hook and "think". Amazing what comes to your mind when you tune out everything else around you. I'm enjoying it.

Along with the hooking, I've gone through some things that I know I will not use. We ALL have stuff like that, don't we? So I listed them on my Etsy, you can view them on the side bar. Perhaps there is something that you might be able to use. I plan on seeing what else I can add as time goes on. I really just want to make things for Etsy, but thought someone might be able to use them. Email me if you are interested or have any questions.

Just going to share one thing to laugh at me about. Heck, I've been laughing all week at myself. I emailed my friend Beth with a link to something I thought she might enjoy. And in the beginning of my email, I said "I hope you are enjoying your Saturday". LOL, this happened on Tuesday! Having my husband home for 2 weeks is completely throwing me off!! I have no idea what day it is. I was even going to put my mil's garbage to the curb today when I went over there. I usually do that on Saturday. Hmm, am I wishing it to be here so quickly LOL??? Oh well, husband home, perimenopause, hormones, you name it, I'll use it as an excuse. I just will not blame it on myself! lol

Hope you all are having a wonderful creative week!!


Beth said...

with fall coming i guess you are getting ready for some craft shows.. which ones do you attend? miss seeing you and i will try to be at the next hookin i go on vacation form Augus 5-12 so maybe after that!!

Beth C. said...

Today is FRIDAY. lol

weaverpat said...

Hi Kathy, I was just ommenting to Zip yesterday that every day seems like Saturday since we're both not going to work! LOL!! Can't wait to see what you've been working on for Colonial Day.

Joanne said...

Can't wait for the pics! Sounds like you are keeping busy - so busy I guess one day runs into another - LOL!