Friday, July 17, 2009

Christmas in July and so much more..

What a wonderful surprise I had the other day that came in the mail. We are doing a Christmas in July swap on our online group. Just so happened that Joanne got my name again for the swap. I asked if I could keep her for the duration of the group LOL. In the swap, we are supposed to give red wool (or) snowman colored wool, a holiday card, red floss, bells, a cookie recipe and a surprise. Well, my goodness, Joanne sure does know how to put together a package. There was a sweet cloth bag that had candycanes on it and it was tied with twine and bells. Also a cute Christmas card with a moose on it. Inside the bag there was red wool and it was wrapped around some special goodies. A snowman notepad, a little iron hanger with a placque on it, some floss. Another piece of wool had a very sweet fraktur picture about friendship wrapped in it. And then a red plaid piece of wool had my "recipe" wrapped inside. LOL, a WHOLE BOOK of recipe's! My daughter Nicole has gone nuts since "we" got it. Notice I said "we", because I know she'll be using it often. Luckily for "me", there aren't any chocolate chips in the house. She has been bugging me every day since I got it lol. Here is a shot of the wonderful package Joanne sent me. Thanks again Joanne!

Yesterday, I went to Linda's shop to work on a birthday gift for a friend. It's over due. Didn't get very far, but it's a start. There is just so much going on when you go to Linda's. Don't want to miss a thing. Everyone seemed to be carrying on with their camera's yesterday. Lot's of flashing going on. God only knows what others got of me lol. I got one of Doris' rug. I just love the floor of the rug. It's a checkerboard affect of different creams. Linda was VERY busy working while we were carrying on. Her and Barb sewed and sewed all day long. Linda looked up a few times with all the flashing.
Jill had brought along her little neighbor friend. Lacy is 10 years old and seems to be interested in learning different crafts. Jill drew up a piece of just hearts on it. Lacy will make a scarf for her dresser in her bedroom. We all thought that they were related. They sure did resemble each other. Jill said they hear that a lot. Linda was giving Lacy instructions on how to hook.
And here is how well Lacy is doing! Keep going Lacy.... I want to see it when it's finished!
Linda was showing Patty the crackstop. She saw the flash, and I think that sent us on a picture taking frenzy. Seemed we all started clicking away. I even tried taking a video which I did figure out, but it's so silly, I won't show it lol. Need to work on that. Anyway after Linda showed Patty the crack stop, you can see how she was playing the camera with Doris LOL.
You think she had enough ? lol. We sure did have fun though.

This was a lucky shot. Usually I forget to take a picture of what I'm working on. But as I was taking a video, I accidentally pointed my camera down and it took a picture. This is what I was working on lol. I got the entire outside border all blanket stitched. So I did do something! Sherry came last in the evening, and she brought along some items she was finished with. They turned out great!

Had a really fun time and will miss not going for the next couple weeks. She will be on vacation. And speaking of missing, I have to say that I missed Pat! Hope she's there the next time we meet. Would love to see how the Santa she is working on is coming along. I bet she is done. How about it Pat?? Been waiting for you to update your blog!! Miss reading it. Also missed Beth, Jill's sister. Beth, no matter if you finished your rug or not. Next time, you better be there!! Leave your gardens be for just a few hours. Honest, they will be fine without you lol.

Today, I took Nicole to Lowes to get some paint for her nightstand that we picked up a long time ago at a yard sale. She painted it lime green to match her chair in her room. Everything is pulling together nicely. It's bright, but with the darker walls, it gives a nice accent. I will hang it tomorrow for her. Sooo thankful there was no "splatter" on my car lol. I told her how it will splatter if she holds the brush a certain way. She was very careful and did a great job! I spent time spackling holes in her room. Surprisingly there weren't that many. I kept looking and looking. I had sooo many to do in her brother's room. Took time gathering up some more paint chips. Every time I thought I had the right color, I kept changing my mind. Ugh! Very frustrating. Tomorrow I'll look at them better in the light. It is sooo hard for me to break away from beige. (No comment Joan lol). I want a color in there, but nothing too, too dark. Curious to see what I end up with.
Will be a busy weekend. Would love to get the painting done in that room and then gather up what I've made for our local Fair which needs to be dropped off on Monday.
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!


weaverpat said...

Hey Kathy! Looks like everyone had a great time on Thurs. Nice to see some new people, especially young ones willing to learn. Lovely package from Joanne. Hope she soon updates her blog. Hope you show another picture of your current project. The edge looked nice but what does the rest of it look like??? Hope to see you soon!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Lots of fun being going on your way! What fun Christmas in July treats.