Saturday, April 3, 2010

Oh the pain.........

Labor pains that is..  Today is my daughter Nicole's 17th Birthday.  I love remembering the day that they were born. How beautiful it was.  Then they began to talk, and then they began to walk, then argue, etc, etc.
Each (phase) is a challenge to get through. But we always get through, don't we?

This year she didn't ask for a thing. Nothing. Very hard to get something out of her, and I usually listen carefully at what she likes to get ideas, but nothing.  Other than a car which wasn't going to happen, the only thing left was a phone.  Now that meant changing from a single plan to a family plan. I was the only one who had a phone, and I've had it since 2001. The plan doesn't even exist any more lol.  Shocked at the prices, I had to do a lot of thinking on this one, discussing with the hubby, etc.  We decided to go for it, and thankfully George's job gives a discount on the plan. Anything helps.  George has never wanted a phone. He calls them baby monitors. Always being checked up on lol.  He would tease his friends who had one.  Well, now they are teasing him and I love it!  So we let Nicole pick out her phone. Her and I ended up getting the same phone, same color. 

It was a really quiet morning and then Andrew came over. She opened up her gift from us. I had to get her something to open for today. She got a few tops and a necklace. 

And I know I've said it before, but tissue paper in my house never stays still......

Someone always gets in the picture lol.
We were taking Nicole to lunch and invited him along. She was allowed to pick the place.  She chose Aki in Chambersburg which is a Japanese restaurant. If anyone knows me, I don't do well trying new foods. (and I know you are all laughing as you read this).  Nicole and Andrew have been there a number of times.  I had ordered Chinese the other night at the hook in and it was ok. But after tasting this, I prefer this MUCH better. Yes, even I'm shocked!

Nicole and Andrew checking out the picture they were taking of the chef.
We sat at the Hibachi grill. George, Nicole and I had the chicken hibachi and Andrew had the shrimp.  It was fun watching the guy cook right in front of you. I've only seen it done on tv. (sheltered life lol). George and I both said we would go back. He tossed the chicken into the air for us to catch, and the boys caught it, but Nicole and I missed. He got me right in the eye. (I think it was on purpose lol). Just kidding. We sure did laugh.
In the afternoon, the kids went off to do some things, and I cleaned up my wool room some. I have a floor again. I had the windows open and just enjoyed the slight breeze coming in. Such a lovely day.
We had cake later on after dinner.
Andrew got to hear how we sing Happy Birthday. Oh my, this boy has a good sense of humor.  He ended up singing along.  We sing as off key as we can, and really loud lol.  It was a good time.  Then all I wanted was a picture of me and Nicole, and these 2 got me laughing so hard that I was literally on the floor in tears.
But he managed to get a shot of her and I.
Then I "tried" to get one of them....   How old is she again???  lol.

I believe she had a wonderful day! Happy Birthday Nicole, I love you....

I don't want to forget Thursday and the hook in at Grantstreet.  It was a busy day. People were busy hooking and buying. I was kept busy :).  Brenda had brought 2 of her paintings that she just did. She took a class, was given an blank canvas, and instructions on how to make the strokes.  She did a wonderful job. I love the colors she used!
Judith brought a quilt she just finished.
Janice was busy transferring a pattern. Actually, I think she did 2 that day.

She brought along a bottle of home made chocolate milk that she said is now being delivered by some Amish out her way. It was delicious!

Barb got a gift from her Secret Pal this week too. Some lovely pansies, and a birdhouse. So sweet!

Joanne drove all that way again to hook with us!  She managed to finish up what was on her foundation.  She is such a FAST hooker! Love how her colors just pop.  I did have a picture of her, but can't post it. I will send it to her directly :).  Lets just say it's a picture of something on her head.  Only she didn't put it there, Linda did lol. You'll be getting it soon Joanne!
I did manage to hook some later in the day.  I got all the way around on my border once lol.  And filled in just a tad on the house. I didn't have much of that wool with me. Left it at home for some reason.

Sherry stopped by and was working on her horse. The hit or miss is really turning out nice!

And Tanya's background is filling in so beautifully! 

It sure has  been a long day.  Tomorrow is Easter, and it will be a quiet day.  Craig and Lake will be coming over for a visit but not to eat with us.  I'll take my mil something to eat and sit with her for a bit. Then if all goes well, I want to sit and hook. 
Wishing everyone a very Blessed Easter tomorrow.  My heart just sings knowing that Christ rose again for you and for me...... What he went through is too much for me to fathom. THAT is love!  Believing is everything, and He will always, always, give you the peace and comfort when you need it. Just take the time to sit quietly in His presence, talk with Him,  and you'll feel it......


Brenis said...

Oh Kathy - I soo know! Can you believe how fast they grow up?!? She is just DARLING!! And sounds like our families are so similar - we sing as loud and off key as we can too! LOL!! :D Sounds like your daughter's boyfriend fits right in! LOL! Big hugs to you my friend!! The love sure shows!

weaverpat said...

Hi Kathy,
What a nice birthday celebration! Nicole is such a beautiful young lady! Takes after her Mom!!!

Hope you and your family have a peaceful Easter Sunday. See you next week!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
Happy birthday Nicole ;-) She is a beauty. I think she takes after her momma!
Have a blessed Easter spent with those you love.
Pug hugs :)

Joanne said...

Sounds like Nicole had a wonderful day! What a title for the post - got my attention! Oh and don't think I didn't notice that Nicole and Andrew had tissue paper on their HEADS!


Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Happy Birthday wishes for Nicole she's a beautiful young lady!

moosecraft said...

Happy Birthday Nicole!!! :-) Great pics of the party... AND the hook-in! I'm loving that Live, Love, Laugh painting! It's awesome! Hope you and your family have a peaceful and joyous Easter Sunday!

Kim said...

This post was a joy to read from start to finish. Thanks for sharing this day with us. Happy Easter.